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Moral education is about learning values. Is the inclusion of the Bhagavad Gita as a text book a genuine reason to impart morals and values? Or do you see it as a forced imposition? Participate in this interesting debate & win cash awards! Closing date: 16th March 2017.
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    Should compulsory teaching of the Bhagavad Gita be a part of the curriculum? - active GD

    The Private Member's Bill on the Bhagavad Gita was moved in the Lok Sabha by BJP member Shri Ramesh Bidhuri. The Bill proposes to provide compulsory teaching of the Bhagavad Gita as moral education subject in educational institutions. This Private Member's Bill is going to be discussed in the Parliament along with another 102 Private member's Bill during the current Budget Session.

    Without any doubt, this Bill will be debated vociferously in the Parliament by the Hon'ble MPs. So, we, the Members of the ISC, can also debate the issue.

    How many Members support the proposal of compulsory teaching of the Bhagavad Gita as moral education subject in Indian schools? Please give reasons in support of your opinions.
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    I don't support the proposal. India is a secular country with too many religions having their own holy book like Bhagavat Gita. While the other religions read their books religiously and sincerely, why not the Hindus read the Gita sincerely and religiously? Why compel them to read Gita? It is the responsibility of each and every Hindu to know what is Bhagavat Gita. We should not spoon feed the Hindus. Unlike the other religions, Hinduism is a free religion where nothing can be made compulsory. If Gita is introduced as a subject in schools, it will create chaos in our country. Religion or religious books should not interfere our education system. Keep the religious books away from the educational institutions.

    What is there in Bhagavat Gita to teach? It should be read and understood. Did Krishna teach Arjun Bhagavat Gita? No. He simply spoke, and Arjun heard it and understood it. Vyasa noted it and published it. We all should read it and understand the essence of Gita, if we believe in Gita.

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    My full support to the bill on compulsory education of Bhagavat Gita for one best reason is that it imparts universal teaching irrespective of caste and creed. Even Muslims and Christians can understand the meaning and in depth analysis of each version of GIta which is dedicated for the welling of mankind. Gita deals with over confidence, cunning, passion, courage, well being, helping, reaching out and above all convey the message of oneness. All these characters are applicable to every sect of religion and thus there is nothing harm to make Bhagavat Gita compulsory henceforth.
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    I don't support. Leave alone the fact that India is a secular country, why should a religious scripture be made a compulsory subject? I am sure that there are many Hindus who have not yet read or understood the Gita in total; then why should it be forced on people who have different beliefs and scriptures? I am of the view that even allowing such bills to be discussed in our Parliament should itself have been avoided.
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    I support the bill.Bhagvad Geeta teaches us to believe in Karmyog.It teaches us to believe in actions .Good actions have good results.Bad actions have bad results.It teaches us how to live our lives.It guides us a lot . By studying one canmanage time in his/her life.Geeta focuses to control on anger and greed.It describes every thing is perishable ,what is ours today,will n't be ours tomorrow.So,too much attachments with things bring sorrow.It gives principles of lives ,which are true for ever.
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    Why only Gita? Why not we make all the religious holy books viz The Bible, The Quran compulsory for all citizens of India irrespective of their religion and caste. If Christians and Muslims can be taught Bhagavat Gita, Hindus should also be taught about Bible and Quran compulsorily. All the religious books are Holy and they preach good to the human beings.
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    In fact is not a religious book. It is a ocean of knowledge. If one reads the Gita, the meaning of each Slovak gives lot of in sight. It says to follow ethical values. do good and be good. There is nothing specially advocating Hinduism. It teaches Karma yoga. So i feel this is a universal book teaching good practices,good values etc,. It will teach us how to become perfect.

    Yes I agree all the religious books preaches the same. But in a country where the Bhagavadgita was written, where Hindu population is more and many people believe in karma siddantha there is nothing wrong in prescribing the book as curriculum to study.

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    I advocate freedom of choice. When something is made compulsory, the freedom to choose and decide is taken away. I have read the Bhagwat Gita, we had a copy at home even when I was a child. The difference is I chose to read it, the choice was mine.

    I would not like anything forced on anyone.

    What if someone decides to put an end to fish eating, because it involves the killing of animals, and because they think vegetarianism is better for everyone, would we still show such enthusiasm, if we are meat eaters, and support the benefits.

