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    Are parents showing their preference to love marriage than arranged one with limited layout ?

    In the recent past a bill has been passed in Parliament which forbids the citizens not to indulge in extravagant expenses in marriages and that should be simple and memorable. But some parents who have one single daughter and wants to have grand celebration of her marriage were against this rule and instead they prefer to have the love marriage of their girl and solemn the occasion with near and dear ones without much fanfare. What is your opinion on this. Should the arranged marriages be held in traditional way and the expenses should not be curtailed by the government or going for simple registered marriage would be wise decision ?
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    The extravagant expenditure on marriages is definitely a wasteful thing and most of the people do it basically as pomp and show.
    This creates a bad precedent in the society and those who are poor or middle class are trapped unnecessary in the financial crisis.
    So love marriage with a small function with near and dear will be sufficient for solemnizing the event.

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    Yes Umesh the people are changing and so is the society. No one is interested to relish the boasting of wasteful expenditure.
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    Nowadays guardians are accepting love marriages if they find the prospective partner (of their child) acceptable from religious, social, educational and economic points of view. If the above criteria don't meet their expectations, they don't give their blessings to such marriages very easily. Furthermore, in middle-class soicety, the guardians now know that if they don't give permission, their children would marry without their permission.
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