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    Best sandwich or burger fillings and pizza toppings - do you have any yummy favourites?

    I am sure many of you have a liking for various forms of bread and what goes in it or on it. Do you specifically like any particular toppings on a pizza or some yummy jam/chutney in a sandwich? Then there is the burger, stuffed with a flat piece of pattice and garnished with a few wedges of tomato and lettuce, perhaps cheese too.

    So are you inclined towards any favourites? Let's share our delectable tastes!
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    To be very frank, I would say that I like the bread sandwich with butter & jam, or chutney or omelet. And I never loved or liked burger or pizza that I tasted once and forgotten forever. I am not aware of the fillings and toppings, and I have no inclination towards it. However, my son is a burger and pizza lover.
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    I do like pizza and burger but nothing can beat the taste of a chats like Pani Puri, masala Puri etc. I am not very much inclined towards pizza and once in a while it is ok to have it. If at all I am having pizza, I like the topping of onion, mushroom. But when I am offered with pizza and our local chats, I would definitely chose to have chats.

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    I like puri or kachori than Pizza or Burger if I have a choice between them. But when I am in a hurry as in the break time in my office I go for Burger and Pizza. For Pizza I just love any kind of topping with extra cheese, which is just yummy. I also try it in my home when my cousins come to our place and they really love to have homemade Pizza. I used to buy the Pizza bread from shop and then make rest of the things in my kitchen. For burger the filling must be a chicken filling with little bit of tomato, lettuce and onions.

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    Sandwich is very important for me. I take omelette sandwich or butter sandwich or jam sandwich everyday before going to Office. Without sandwich, I can't imaging my daily life. But I don't like sandwiches with raw cabbages or other vegetables. I like burger as occasional delicacy, especially hamburger, but can't simply stand pizza.
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    More than sliced bread, I love those long bread loaves with herbs and/or red chilli flakes and/or olives embedded in the surface. My favourite chutneys (which I make at home) are: coriander & mint combo, coriander and dates combo and tomato, red chillies & sesame seeds combo. I like putting first a layer of natural home made butter (available at a local mithai shop) , then the chutney. If there is a chilli sauce or dry chutney I put that on top too. I do not like cheese at all so the final topping will be sev to give it that special crunch when you bite into the lot! Tomato rings, onion rings and cucumber rounds too are great. Out of jams, I like alphonso jam and mixed fruit jam best of all.

    As for pizza, we do not really eat much of it out. Once in a while, though, I love making toppings for it. We buy the bread made from wheat flour and heat it on the tawa, then put tomato sauce and the toppings. I often experiment - grated cabbage and carrot with baby corn is just delicious and healthy! For garnishing I put mixed herbs (the type sold in a bottle in the supermarket) .

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