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    How to identify our interest or passion?

    Each and every person has some interest. Is our dream our interest? How to identify actually what is my area of interest or passion ? Is it that if I like singing that would be my interest? Any idea about identifying area of individual interest or passion? Please share your thoughts.
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    Normally we are attracted towards a person or thing or a work which is more amiable to our liking and thus it can be claimed as interest. Instead of we gauging our interest and passion in ourselves, it is better to take the help of others who are watching us closely on every move. Take example of yourself. You say that you have the passion for singing and that has been identified by yourself. That is good probing of self.. Now take on the passion to next level with participation and mingling with other like minded persons in singing field. That way you are developing slowly to towards your goal.
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    It is rightly said a dream is something which doesn't come when you are asleep but which doesn't let you sleep! You need to ask these basic simple questions to yourself in search of your passion!
    Q.1 What makes you forget time or What is it you are doing for which you always feel there is much to do but the time is less?
    Go ahead and write a list of these things without being judgmental as this will give you an exhaustive list

    Q.2: On what activities/events do you like to spend money on?
    This means you care enough to invest!

    Q.3: What are those interests/ things that you are afraid to share with others? Make a list
    This means you really care about them being judged by others and you will work hard to be good at it

    Q.4: What makes your heart beat faster?
    This shows you are thrilled about it, motivated to do it. Make a list as you are genuinely excited to do them

    Once you answer these questions you will be amazed to see that you can now work on your passion!

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