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    Why ISC timeout without warning?

    There was been lot of incidents I have had typed and did not save my content and continued after a break but when I submit then it took back to login page. I lost all my content. If you go back button then it is all gone. Can ISC webmaster add warning message of idle timeout? Except saving your content in word or notepad any other advise to recover your writing in worst case ?
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    I have been facing the same problem for quite some time. So, nowadays whenever I type something substantial, I first copy it on my desktop, and then post it. The matter has been reported to the ISC authorities many a time in the past by various Members, but there has been no long-term/permanent solution.
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    Avi this has happened to me in the past when I was only browsing through Chrome. Then I switched to Mozilla and I am not encountering the problem mentioned by you. Moreover when you fail to up load the page or suddenly the power goes off, there is every chance of retrieving the lost pages through Mozilla fire fox and thus our time and contents are never missed. I think your internet service provider is slow and try to load the contents in the morning hours when the internet would be free and very less users will be there and our mind will also be full of freshness and new.
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    Appreciate your response K Mohan but my concern was when you are writing something it times out before saving somewhere else. Today when I writing I moved away for 5 mins , returned and completed but when submitted it redirected to login page. Now if you login then your writing is gone. If you click back then it takes your to session when you are not logged in which means text box of write content is gone.
    Firefox does help to retrieve content if you click on back button. I agree that is one solution but still intention is to have idle timeout warning before session gets over.

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