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    War very soon says Japan! World Peace says India.

    Meanwhile, Donald Trump making frequent unoptimised decisions towards the world, other countries are just encouraging him to increase his adrenal level by performing actions without using their cerebrum.

    Knowing America as the world's superior power, North Korea launched 4 missiles towards the Japan-America intercourse on the name of 'Drill'. They did it in the process of training and also clearing the non-living areas of Japan-America says the defense chief of North America. Trump, after hearing this immediately sent their war machines and army generals to the affected area which's an important defense base of America. Japan have also warned North Korea to apologize for this or they opt to take up 'war' as soon that none would expect.
    Alike adding more dry sticks to the campfire, China opened up commenting on America and Korea which heated up this topic to too much extent.

    Why this wars ah? have everyone gone to the heights of 'World Power'?

    Whatever, now this world is in the hands of a man who has damage to his cortex and adrenal glands. There will be no 'Peace' if someone pokes him. Wrong choice made by people of America. But who knows everyone has some good in them. Let's hope he recognizes that to himself.

    On the other side, Urban Development minister Venkiah Naidu sir extolls abut World peace that could be attained by 'Yoga'. Though he hasn't made this statement in according this topic, I just thought of interlinking this by promoting Venkiah sir's quote to perform yoga. Yes, all the higher authorities of America, Japan, China, Korea please do perform yoga. Think of India's initiation of Yoga. All right? Attain 'world peace.'
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    Trump is a different type of President than that of his predecessors and now the whole world is seeing towards America for new radical policies. Trump is more concerned for the employment of his people rather than picking the best brains across the globe. He has won the election with manifestos containing such things for his countrymen.
    As regards the war and other conflicts in the world America is still as powerful as earlier and no country will dare to annoy it leave North Korea aside.
    We have seen what happened in Iran-Iraq war and America did not spare the culprits. We have also seen America handling the terrorists in terrorists own lands and destroying them.
    So even if war is there it may be short lived.

    Knowledge is power.

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    War at this juncture. No way. When the world is reeling under different problem, leadership crisis, terror fear, and famine too, one cannot think of war. Which ever country is pitching for war is considered fool and their thought wont be fulfilled nor happen. In those days there were no wise people at the helm of affairs across the world. but now far thinking leaders are at the seat and they know how to tackle the war like situation before it could explode and every coun try knew the capability of opponents who can create havoc within seconds . So India pitching for peace is the best mantra.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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