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    Correct tyre pressure for cars ?

    All car owners owning different model cars can you please throw light on how much tyre pressure you are maintaining for your cars compared to car manufacturer's recommendations ? Are you all sticking to manufacturer's recommendation for tyre pressure mentioned in owners manual (for eg 30 PSI) or you are keeping it slightly higher or lower than recommended. I am asking this because there are number of points here to be kept in mind like when we are filling air at pump station after driving some distance tyre will be hot and so it makes sense to exceed the rated PSI by 2 or 3 so that after getting cold it is likely to fallback to its rated value of 30 PSI. All owner manuals mention that rated pressure should be achieved when tyre is cold. On the other hand if we keep rated 30 PSI pressure even when tyre is hot after running chances are that when you park it in your parking overnight pressure can actually drop to less than 30 PSI (for eg 28 PSI)

    During high speed highway driving for long trips tyre pressure is likely to go up as tyre heats up so how much should we ideally set under different conditions ?
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    Well I am not a car owner, but what I invariably found at the petrol pumps where in the air is filled for free, the car owners are leaving the discretion to decide the tyre pressure in the hands of the boy who is filling the air. And I think many car owners does not know how much has to be filled for the two front tyres and how much for the two hind tyres. Manufacturers of each car has in fact mentioned the tyre pressure to be maintained in all tyres , but seldom the owners fail to read and follow. Hence it is left to the choice of Punchure wala to decide what pressure to be loaded in each tyre.
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