    It is not about religious beliefs or values one can imbibe, it is about freedom of choice. We should be able to choose and decide, and not have someone else decide what is good for us.

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    This thread is now an active GD. Members can have a healthy debate on this topic and the best participants will win cash awards.
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    There are members who are opposing why only choosing Gita and why not other epics. India is basically a Hindu country and our epics are greater value and being followed by the Hindus across the country and even in other countries. There is always liking and doing research on our Gita even by foreigners. When other countries are exploring possibilities to know more about Mahabharath and Gita, why not our government make the same subject compulsory for all to study. By the way no one is opposing other epics of other communities and they can also be included in the syllabus and studies.
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    I do not support making Bhagavad-Gita compulsory. Reading Bhagvad Gita or no is one's choice and we cannot force it to everyone. Moral education is required and important but that does not mean Bhagvad Geeta should be forced. When I was in school, we had a seperate class for moral education saying moral science class and we were not forced to read Gita. We were told stories and other things. Instead of making it complusory, take can take classes on Gita only to those who are interested it.

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    Just now I have logged in. This thread has become an active GD. But what is the last date of response? Furthermore, can I also participate?
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    In my opinion there is no need to oppose if some thing good is introduced for the good of the children whichever religion they may be. Why should we oppose when some good moral values are inculcated in the children and which is not at all bad for any body. Not only Gita but also the good values and morals of other religions are also taught to every one. Even when we are studying in my schools at childhood stage in Government schools, people of different religions used to chant Hindu slokas at the Prayer time and at lunch time. In our school lessons in English and Telugu language we used to have moral stories from different Hindu epics. People of all the religions used to learn them. Even the same is continuing in the present time also. When I used to study in a Christian missionary school at higher classes I used to hear the stories from Bible taught by our teachers daily during morning Assembly time. I was very much influenced by the Bible moral stories taught by our teachers. So there is no need of one to oppose when some good of Gita is taught to our children.

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    Today India is a secular country but if you go back and search the history it was undoubtedly a hindu nation.
    Our roots are that of vedic and hindu culture. Today we have accepted people from all over the globe whether they came as invaders or traders.
    This country is for all religions and castes but the basic thing is the hindu culture and from that point of view if we make a famous book as course material in schools there is no harm in that.
    Let us take it in its spirit and do not make the issue as political.

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    India ofcourse is basically a hindu country but there are other religions too. There is nothing wrong is teaching Gita to students but teach it it to those who are keen on knowing it. There are many ways of teaching moral values. Gita is not the only book that has moral values and thoughts.
    When we join a hindu school ofcourse morning prayer will have hindu songs and when we join a Christian institute morning prayer will have Christian song. We join the particular school based on our interest, the level of teaching etc but apart from that nobody is forced to read religious books.
    Me being a Hindu joined Christian school and attained prayer. I whole heartedly would go to church based on my interest and nobody forced me. But I never read Bible till now and I was not forced to. There was a seperate class for Christians were they were thought about Bible and Christianity and other students had class on moral values.
    So teaching Bhagvad Gita is ofcourse very good but it should not be made compulsory and forced to everyone.

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    Partha, you can also participate. The Active GD will close on 16th March.
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    It is not wrong to implement gita in curriculam but than other holy books should also be implemented at various levels.
    When I was in class 6th in our sallybus of hindi ramayan was also one of the three books, in class 7th it was mahabharat and in class 8th it was budh charit.
    And I have studied from CBSE but no one ever complained about these books being relegious, such books doesn't change someone's religious views but provide them with better point of view towards life and lessons also.

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    Having one lesson on Mahabharat or Ramayan is different but but keeping Bhagvad Gita for teaching moral education is different. Even I had a lesson about Jesus in History when I was in 9th STD and none of us complained. If there is a lesson on Bhagvad Gita is there sure nobody will complain. But in every moral class keeping that book will raise disputes. Instead if all the holy books are kept and good moral values are taken from those books and taught then it will be better. Or take a story book with good moral and teach it. Moral values can be taught anyhow one don't require Gita only for that.

