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    Contributing positively to the environment.

    Environmental problems created by technology advancements are multitude. One major issue is climate change caused by use of fossil fuels. World over governmental and non governmental agencies alike make the same entreaties. Lessen our carbon footprint to save the planet from a looming environmental disaster. Save natural resources so that our future generations are not left bereft of those same conveniences we enjoy today.
    Technological advancements may lead us to an alternative economical source of energy (renewable or otherwise). However those days are yet to come. Right now our duty is to save as much finite natural resources as possible. By saying that it does not mean that we should forego our reasonable comforts. It means "use it but do not abuse it".
    How many of us really do care? I take the liberty to point out a few obvious wastages that can be easily avoided. The apartment building I live in has four floors and each floor has 80 feet by 5 feet corridors. Each corridor is lit by three tube lights (sadly we are still in fluorescent age). All of them are lighted at the end of the day and burn for 5 hours at the least. Whereas one on each floor would easily suffice for adequate illumination. But no, we need all the three! (I try to ensure only one is lit in mine and fortunately other residents do not object)
    Use of the lift. Very few of us seem to know or care how much power a ride consumes. Feckless usage is rampant. I have noticed even (young) people going out or coming back from morning walk or aerobics using the lift to go up or down! The same people would also use motor vehicles to go to a nearby supermarket or store for a simple purchase.
    Talking of aerobics - I have noticed a strange (to me) but widely prevalent phenomenon. People use electricity to burn up their calories (devices like treadmills and other exercising equipment that consume power). If we have time and space constraints and need to workout in a confined space like a gym why do not we employ devices that convert all these burnt calories back into electricity. Use an elliptical or another manual device that has a dynamo fixed to it. Produce energy while we burn our calories. Imagine how much additional power we could produce! (I am not aware of any such devices in use and if there are I would love to know about it)
    A little care and prudence in our daily lives can go a long way in conserving natural resources. Using devices that consume less power, taking care not leave any electrical devices even a small one like our modem on when not in use or on the standby. Use lifts and motor vehicles with discrimination. Walking up the stairs or to a nearby store helps us burn some calories while saving some fuel and electricity. Let us hope that some of us will be able to contribute positively to 'Going Green'.
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    I appreciate the author on the public behavior which may otherwise be changed to bring in positive saving and also help environment, In this regard I wish to add that for a single person, he should not use the car and come on the road. By doing so , he is obstructing the way of at least 4 two wheeler and also slowing down the movement of traffic if many such cars come on the road in bunch. Where ever possible one must use the two wheeler no matter he may be rich or affluent. This way we can also save much petrol and also reduce the traffic problems in big cities and every one should follow this advise.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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