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    The brave woman helped to arrest the terrorists

    The police officials reported that three terrorists have been seen roaming around in several parts of the city. They are armed with weapons and are very dangerous. The police officials requested the citizens to be careful and if they suspect anyone, they should immediately report it to the police.

    Like every other day, the school bus was waiting to drop the children to their homes. As the school's bell rang, all the children came running heading towards the bus. All the forty pupils sat in their respective seats with one lady teacher, named Nirmala in it. That day, an old couple was also seated in the bus, probably a close relative of the bus driver.

    Soon, the bus headed to drop the children to their homes. Suddenly, from nowhere, the three terrorists came in front of the bus and pointed their guns at the driver. The driver applied the brakes with all his force and stopped the bus. They then entered the bus with guns in their hands.

    Seeing them, everyone in the bus was gripped with fear. The children started screaming and pleaded for help. The terrorists asked the lady teacher to pacify the students and stopped them from crying or screaming or else they will start killing one by one. Nirmala pacified the students by different means and stopped them from screaming. In the meantime, one of the terrorists closed all the windows and doors of the bus so that the screaming noise couldn't be heard outside, nor anyone could watch what was happening inside the bus.

    Nirmala pleaded the terrorists to leave the innocent children and offered to take the valuable items from her. But, they said they have some other demands of the Government. Nirmala then understood that she has to do something to save the children from the terrorists.

    Soon her eyes fell on a packet of red chili powder that the old couple was carrying in a bag. Slowly, without the notice of the terrorists, she reached near the bag and at once grabbed the chili powder packet in her hands and opened it. She then took out a handful of chili powder and at once threw the powder into their eyes. She then snatched all the three guns from them and shouted to stop the bus.

    She then hurriedly took out all the children from the bus along with the old couple. The three terrorists were still rubbing their eyes. Nirmala then shut the bus door from outside and they got captivated inside the bus. Nirmala then informed the police about the three dangerous terrorists being captivated in a school bus. Soon the police came and arrested all the three terrorists and patted Nirmala for her bravery act. This way, the brave lady teacher helped to arrest the terrorists with her bravery act.

    This is an entry to the:International Women's Day contest - 2017 - Participate and win exciting prizes.
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    The presence of mind and the red chilly powder played a very important role in this write up which surely testifies that given the situation a woman can take right decision at right time to save nine.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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