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    The Fight for Her Passion

    Ever since the dawn of history rather unfortunately women have always been considered the lower race. Though the situation is improving with time but the rate is literally that of a snail. It is believed that we are growing over the curses of dowry and other such evils with the establishment of equality but the real scenario of the world is known to all. In our so called 'civilized' society which highly believes that girls need to be educated there does leap in a constraint which adds up to graduate and if she is lucky enough she is permitted to get a job or pursue higher studies. But once she crosses the barrier of 22 the entire society considers it their duty to start finding a perfect match for the lady and if she is past 30 her patience is checked at literally all social functions. Thus in most of the cases the girl is mentally pressured to give up her passion and get bound by the ties of marriage, though some are blessed and re able to follow their passion but that's not the case for the majority.
    I salute each and every girl who has the courage to rise above this societal norm and run for her passion or in true terms her right to equality. When we consider the term passion it refers to the little desire that came in as a seed and slowly got nurtured but sadly dried up due to the scorching heat of the society. Any girl who is successful or even tries her level best to provide a shelter to this plant until it becomes a full grown tree deserves a round of applause. 'Man is a social animal', and thus he/she has to act as per preference of the society or it would completely turn against them. So any individual who dares to oppose this biased society is one to adore. As we grow up we are taught to take our own decisions to become self independent and responsible. Then suddenly one is forced to accept someone else's decision as being their own and this is the reality which is completely unacceptable as a whole.
    Though here I referred to those who are forced into marriage, running behind one's passion refers to a broader sense as a whole. A girl who desires to get as educated as her brother, the one who wishes to put an end to some unethical practice in the society or the girl who dreams of getting gold at Olympics for her country has a fire deep inside. At some point or the other the society has tried to extinguish that fire but the one who fought against all to let the fire grow bigger are the ones who set examples for the same society to praise later on. Though there are no names here, we certainly have her portrait right in our mind.
    Brave is her who fought for herself, who fought for her passion.

    P.S. Though I wrote the entire tale based on the brave act of a woman I came across, one can surely relate it to many women in the society. I would be extremely pleased with the greater number of women one could cite as examples for this because greater the number means closer to equality.
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    Some women get braveness embedded with them at times of need and in this story the brave has been accompanied with passion and that made interesting reading of fighting to the hilt.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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