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    Improvement in teaching techniques

    Sometimes the reason for students not taking interest in studies is teacher's way of teaching, it looks as they themselves do not take any interest in teaching .Presently the era of living is changed ,education becomes the part of life .Our India is a progressing economy where need of talented and specialist requirement increasing heavily.
    There are most of the people even some of children who from their early age have a great talent but it remain with themselves because they do not get the opportunities to show or come up with their talent ,and the reason for all this is they themselves are not aware of their skills.
    Children are innocent they can not be bright future of our country unless they will not prepared from today itself.
    What is seen in students is that they try to run from the studies as soon as they get chance and most probably reason would be their lack of interest in studies ,so there must be improvement in teaching techniques which can bring interest among students.
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    Definitely every teacher should create interest in students while teaching the subject so that even students can study. If students lose the interest they will avoid studying that subject. First of all, teachers should be friendly and interactive only then students will be able to ask doubts and interact. Being strict will create a fear in students and they avoid asking any queries. Also teachers should give some nice examples and demo which will make the topic interesting.

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    When compared to those olden days, the teaching techniques now being imparted in private schools are far better and very interesting to the students. Taking help of Digi board, the teacher is now having access to internet and she can explain the main lesson with branch stories and contents so that the student can understand the subject very well with visual presentation and that would be remembered. During free period, the children are treated with cartoon characters and thus there is fun and enjoyment in the class and the children are getting more interest to attend the schools than absenting.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When I was going to school the teaching is only lecturing by teacher and writing on the black board with a chalk piece. Certain things are left to us for our imagination.

    The days are changed. More new Technics have come handy to the teacher. Audio visuals, power point presentations. internet etc., are very useful for the teachers. Even in Government schools for even primary classes all these facilities are available. In Andhra Pradesh every school was given a TV for educating the students. But unfortunately they are installed in teacher's house many places.

    Now a days the children are very smart. They can use computer and smart phones much better than us. They will grasp the subject very easily. So teaching has become very easy and students will also enjoy learning if all these facilities available are utilized properly.

    always confident

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