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    Will the development of the child of a working woman be hampered because of her absence from home ?

    A working woman has to attend to her work place and in the process cannot give attention to her child while away from home.

    Does this in any way affect the growth and development of the child ?

    What is the opinion of the members on this?
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    Yes the development of the child gets hampered if the personal nurturing of the child from the mother is absent or missing due to work timings of the mother. I have seen that when mother comes from the work, the child is already asleep and when she leaves for the job in the morning, the child is still sleeping. Some times the child would see the mother once in a week or so. What is the use of having the child and not giving time to nurture. The first three years are the wonderful phase of a child which every mother would cherish and enjoy the growth which is not seen in naked eyes. The nuances of his every move are even recorded on cell phones and no mother should ever miss the first step of the child, the first talk of the child, the first walking of the child and so on. All these are golden moments and if the mother misses them citing work at the office means that is useless life as per me.
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    It is not only responsibility of working woman. Child or baby is responsibility of both parents. And yes it does hamper a lot so such situation it is good to have grand parents at home around. Soon kids start acknowledging things definitely when they grow up they will bring this to parents that they did not pay attention when they need most.
    It is fact. Mother needs to educate growing baby while father needs to perform responsibility of pampering and sharing spouse workload.

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