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    I agree with Sushma. If only one thing is made compulsory, the real value of it will go and teachers and students will do it mechanised teaching and learning as today is technical world and everything is available in net and hence the importance will not be given and the essence will go. Hence it need not be made it compulsory as that young age cannot take the essence fully and even when we take our own example, the choice and taste differ according to age. In young age what we like may not be sweet in later age and vice versa.

    Hence it should be read as told by Juana as a choice of individual. Anything given more will not get its gain and attention. There is a phrase in Tamil, alavukku adhigamaanaal Amirthamum nanjaagum meaning if taken in excess even honey will be become poison.

    Also in this vast country with various religion and regional culture and language and in some part of the country the language itself will be a barrier and also there are many surplus in the regional language itself and one would not have read in their life time fully.

    Hence it is waste of thought to introduce or made it compulsory.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    What I would say is - Bhagavat Gita is a war book than a holy book. It is the preachings of Lord Krishna to Partha in the war field. Why did Krishna not teach or preach this during a peace period to both Pandavas and Gouravas? Gita encouraged Partha to fight against his enemy relatives. Lord Krishna claims to be the supreme in this universe and says He who is anything and everything.

    I have watched the movie 'Karnan'(Tamil). In that Gita has been preached in a nutshell

    No one turns good or bad after reading the Gita. It teaches the worldly things only. Gita makes the reader to feel strong, bold, courageous and feel free without any worry. This should be read and understood by self interest, not by compulsion.

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    I know am going against the feeling of many people, but I have every reason to support it.

    The main problem in India and Indian people, everything becomes religion topic without going into deep details. Is it just because BJP party has initiate it? Yes, India is secular nation, no one is going to deny it but this should not be the only reason to ban Bhagvad Gita anywhere and everywhere even if it is connected with education, I find no wrong! It can be only wrong, if you look into this matter with your religious and political eyes.

    Have anyone gone through others religion book before talking against Bhagvad Gita over here? The fact is every religious books have talked about their own religion, they have admitted it again and again in their holy book. Bhagvad Gita is only a book which does not talk about "Hindu", no where it is written that it is related to Hinduism. In fact it is related to the entire world, entire universe, entire mankind beyond any religion border.

    If for a book which can do so much good to our society making it compulsory, I personally feel that Indians should broad their mind and heart for it.

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    At the outset, I express my gratitude to the Managing Editor for converting this thread to an active GD.

    Iniitiating my response, I would like to state that the Bhagavad Gita is not a religious book like the Bible, the Quran or the Zend Avesta. All the Christians follow the directions given in the Bible. Muslims have to follow the direections given in the Quran. Zoroastrians have to follow Zend Avesta. But the Gita is not a religious book for the Hindus in that sense. The Gita talks about Karmayoga. It says: 'Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Faleshu Kadachana'.

    I feel that the Gita can be read in any school, anywhere in the world for moral guidance. It is not related to any organised religion.

    Furthermore, with my very limited knowledge I know that in many western countries with liberal and secular ethos, the Bible is taught compulsorily. For example, in the Texas state of the USA, the Bible is compulsoy at school level. So far as Muslim countries are concerned, it is needless to say that the Quran is compulsory in school level.

    I feel that India can very well maintain its secular ethos even if the Gita is made compulsory at school level for moral education.

    I would continue my argument in the next part of my response.

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    First everyone must understand that Geetha is not a religious text and its universal. In Geetha there nothing about a particular god. One person who give up his Dharma (duty) is taught by another one to complete it. Hence it teaches one should compulsory do their duties which is good for society.
    Here we get one thought that is viswaroopa means in this universe everything is manifested by panchabhuta and those r inside cosmic energy (scientific term), hence here we can learn that every being in this universe is equal to us and then how to cheat r harm others,hence again it makes society peaceful.
    Here Krishna says about the psychology of human with their food and give importance to vegitarian food which make animals be happy which is supported by animal lovers.
    Here Krishna says important things in universe are he himself, example Ganga the river, if see rivers as God why we pollute rivers which are useful to drink and forms, can't we learn it from Geetha. And Surya is himself, if we r religious mind no other religions should live on earth because Sun,moon,earth,air,sky,trees,animals etc and everything in vedas so no other religions should take these,can anyone say like this? India only adopted tolerance hence all people live happily here.
    Finally Geetha is for all religions because it teaches god with no form and with form which can fit to Muslims and Cristians also, it is useful for moral society so everyone should welcome it without religion. Finally one thing we are not politicians just keep in mind how useful it is for every human being and healthy society. Hence I support Geetha in Indian education system.

