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    What strategies of BJP followed in UP elections made them more successful?

    For winning in the present UP assembly elections with landslide victory media and political experts giving credit to the working President of BJP Mr. Amit Shah and Mr. Modi. In BJP party Amit Shah is known to be an expert in formulating strategies to win elections. Media described the political engineering tactics of Amit Shah won the UP elections for the party. Do you think this type of strategies will help to win elections? If we see the present UP election results BJP got over whelming majority from all sections of the people. If you think Amit Shash strategies worked in this elections for BJP, analyse the strategies which worked for them?
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    What I heard from the media that those who are close to BJP President Amit Shah has been allotted every booth and they are responsible to bring the awareness and votes and that grass root level strategy worked well in favor of BJP. And the last three day campaign by PM Modi himself in Varanasi and suburbs has assured solid 50 seats of last phase. Either too BJP party themselves were projecting 250 seats and odd. So the last phase got wholesome seats to the party. Nevertheless , the regional parties were kicked out of reach and they are not even having the status of opposition now, This phenomenal success can be termed as Tsunamo and not Tsunami. The whole world was watching this mini general elections outcome as more than 16 percent of Indian voters have chosen the BJP against all odds in UP and Uttarakhand.
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    What are the real reasons behind such massive and unprecedented victory of BJP? In my opinion, the reasons are as under:-

    (a) The people are really fed up with caste, community and religion based politics without development of SP, BSP and Congress. Unlike these caste-based partiesparties, BJP believed in all-inclusive policy.
    (b) The people of UP have believed in the development-based agenda of Narendra Modi-led BJP.
    (c) People became very angry when Akhilesh Yadav called the Prime Minister a 'donkey' and an 'outsider'.
    (d) Congress led by Rahul Gandhi was a liability for the Akhilesh-led SP. The internal fighting in SP also caused a major damage to the party.
    (e) The real progressive Muslims and Muslim women voted for BJP because they believed that BJP's development model is all-inclusive. The Muslim women supported BJP's stance on 'triple talaq'.
    (f) Poor people have accepted de-monetization whole-heartedly.

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    While I agree with the reasons put forth by our friend Partha, we have to appreciate the strategic approach adopted by Amit Shah in fielding the candidates in the election. The internal fight and caste based politics could have affected BJP also but they were very careful in identifying the good performers whom people can accept in the poll fray. I happened to visit Allahabad, Varanasi and Lucknow very recently and could observe the swing in favour of the BJP very clearly. I understand that a team of qualified people are engaged to work out the requirements to develop the region and the potential candidates who can win the support of the local people were identified by them. Amit Shah personally involved in selecting the candidates and many of them are new faces and outsiders also so that they can muster the support of old horses locally. Even Modi was playing the same magic while he was confining to the politics of Gujarat where he worked as CM for three consecutive terms. Announcing their CM candidate was a regular feature for BJP but this time they didn't do so. It helped all their senior leaders to actively participate in the poll campaign sincerely. Thus the duo Modi and Amit Shah led their party's victory in UP.

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    I think more than strategy, it was the frustration of voters on regional parties, which were playing caste and religion cards. These regional parties are straight away ignoring the people from Hindu community as well as people from other castes. All they worry about is, Muslims and Dalits, which has not gone well with other voters.

    This time most of the people who don't belong to Muslim or a Dalit community have wholeheartedly voted for BJP, which has made the votes of these two communities look dwarf and hence, victory for BJP. The tactics that worked in the past is slowly becoming useless and people won't favor a party in terms of religion and caste now.

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    Every party makes strategy for winning the election but it does not mean that strategy will always be successful.
    In case of BJP fortunately the strategy has worked and they have got such a landslide victory.

    If we analyze in detail we find that the honesty of purpose which Modi has put up in front of the masses has done the magic. People will not be impressed merely by talks, they want bold and courageous steps from the leaders. The public is very much concerned that honest people should come on top and then only the nation will progress.

    Some of the positive and nationalistic actions of Modi has propagated the right message across the masses.

    Though the workers of BJP at lower level have also contributed a lot to the victory attained but the real credit goes to the top leadership which has shown it's honest and corruption free image to the people of this country.

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    The success started from the day they have decided the candidates for each constituency. Amit Shah, the BJP president is a very good planner. His plans in the election worked well. I understand no consideration was given to caste or religion in selecting the candidates. Simply they have gone by the merits of the person. His hold in the constituency and his past record. It has paid good dividends. The method they have followed for canvassing is also very good. They nominated in charges for every segment and monitored very closely. This has given very good results.

    Another point is Modiji has taken the responsibility on his head and lead from the front. His past actions gave lot of confidence to voters. People understood that he is going by a method for the development of the country and they don't want to ditch him. It has given a positive boost to the party. The duo MODI- SHAH made it with the help of cadre at lower level.

    Another factor helped them is the internal politics and methods of other parties. Voters got vexed with these gimmicks. So BJP got the highest number of seats than predicted.

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