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    Without Her even a Hero is O.

    without "Her"even"Hero" is "O'
    I received a message on whats app yesterday,without "Her" even a "Hero is "O''.This message is meaningful.There is a woman behind every successful man.The woman may be his mother,wife,sister,friend or daughter etc.The motivation he receives from her,makes him successful.
    But these days I see men are playing similar role making women successful.They are helping their daughters in studies,wives in getting jobs,sisters in their studies and getting jobs.I know some men they are taking the responsibilities of household jobs and helping their wives in getting Class One and Two Jobs.It is a good sign.Both are playing a good role.What is your opinion?Is women empowerment possible without man's help.
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    True madam with out HER even HERO is Zero. Another way of telling this MAN is an integral part of WO"MAN ". True. Same is the case other way round also. If you see the important epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, that total story is based on a woman only. If there was no Draupadi no Mahabharata. Similarly no Sita no Ramayana. Both of them proves that people who are not good at Women will definitely perish like Ravana and Duryodhana. Both of them are great warriors and good in many aspects. Nothing saved them because of their misbehavior towards the particular ladies. People also say that the places where ladies get honored, happiness will always be there.

    At the same time ladies also should not under rate gents. In the present society both of them are equal. I know many gents helping their ladies in the household works. They are supporting ladies to go for jobs and education also.

    So both should respect each other and live like complimentary to each other. I feel women empowerment may require men's help also.

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    Yes every one will stand by the statement that without her even the hero is zero. Both female and male are indispensable and cannot be separated and in fact they complement with each other. We called grown up or married girl as woman. In that woman, there is a man,that means without man the life of a girl or lady is incomplete and has no meaning. By the way today every South Indian family is celebrating Karadian Nonbu, that means the Sumangalis would pray for the well being of their husbands and your thread really coincides with that. Both husband and wife are made to each other and made for each other.
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    She also needs He. She is not complete without he.
    Women need men to be complete.

    Many such interpretations can be created by imaginative minds. However man and woman are supposed to be mutually complimentary and supplementary for smooth and orderly human life. The other animals being adapted t nature , easily comply their destined roles. The blurring is only in the case of humans.

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    An excellent thread from Ms. Indu Singh. Indeed hero will be zero without her. Similarly she is not complete without he. So, these conclusively prove that men an women and complementary and can't live in isolation.
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