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    Trust on our work not to zodiac.

    Trust on our work not to zodiac(Rashi) because Ram-Ravan, Krishna-Kans, Gandhi-Godse those has same zodiac but work is too diffrent. people wear rings on fingers related to rashifal. Do you believe that rings and another methods works? I think just identify our passion and pursue it that will make sucess not by wearing rings given by astrologer. It shows that we cannot trust on ourself.
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    We cannot undermine the power of zodiac. The author must understand that zodiac predictions do come true when you have the exact knowledge of birth time, birth day and birth place. All these three things decide to prepare a perfect constellation of star charts on that day and then from there the movement of every planet starts and that wold decide the right and perfect predictions. If some one fails in the prediction because his past deeds also counted when good things happen and hence back fires. Therefore never undermine the astrology, zodiac or any predictions.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Well, I believe in astrology and zodiac. Many things have come true in my case. You may not be able to predict the exact changes that are likely to happen, but the astrological analysis definitely provides you an insight into the trends in your life. That would actually be helpful in getting a good understanding of your future course of action.
    However, depending on the zodiac too much can be detrimental. Astrology can provide you a guideline you may need to follow during a particular transit, but your hard work is what would help you tide through.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Astrology is a science. But every day in all news papers and TV channels we will be listening are reading the predictions. They are general predictions and we may not be able to rely on them completely. But individual charts made by astrologers by taking the day,time and place of birth in to account will give exact predictions. This depends on the knowledge of the astrologer also. Definitely we can take a lead from these predictions. We can plan our life keeping the leads horoscope is giving.

    However any result will come basing on your acts only. without doing anything, reading the astrology and thinking that our future will be very good, you can't expect any positive out comes. Human efforts are very important.for any success.

    always confident

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    I do not believe in astrology told by people. When you ask different astrologers you hear different things on your zodiac sign. These days astrology, predicting have kind off become a business. When a person in trouble goes to astrologer seeking help, they will take advantage of the situation and say unnecessary things. A person in trouble will believe all that they say just to get rid of the problems.

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    In the olden days, astrology was meaningful and astrologers were good or excellent. But in these days, astrology has become a business to loot money from the believers of astrology. No astrologer is perfect with astrology. I believe in astrology but don't believe in astrologers. I predict my own future, and be satisfied with my own predictions. After everything, death is sure for all. This is what the accurate astrology. Hard and dedicated sincere work is the way of life. Have good trust in your work and forget the Zodiac.
    No life without Sun

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