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    If I is replaced with We even illness will also become wellness

    It is generally known that team is always better than one person. A team will have more than one person. When a team is successful we say congratulations to the team.
    But now a days it is observed in many places people attributing the success to himself. In an Organisation if the leader is giving required importance to the team members for the success, they will get motivated and try much more harder. In stead if he thinks that he is the only man behind all the successes it is not fair. Individual grass leaves are very delicate. But when many of them are used and convert them into a rope that can even tie down an elephant. So all the bosses should know that I should be replaced with WE in all their talks and reports. This is always good for the organisation. I want to know the opinion of others in this issue.
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    Wow what a inspiring message from the author through this thread. We always think that we should prosper and be ahead with others. But what ever done collectively has immense strength and the nature also cooperates with us. Ravana's strength was having Individual warriors to fight against the Rama's Vanara Sena. On the other hand every Vanar has the capability and ability of his own and thus when they culminated into one strength, Lord Ram got immense guarantee and was sure of tracing and getting Sita back. Such is the greatness of strength and we shun the Individual path of progress.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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