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    Truth always wins and lies always fails.

    In the most of cases, we see truth always wins in the end because it can never be destroyed. Have you seen any case where lier wins and truth fails. people still lies but they never wins because at the front of valid proof and truth lots of fake words are fail. why truth always wins?
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    Truth always wins this is rightly said by the author but it is the fact that it suffers a lot. People on the path of the truth has to face a lot of trouble created by the evil who does not believe in truth. People with the false propaganda of the welfare win but it is temporarily the truth finds its own way to come to highlight itself. same as river find its way. But it has to go many difficult paths to reach the destination. Why truth always win? I think the truth is an eternal concept so no one can cover it. Without adopting it nobody can succeed in one's life.
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    I agree truth always wins and the person being truthful might struggle in the beginning but at the end definitely he will win. Truth always wins because there is nothing you have to hide and there is nothing for you to cook up stories. You present the fact as it is and you will remember the scenarios clearly at any point of time. But when you are lying you will have to cook up stories. To cover up one thing you should lie with a new story and to cover up this story you should again cook something. Also there are no true facts and evidences to prove your point and there are chances that you forget what you have spoken and getting caught becomes much easier. So there can be no defeat for the truth.

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    We the human beings are habituated to take the help of lies to avoid ourselves from the catch 22 situation but we fail to understand one big fact that to protect that lie, we are bound to tell some more lies. So we are all habituated lairs in our life. But truth is supreme and cannot be devalued or marred. If a person is truthful and sincere, he need not have the fear factor and can be rest assured that he is going to win in the long run, no matter he would wood winked and dragged to the court and problems by opponents but in the end the justice would prevail and we have seen in many case. The recent being Jaya's case.
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