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    The Brave Woman who changed the geographical map in Asia.

    Yes, I am Talking about our Late Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi. In our Indian history, I have read so many brave Indian women's bravery story which happened in real life. However, the story of 1971 war was totally different; India had fought not only physical war but also had fought with the international politics. The scene before war was very horrifying. Millions of refugees were coming into India for their safety and shelter. Pakistan was showing his ugly face when its troop killing their own people, raping women and destroying homes in their own country then "East Pakistan". Though Mrs. Gandhi role was never recognized officially but her role in Bangladesh liberation war was inseparable.

    She was bold enough to take East Pakistan problem in to world politics and gave fitting reply to every question thrown at her by the other countries reporter. Diplomatically she did everything to stop the killing of innocent people in East Pakistan but also prepared Indian forces to be ready for war if at all it needed. The presence of millions of refuges in different part of India was creating big pressure on her. She requested US to interfere for what Pakistan was doing in East Pakistan but it was not successful.

    Pakistan was going over confident with the help of China and US, ignoring every warning from India. Threatening to go to war with India if interferes in their "home problem". However, our own PM Indira Gandhi has her own plan ready and waiting for one mistake from Pakistan side. It happened when over confident Pakistan air force bombarded in some north Indian military air space.
    The war was on now.

    During the war and when she was confident of wining, she took another bold step declaring that India will support Bangladeshi people for their new country Bangladesh. She did it because in case of Ceasefire, the Bangladesh people sacrifice for their new country should not hang in United Nations. Indeed, it was the most clever and strong decision by our PM then Mrs Gandhi.

    When the world was silent spectator and Pakistan was over confident because of the support from China and US, the lady from India shows her real brave image and stood strong to give her neighbor country a peaceful moments and a new name.

    The 1971 war with Pakistan was just not a war, it was a war to help innocent people and it was the war for peace. Officially the India was having war with Pakistan but behind the scene India was fighting with both US and China. Of course then the USSR helped India too in this war but again it was Mrs Indira Gandhi diplomatically move which she already prepared before the real war.

    The world may forget her but not the people of India and Bangladesh the way she shown her brave heart to take every step boldly without fearing of one of the world's mightiest country US then.

    Whatever I have heard about her from my elders and the history book, I personally salute her as a bold woman from India and a bold PM of India. She is indeed one of the bravest women in India history and will remain forever.
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    It was really a very brave and courageous act by our late prime minister Indira Gandhi and she will not only be remembered in history for that act of brevity but also will be remembered for her strategic decisions and political firmness in South East Asia.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I admire this great lady much more than her father because of her grit, determination and decision-making ability. Not only creation of Bangladesh in 1971, she proved her mettle by declaring emergency when JP aksed the Army to revolt. Operation Bluestar also bears testimony that she never hesitated to take unpleasant decision for the sake of the country, even at the cost of her own life.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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