Novel way of protecting our manuals and preventing criticism of others

when one manual is followed by many, there are some people for namesake, criticise or commenting about the manuals. Our people also fighting and arguing unnecessarily with such people. Instead there are incidents in our earlier history itself and we can follow them for our action to avoid waste of time in waste arguments.
Once a British person named Scott commented on the script of Thirukkural which has been considered as whole one by the world level.He commented that the Thirukkural was not written in correct format and he wrote 'Thirukkural, a corrected version'. By seeing this, a Tamil Scholor, Pandiththurai Thevar,who formed Fourth Tamil Association got mentally agitated when the British person gave a copy of his book to Thevar with pride. But Mr.Thevar, politely told Mr.Scott that he would collect all the copies of his publication and did accordingly also. British Scott felt much happy on his purchase. But Thevar bought all the copies from him and destroyed totally in order to protect the editions written with wrong intention and wrong manner. In that way he protected the fame if Thirukkural in a well but polite manner.

Similarly Bernard Shah never gave his dramas for making as cinemas as the cinema people should not spoil the image of the drama written by him.