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    Nandhini-A solo brave woman who fights to save the society

    Woman plays a major role in the society. Nothing is impossible for a woman. Woman has the real to power to take care of the household things and has courage to shout against the evil things that happen in the society. Yes! Of course I believe that woman has the courage to shout against the evil things but in the modern society many woman including me has a wide knowledge on the social evils but many hesitate to raise voice against the issues in the society due to some fear. Now I would like to use this opportunity to share a few words about a less known brave girl named Nandhini Anandhan who has broken the fear and obstacles in front of her and is fighting till today to save the society.

    Nandhini Anandhan is a young anti-liquor activist who is leading anti-liquor movements across Tamil Nadu from 2013. TASMAC (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation) is a company run by the Tamil Nadu Government across the entire state. It has a monopoly over the retail and wholesale marketing of alcoholic beverages. Lot of TASMAC shops are operating in Tamil Nadu and it offers many hard liquors. TASMAC yields high revenue in Tamil Nadu and is facing a steady growth in revenue for years due to the retail price inflation and increased consumption of alcohol in the state. TASMAC has become a nuisance to the society because some TASMAC shops are operating near schools and religious centers and it creates public nuisance and lack of safety to the society. Moreover because of the supply of liquor in TASMAC shops, people who drink liquor face lot of ill-effects and it sometimes takes the life of the drunkards.

    To avoid the issues that are happening in the society because of the Government owned TASMAC shops, Nandhini Anandhan, a 20 year aged law student wrote a courageous letter to the Government to close the TASMAC shops that are operating in the state and to put a complete ban on alcohol and TASMAC shops in Tamil Nadu. In that letter, she has made valid points on how TASMAC is affecting the society. She also has mentioned some courageous points about the politicians who seek profit through the TASMAC shops. She has addressed her issues about TASMAC shops to the Tamil Nadu political leaders, Mr. M.Karunanidhi and Selvi J. Jayalalitha.

    Nandini is very much concerned about the families who have lost their loved ones because of the alcohol addiction. To put a full stop to the TASMAC shops, Nandhini has organized many hunger strike protests and has campaigned at public places to create awareness among the people about the effects of liquor. She sometimes protests alone in front of her house to ban TASMAC shops and demands justice for the kids who have lost their fathers for alcohol. The Government has arrested her 58 times for raising her voice against the TASMAC shops. No other people have joined her, except her father. She has been protesting all alone and is raising her solo voice against the government till today. I strongly admire the courage of Nandhini Anandhan because being a young solo woman and shouting against the act of Government is not an easy thing.

    The Government has made some actions but the complete ban has not yet imposed in the state. Money and power is ruling the society, but still Nandhini has not lost her hope and has not stopped raising her voice against alcohol. Being a 23 year girl and got arrested for 58 times, till today she has never got tired of fighting against the government. Some of her actions went vain, but still Nandhini's brave act to save the society is truly an inspiration to the youngsters and especially to the woman society in India.

    Entry for International Women's Day contest
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    My appreciation to the author for bringing out the saga of Nandhini Anandhan in creating a greater awareness and need to ban liquor across the Tamil Nadu and having started this movement on her own as single, she had the guts to question the government and a partial closures of shops was also initiated by the present Chief Minsiter Palaniswamy. Nevertheless the saga of 20 year old law student needs to be appreciated as she has to fight against the strong liquor lobby who are no one else than the ruling party heavy weights doing roaring business in liquor. Such brave women are necessary for this world.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am deeply moved and highly impressed by the courageous and heroic efforts of Nandhani.
    The persistence and patience with what this woman is fighting is praiseworthy.
    It is not an easy thing to fight against the Government protected business houses specially connected with liquor barons and mafias.
    I salute to such courageous lady who is fighting in an arena where even men dare to tread.

    Knowledge is power.

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