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    There is nothing wrong is saying NO at times

    Learn to say a no when you really mean a no. There is nothing wrong in saying it at times. I have seen so many people who do things out of formality even when they are not interested in it. There may be chances that people take advantage of your yes and there are chances that you will be used. If there are geniune reasons that you have to do something for someone, you can do it even if you are not interested but if you feel you are being used or if you feel there is no necessary of you being involved in it then directly say No instead of saying yes out of formality.
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    That's really a good point brought up by Ms. Sushma. At times we have to be bold enough to say NO for involving in things that we do for others as a formality. If we agree for everything people will certainly take advantage.

    When I was in school, my teacher used to tell us "Don't say YES when you want to say NO". I am trying to follow this but still I am not bold enought to say NO at times. I even feel that sometimes my friends are taking advantage of that.

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    There are people who are always confused and puzzled and inherently indecisive in their behaviour and it is very difficult for them to say a clear cut 'No'.

    Such people use readymade answers like - I will see; I will come back to you later; Yes, but I am not sure; I don't know what to say; I will consult my wife etc etc.
    You can not answer everytime as 'No' but there are occasions when you can get rid of lot of problems and headaches by simply telling a 'No'.

    One interesting thing in this context which I want to mention is - sometimes the person asking you a question also gets relieved after hearing a 'No' from you instead of becoming angry or annoyed with you.

    I will give one example that happened with me when I was working in a company in Gujrat and some friends were planning a trip to Mount Abu (a tourist place). I came to know that they have planned a Jeep taxi which can accommodate 6 persons and already sufficient people were there to go. Still the organiser asked me if I was interested. I told a simple 'No' and he did not ask or insist second time.

    So he was relieved and appeared happier after my 'No'.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We have a quote and a movie also - "Don't say 'yes' when you want to say 'No'. Sometimes we are little hesitant and uncomfortable to say 'yes' and always would be in a dilemma whether to say yes or No. We are worried of our future relations and move to an uncomfortable zone by giving our acceptance nod. But saying 'no' in the first instance itself would be more helpful instead of repenting latter.

    A friend of mine was so magnanimous to lend his 'Swift Dezire' to a group of people for a drive to outstation just 120 K.M away from the city. While returning it met with an accident and some of them sustained injuries and luckily survived. The car became a scrap and he could realize the Insurance amount of just 3.0 lakhs. I am citing this example because of his initial nod to lend the car might have given some other result had he said 'No'.


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    My elders taught me that we should not say no to others what ever may. By saying no , we are not only hurting them but also making them to side ways. By we saying yes others will get a solace that there is some one who can be trusted and asked for. But again not everything is possible through us. What ever which are in our striking range , that can be assured and guaranteed. Elders always feel more happy when we heed to their advise and when we say yes to all their asking. Whether we do the things right or not, that is the different question, by saying yes we are always in the good books of others..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Either saying yes or no should depend on your abilities, your time and possibility. If somebody is asking you for some help, if it is well within your reach and it is not harming you, there is no problem. You can help them. But saying no to that also is inhuman.

    At the same time saying yes and getting in to problems is not right. There is a saying in telugu . It is better to say no in the beginning it self even though it is bitter to the other person rather than saying yes and making him bitter in the end by not doing it.

    If elders are asking us not to do certain acts even though it is a little difficult to us, by saying yes we can make them happy. They are always not going to see you whether you are doing it or nor, but if they hear yes from you they will be happy

    always confident

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