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    Rejection of article

    Recently I have posted an article. Link is:
    Actually the content is not copied. As I have learnt them from different places. When any body writes such a DIY article some of the techniques they learn from the others. For the photographs I searched the internet, as the picture clicked by me are not of good quality. Some of them are not in the pixel size specified here and I do not know how to make them in proper sizes. So, I am requesting the editors to please consider my article.
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    Anosua, your query has been put up to the concerned section for clarification. Please wait for a response.
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    We cannot accept the article. To a certain extent, all information for an article is gathered from various sources and put together in the author's own original manner and style of writing. However, this particular article is not really having anything original about it. Every single DIY has not been "learned" as you say, but literally reflects exactly as it appears at other sites, especially at Pinterest. We do need to ensure that ISC adheres to the Net's copyright rules.

    As for images, if self-taken images are not clear and you feel they are not good enough for the article, you should not take images from other sites either. You submitted so many images that are the property of other people that it would create serious problems for ISC.

    If at all you want to submit DIY articles, please come up with your own original creative themes and suggestions only.

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    DIY articles means, something that is unique and never done before. If you have anything, which hasn't been shared on internet, then only your content will be considered not copied, if it is a DIY article.

    May be you have written it in your words, but whole procedure is same, which is already present on internet. Therefore, nothing unique about it.

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