Rukhsana Kausar - A Brave Woman from Kashmir Valley

Kashmir..... A Beautiful valley on the earth and one cannot stay away to describe the place as a living heaven created God on our Motherland.

It was the last week of September 2009, just crossed the summer, the ice getting melted; looking like big white rock. A nice splendid day amidst the wonderful two faced mountains with lush green on one side and a pure white shade on the other covered with huge ice plates. Experiencing such a beautiful environment none can stop his flow of poetic expression. I was the very lucky person to be there in the valley as part of my vacation. Two nights passed joyfully and by witnessing the beautiful environment I was sceptical about the situation we often read / heard about terrific terror activities of the land.

But my scepticism had proven the other way on the third night of my stay in the valley as a huge and loud noise out of bullets firing reached our ears screaming through a pleasant silent night. Terrified with the sounds, I could not visualise the happening but sure some serious act had happened as the big screaming of female voices I could hear. Not dared enough to enquire on the spot about the happening with fear factor, I was praying the almighty for safety in the so long night. As the dawn thresholds in the valley, I could come out slowly and understood the bravery act of a very common hill residing girl. By hearing the fact what was happened in the last night, I was very much felt goose bumps on my entire body. Still I remember the situation with the same fear.

Ms. Rukhsana Kausar, in her early 20s axed one militant to death and others wounded severely with bullet firing. That night militants of Lashkar-e-Toiba initially went to the house of Rukhsana's uncle and threatened him to take them to Rukhsana's house. Knowing the fact somehow, Rukhsana's father did not open the door. By witnessing the situation, Rukhsana hide behind a cot with fear. The militants broke the door entered inside the house and hitting her father and brother so badly demanding for their requirements. Witnessing their activities from hiding, Rukhasana was dare enough to get an axe nearby and emerged like a rocket and hit the LeT commander. On the spot, that militant fell down and within a flash Rukhsana got his AK-47 and opened fire on the militants. One died on the spot and others escaped. A single innocent lady with such heroic act became a BRAVE WOMAN of the valley in a single night. With her brave act, she could bag so many awards like National Bravery Award, Sarvottam Jeevan Raksha Padak, Sardar Patel Award, Rani Jhansi Bravery Award and Astha Award from various agencies.

I feel women should be brave like Rukhsana to face any kind of situation in their life. She is the best example of 'Brave Woman' of entire country in the contemporary period.