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    Why guys have more craze for ‘Royal Enfield’ bikes?

    In the olden days very few had bullet bikes and I really like the "dood…doood..doood…" sound of the bullet. During my childhood days, on hearing the sound of the bullet bike I used to run out of my house to see the bike or I will search the bike if I walk on the roads. But now everything has changed because Royal Enfield bikes have become a common bike and daily I am seeing lot of RE bikes in the roads. Every year top bike manufacturing companies are launching lot of new model bikes, but still the focus of many guys nowadays is towards the series of bikes manufactured by Enfield Motor Cycle Company under the brand name of 'Royal Enfield'. The royal dream of many guys is to own a Royal Enfield bike and some of my friends who owns an Enfield bike always say that riding an Enfield bike gives a heavenly feeling and in particular they always use their Enfield bikes for road trips.

    Why guys have more craze for 'Royal Enfield' bikes? Does it really give royal feeling to the riders?

    Share your opinions about the 'Royal Enfield' bikes in India.
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    Royal Enfield Bullet bikes are great. The thud thud thud sound makes it more attractive. In the earlier days, there was no other bike available on the road. After the Royal Enfield bikes, scooters (A lady vehicle) were introduced. Though the Royal Enfield bike is not a fuel efficient vehicle like the present day bikes like Honda, Suzuki, TVS, Bajaj, Yamaha etc, only the rich prefers to have the Bullets. But one thing is sure. If we meet with an accident with the bullet, death is certain. It is due to their weight and size.The leg injury is very common to the bullet riders. Anyway, I too like to ride a bullet. But my size and weight don't allow me to ride that bike.

    @ I really appreciate this bullet thread from a lady.

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    As the word depicts the Royal Enfield bikes are for true men who want to address their driving skill as riding statement. It is the heavy vehicle, and the balance is perfect for those who looks handsome, having great personality and have the passion for riding long distance. Since it give lesser mileage and more sound, many wont prefer for city life regular usage. I have found that techies in Hyderabad are invariably using these bikes as they go for the job which is normally long distance as per city routes. So it suits to them as they ride to and from the home to office and vice versa.
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    Good timing for this posting according to me. Yesterday evening only I went to a oil extracting shop for getting extracted dry coconuts brought from our home. There I saw a new Royal Enfield Bike and on inquiry the shop owner that the bike was newly bought by his son and further he told that the bike bought just for his fun as the bike does not have much facilities as of other type bikes, moreover the cost of present bike is not less than one lakh also. I, though, do not know much about the bikes but knows that a royal enfield was owned by my friend during 1977 which was considered as a majestic in those days.

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