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    The real brave woman- an acid attack survivor.

    Usha was coming out of the parlour .Today was her wedding day and she would finally get married to the love of her life.
    She suddenly heard a speeding motorbike coming near the street.
    Two bikers with their faces covered got down and rushed towards her.
    She panicked and without a moment's notice,took out a glass jar.
    They threw that deadly acid on her face and she started screaming and shrieking for help.
    The attackers sped away on their bikes and a crowd started gathering.
    She was immediately rushed to the hospital with 80 percent burns.
    Her condition was very critical and her face was completely charred and deformed.
    She had lost her eyesight and was put on ventilator for breathing.
    What a deadly turn of events had foregone her marriage day.
    Her bridegroom and close relatives deserted her as they had thought she would definitely die in a few days.
    She remembered trying to cry but the tears would just not come out.
    It was a dream maybe?
    How could she have been so unfortunate?
    She only knew she had the Almighty with her to boost her indomitable spirit and she would live.
    She would fight for her justice and life and get her attackers hanged...
    She was in so much trauma due to the pain but she never gave up.
    She would take the help of the hospital authorities who provided her free treatment and accommodation due to her bravery and indomitable spirit.
    It took her almost a year to hear her own voice and she insisted on seeing herself in the mirror.
    She was so shocked and horrified and the incident played again in her mind.
    With steely resolve, she decided to approach her case to the High Court and fight for justice.
    It was after many proceedings and flights to the police stations and courts that she finally got her attackers convinced and guilty for their heinous crime.
    They were awarded life imprisonment for upto twenty years and a heavy fine.
    Today was the day Usha had been born for.
    This had been the purpose of her life.
    She started an organisation for providing relief to many other such victims who had lost their lives and continues to walk around with her head held high.

    Here is a poem conveying the feelings of acid attack victims.
    I am a fighter,not a victim
    For my life I need no dictum
    Innocent was my face
    Glowing with all grace
    You snatched it away
    And coloured it gray!
    Cowards are those who attack from behind
    But you threw the acid in your right mind?
    The agony of burning flesh and melted skin
    Oh my God,what pain had you plunged me in..
    A blade's cut or abuses wouldn't have hurt me so much
    Your revenge has deprived me of my gentle touch..
    To hell will you go with this unforgivable deed
    None has the right to disfigure me out of greed...

    A contribution for International women's day contest..
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    Brave women in Indeed. Usha who was attacked by acid by miscreants has to forgo her marriage and all the dreams are shattered by that cowardly act of hooligans. But she wont relent and recovers from the trauma and reach to the help of others who are also the same victims of acid attack. For every one of us we learn lots of things from the past experience and for some the past experience the end of their lively progress in life but they may be the guiding spirit to others and that is what we can see in the character of Usha. My appreciation to the author for giving such painful but yet bold subject.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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