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    Why this debate on women empowerment?

    I am intending to write an article on so called women empowerment. As a prelude, I would like to have your opinion on the issue. I suggest you all to be neither sarcastic nor be indecent when you share your views.

    I have some basic questions-
    1) Why do we always seek for gender equality if we are already equal?
    2) If Ladies and Gentlemen is the (supposed to be) norm, why is it so?
    3) Why women are given preference while standing in a queue or in any other similar circumstance?
    4) Is feminism all about being against men and is there something more to it?

    And finally, should women realize their power as individuals or should they keep challenging men? I was first in my class III till Minu (don't know where she is now) took admission. She was female and I, a male. She copied my notes as advised by our class teacher and did work hard. She overtook me and stood first in the next term; there was no question of being male or female but just as to how you fare? I was, awed, and began respecting her!

    So, let us discuss the point without any inhibitions.
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    Saji after reading your post it seems you got pitted by a girl and she over took in studies and that probably made you think against women and talk against their empowerment. If that girl could over take you because , it was your weakness that you helped her. Every one wants a cue in life to succeed and sustain. She probably got a cue from you and from there on her leap forward was in galloping speed which you cannot race. And you made the great mistake of not treating her as your competitor and failed to challenge her and that was the lead she got and succeeded in class as first.
    K Mohan
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    I think we all help each other despite looking at their gender. That should be the ideal way. Because when we were in school we didn't discriminated who were teaching us. Success is gender neutral. It comes to those who hustle.

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    In this world there is always a situation that 'All are equal, but some are more equal than others".
    Who, what ,when and how are all relative and dependent on various factors.

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    Feminism isn't a bad word, and it is definitely not about hating men. I think, every right thinking man supports feminism. It is about giving equal opportunities to both the sexes.

    Let's take the example of Minu – the bright young woman. You wonder where she is. The Minu's of this world end up looking after their husbands, children, and in-laws. Their lives are decided for them. It doesn't matter that they are qualified to be professionals; it is expected of them to give up their careers, their ambitions and take on new responsibilities that are thrust upon them.

    Minu could be any woman. Her degrees lie forgotten in some trunk or cupboard. What good is the education that she received if all she ends up doing is learning to cook and keeping her husband and in-laws happy? She is not even given a choice to decide for herself. She is expected to follow diktats because some men don't want their wives to work. Some families will not accept a working daughter-in-law. Parents want her to be settled, because what will society say. It is always about what others want for her, not what she, as an intelligent person wants for herself.

    Read children's stories, they're about women looking for their man in shining armor. Young girls are trained from childhood to believe they are lesser than boys. At home, they're not allowed do things that boys are unconditionally allowed to. This is just an example. Isn't it always about what girls should and should not do? They are restrained from a young age. A young school girl may want to be a pilot or a doctor, but by the time she's in college, she's made to think that her future is restricted to being just a wife. Life goals change to finding a husband and getting married.

    Are we really equal? We are more than equal to men. The trouble is society is so conditioned to how women should behave and what they should do that it straps them down. Society made rules to restrain women. My thinking is that society is scared of women. It is scared of her in every way – which is why they put so many restrictions on her.

    Why do men question or grudge 'privileges' women get? A separate queue or a couple of seats on the bus are not real privileges. Women are physically and biologically different than men. Women get groped etcetera in public places. This is more for her dignity. I would think those few seats aren't enough. We don't ask for a separate road, do we? We don't stand in public and urinate or grope men in crowded buses. We don't want that kind of equality.

    Feminism is about respect and equal opportunities. You may turn around and ask then why are reservations required? The answer is simple – it's because we don't receive equal opportunities. It's only recently that women have started getting equal rights under the law. Even property was divided among sons. Whenever any woman has been given an opportunity, she has proven herself, to be equal to any man. Women have had to demand and fight for what is theirs. Do not women in India serve menfolk their food and eat after they're done? Similarly, there are so many things wrong in the way society treats a woman.

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