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Ready for the contest to celebrate colours? Join in with your family and have a super Sunday! Closing time for entries is 12 midnight tonight.
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    Fun with Colours this Holi - quickie contest!

    Good Sunday morning ISCians!

    All Indian festivals are filled with hues, none more than Diwali and Holi. So why not celebrate the joy which colours bring to our lives with a fun activity! For this contest, how about involving your family members, from kids to senior citizens, and get them to enjoy too?

    All members can participate, including editors. Only one entry per member is allowed and a second entry sent later will not be considered (unless I don't receive the first entry at all.)

    What you have to do:
    Send to my gmail ID which is "iscmanagingeditor" a list of:
    1. Five things in nature which are blue (out of this, you must specify at least one bird, one flower and one fish)
    2. Three yellow fruits
    3. Seven violet flowers
    4. One country's flag with a red stripe in it
    5. Four green vegetables
    6. Two orange mithai (sweets) or sweet dishes or desserts (any of these types will do, need not be Indian ones only)
    7. Six names of music albums or individual song titles with the word indigo in it

    Bonus query: What is common to all of the above?

    1. Do not put your answers in a response in this thread. Your answers should be sent only to my gmail ID mentioned above.
    2. You need not specify the botanical names or detailed names, a general answer will do but do not give an absurd answer like 'blue flower' or 'orange mithai'.
    3. Do not give answers in regional languages.
    4. After you send your entry to my gmail, please post a response in this thread that you have done so. In case I do not receive your entry, I will inform you and you can send it again.

    For each correct answer you give, you will get 1 point in your response in this thread. The bonus question will get you an additional 2 points. That means you can earn a total of 30 points. (Cc may also be awarded, about which a decision will be taken later.)

    Rewards: The first three members to get all answers correct (including the bonus query) will each win Rs.50/- and a gold coin from our virtual gift shop (this will be in addition to the individual 30 points they will get to their responses). In case of nobody submitting all-correct answers, whosoever are the first two to get the maximum right will get the same cash award but no virtual gift.

    In case of any disputes, a decision will be reached after consulting non-participating editors & the Webmasters and this decision will be binding on all participants.

    Do not be hasty! Send your entry only when you are 100% sure of your answers.

    Closing time: 12 midnight of 12th March 2017.

    Note: Feedback & suggestions can be given in the alert announcement thread after the contest closes and not in your response in this thread.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Holi - have some colourful fun!
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    Sent my answers to your Mail ID. Please confirm the receipt of the same.
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  • #593008
    I have sent an email with the answers. But not sure how many are right.

  • #593009
    Mail sent please check

  • #593010
    Gypsy, Sushma and Lonika - I have received your entries. Glad to see a quick start of entries to the quickie contest!
    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

  • #593013
    I sent my answers for the contest in specified ID. Please revert me for confirmation.

  • #593018
    Vandana Mam,
    Sent my entry

    [Joint winner - points only here]

    Live life Kingsize!

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    I have sent my entry. Please check and let me know.

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    I have sent my entry to your quickie contest.

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    I had also sent my entry.
    With regards,
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    I sent my answers for the contest and I request you to please verify the same.

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    Respected Madam,

    I have attempted the questions and sent the e-mail. The last question (Qestion No. 7) was really tough for me.

    Kindly acknowledge.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    Resepcted Madam,
    Wish you a happy aand colorful Holi , I sent my answer through E-mail.

    Seema Mittal

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    I have received everyone's answers except that of Ramakrishna Kambhampati.
    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    Sent my entry.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Once again I have sent my entry and i request you to kindly check the same.

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    Happy Holi to All of you

    I,ll send my entry please verify it.

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    Vandana Ma'm,

    I have sent my entry to the mentioned Gmail ID. Please acknowledge receipt of the same.

    [Joint winner. Points only credited here]

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    Yes, have received everyone's entries who have responded here. Ramakrishna Kambhampati, I have received yours too.
    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    Sent my entry, quite late in the day, but I was out the entire day.

    [Joint winner. Points only credited here]

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    sent my entry
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    I have sent my answers to your mail id. Kindly check and confirm.

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    Hello mam, I have sent my answers to your Gmail id. Finally, at the last moment, I have done with it. Phew!

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    I have opened this thread just to inform that I got all the remaining entries too after my last response. Feedback and suggestions can now be given in the other thread.
    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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