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    Do you have Bermuda triangles in your home?

    As you know, the Bermuda triangle is where boats, ships and aircraft have been known to mysteriously disappear. I am sure we have not just one, but quite a few of them in our own homes!

    You keep a newly bought packet of safety pins on a cupboard shelf. When you need it most urgently, it has mysteriously vanished from that particular shelf.

    You carefully file important documents. When you need a particular document, you not only don't find a particular document, but will get into a total panic at not being able to find the file itself.

    It is akin to the mystery of the vanishing handkerchief, about which we had an entertaining discussion last year.

    Do you have at least one Bermuda triangle in your home? Or perhaps in your office as well?
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    Yes,you are right there is a Bermuda triangle in my office.I keep the documents properly ,I do n't find those on time.I spend a lot of time in finding those.I never get those on time.Although ,I have different file for documentation,but I am always in a hurry and keep the document not in proper file.When I want to keep them in proper file ,documents misplace.
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    There is a Bermuda Triangle at my house. I always don't find clips, pins and other small but important items when needed on time. And I consume a lot of time in searching for those items only to fail finding it. But I get those items after few hours or days.

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    Sometime this happens with me. In office, I have to keep some 'top secret' files. I keep them so secured that after 3-5 days, even I foget where I earlier kept these files. In earlier days, I had very tense moments due to this problem. Nowadays I generally tell my trusted personal staff about the file. If the file is extremely sensitive, I write it dowin in my personal diary where I have kept it.
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    Don't know about any such triangle or corner in my house; wifey dear must be knowing about it. But I have one such triangle in my mind, at times I cannot find (recollect) things or names no matter how hard I try.
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    Its not the Bermuda triangle but the house holds fail to maintain the inventories or things and wont put them in right place. I challenge when you put the things at the right place, there is no question of misplacing or displacing. For example what ever my personal belongings are there, there is a separate shelf for me and I keep the things in that and that is always visible and usable. If others take the things and misplace the same I get irritated and even scold. So we must create an habit of maintaining the things to be kept at its place so that even when current goes off we should able to locate and take the things in darkness,.
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    That is a strange analogy presented by the author. If things mysteriously disappear from where they were placed there can be just three explanations to the phenomenon –

    1. The place is haunted
    2. There is a mischief maker or perhaps a petty thief within your midst
    3. The individual was careless and is to be blamed

    I would go with number three; as most times it is we are responsible for misplacing things and being careless.

    The best way to deal with this quandary is to place things in their designated place. It is only when we leave things lying around that we cannot find them when we need them. Small items are best placed in a container, rather than on a shelf in a cupboard.

    Fortunately, for me, I do not have to look for stuff, as I am an organised person and so is my husband. In fact, he is more organised than I am.

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    Bermuda triangle is the famous dreaded place where ships, aircrafts and other materials disappear time to time without any explanation so far.

    Good housekeeping is one thing which is unachievable for most of us and due to this so called Bermuda triangle is seen in our own houses.
    There is a phrase - a place for everything and everything in its place - which is essential for good housekeeping. But in practice we do not take trouble to keep things in their allotted places and become perturbed when we do not get them when required.
    So practically speaking Bermuda triangle in our houses is our own creation.

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    House keeping is really important. As said earlier there is a place for everything and every thing should be in its place. If this concept is followed, I hope there is no chance for Bermuda triangles.
    In my house my better half always preachs the same thing. She never allows me and my son's to misplace the things
    If some body is not following the same she will take that responsibility and arrange all the things in order. Hence it will not happen in our house. The same discipline I follow in my office. Files are maintained in such a way that after long time also you will find all papers.

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    Bermuda triangle cannot be compared with the triangle held in our home or office. Bermuda triangle is a marked area where ships, aircraft, submarine and boats get vanished, and cannot be traced forever. We do not know where it goes. Whereas, in our home or office, things might be missing temporarily but can be traced after few hours or few days.

    However, I have a Bermuda triangle where I lost many of my kerchiefs( many hundreds in number) which could not be traced forever. The mystery of losing kerchiefs is not known to me or my family members. I don't have any other Bermuda triangle at home.

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    Oh! I found a new word for the result of my absent mind. The so called Bermuda triangle is very much available in my office and at home. Juana's comment about such absent minded professor - "The individual was careless and is to be blamed", is worth applicable for me. My wife utters the same word when she was in search of my misplaced documents at home. Even I curse myself for my habituated negligence but no improvement so far!

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    I like the idea of a ghost flitting around!! Yes, indeed as many said here, it is necessary to be organized. The Bermuda triangle, though, does pop up even when you know for sure that you kept so and so thing in so and so place! Something like a packet of pins even when kept in a box will not be found. Likely what happens is that the box gets shuffled around on the shelf when searching for something else and falls off to be hastily put somewhere else or gets pushed to the very back depths of the shelf. What is sometimes really strange is something large like a file disappearing - you know exactly in which drawer or cupboard you had kept it, but still won't find it when you really need it.

    As for Bermuda triangles in the mind, a daily intake of 4-5 almonds are the best bet!

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    Your wit is legendary! Are moms superhumans? Because they tend to know the location of everything precisely. Whenever one of my things end up in a "Bermuda Triangle", my mom retrieves it for me.
    Now that you have mentioned about Bermuda triangle, there is a fact I'd like you to know.
    According to recent studies disappearances at Bermuda triangle are no greater than any other ocean. Which means Bermuda triangle is not mysterious after all.

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    It's all in the mind. It's human nature to blame things on something else, rather than take ownership for one's actions.

    Stuff can get shuffled around in a small recess, agreed, and that's why we need to be alert when doing things. Make a mental note of what went where; it isn't difficult. Moreover, the situation is unlikely to happen if the stuff that's moved around is set back in place at the earliest or if one knows exactly what is where. (Don't accuse me of having OCD; this is just a routine practice that makes living so much easier).

    Similarly, if the contents spill out of a box, its best to stuff them right back into the box, or do so at the earliest. It prevents swelling tempers, panic attacks and the sudden rise in blood pressure. Haste makes waste!

    A quick trick to staying organised is to label stuff. Folders and boxes can have labels with what's inside them. Alternatively tape a sheet of paper on the inside of the cupboard doors, corresponding with each shelf. List the items on this sheet and update it whenever necessary. All the stuff I have in the lofts, in my house is labelled. I don't have to rummage through stuff to locate something I need.

    For the most part of my married life, I've lived out of boxes, waiting for suitable 'A type' government accommodation. I learned this clever trick to number huge wooden crates and stick a list of what's inside them, on the inside of the lid. Additionally, I maintained a diary, with exact details. The first transfer was difficult, subsequent transfers were much easier, as I knew what went into which box. It made packing and unpacking and settling down so much easier.

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    I think there are many Bermuda triangles in my home. Every nook and corner of the house is a Bermuda triangle. This is because if we place something anywhere in my home then, the next time it gets vanished away from the original place. The only difference between my homes' and natural Bermuda Triangle is that things that get disappeared in the natural Bermuda triangle never get back but the things that went in my homes' Bermuda triangle always got back.

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