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    Every holy book says that we should be good, think good, do good to live peacefully and happily on this good earth. Bhagavat Gita too teaches us the same. Anyone who is good will preach and teach good. There are many other Indian books and authors who write good for the people, society and country without connecting the religion or God. Bhagavat Gita is not different from it. Many of you said that Gita is not a religious book like the Bible for Christians or Quran for Muslims. Bhagavat Gita, though it talks in general terms about the Karmayoga or Karmayogi, it is from a Hindu God Lord Krishna. Can anyone deny that Krishna is a Hindu God.

    What will you fill?
    Christians for Bible, Muslims for Quran, Hindus for ................(what)
    Can you fill in the blank suitably?

    I stand against the members who say that Bhagavat Gita is not the holy book of Hindus.

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    Sun, with due respect to your feelings, can you please define
    1. What is Hindu?
    2. Who are Hindu?
    and how lord Krishna is Hindu God? When the word "Hindu" is unknown to Upnishad, Purans and Bhagvad Gita.

    I will reply you once you answer my question.

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    Many are arguing India is a secular country so a religious moral teaching's of Gita cannot be introduced to all. But India is a Hindu religion dominated country where in most of the schools more than 90% of the students are Hindu's only. So it is ridiculous to say for the sake of little percentage of others, the good values what have to be inculcated to large number of people opposing is thoughtless thing what our pseudo secularists are doing. Even the other religion people also whole heartedly agree and welcome the good thing what the school authorities are doing. For this reason only, many Muslim parents are joining their wards in Christian or Hindu missionary schools. Parents well know, in Christian missionary schools their children have to do prayers and have to listen the good preaching s of the Fathers and Sisters. They know well that these teaching's are good for their children. If some good is happening to their wards no good parents will object. So it is baseless to oppose preaching s of Gita as Moral instruction which help large number of people. Even the politicians when it comes to their turn (even they belongs to Muslims or Christians) for assuming first time in the Office are carrying out Hindu pooja's and breaking coconuts and attending Yaga's and yagna's. Why large number of parents in India are interested to join in Christian missionary schools? They believe and think that joining in such institutes will help their wards become more disciplined and learn good values of life. As our Hindu religion is restricting and fearing themselves because of this secular factor we Hindu's are unable to pass the good values of our religion even to our children and future generations. So there is no reason to object introduction of Gita preaching s compulsory for the good of the future generations of India.

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    I am against the motion that Bhagavad Gita should be made a part of the curriculum. Why should we force the non Hindus to study our ancient scripture. I think this is a strategy by the government to influence the non Hindus in the Hindu religion. If it is not so, then government could have encouraged separate courses on various Hindu scriptures. Maybe there should be an honors or specialization course in Bachelor of Arts(Bhagavad Gita). If you keep a separate specialization course on a subject and yet see lot of students enrolling in it, then you can say how popular is that subject among common men. In fact, there's a master's degree course in Vedanta that aims in teaching various Hindu scriptures. One can study that course to learn more. You can't force a subject by making it compulsory. I think This would lead to adverse effect and create an abhorrence among common man.
    I disagree with what one author said that, "What is there in Bhagavad Gita to teach". To each his own. We can't debate on how much academic quality Bhagavad Gita has. But we can debate whether we can gang up against people of other religion by forcing them to study Gita, which is not even their religious scripture.

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    In Gita there might not be about any god in particular yet Bhagvad Gita is a holy book for Hindus. There might be preaching about good deeds and moral values yet we see this book only in Hindu house. Being an hindu we will say it is good to make it compulsory but when we keep the hindu aspect aside and think about it, we will feel it should not be forced to others.
    As some of you all said, I agree India is a Hindu dominated country but India is such a country were people respect every other religion and their thoughts. When a person is not interested in knowing about Bhagvad Gita then there is no point is forcing it.
    As Joyshree said conduct a seperate class only for those who are interested in knowing about what Gita has said. Moreover, Gita is not the only book to learn about moral values. There are many ways to teach moral values. Also it would be better to teach Gita first to all the Hindus before teaching to entire India as there are many Hindus who don't even know what Gita is.

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    I am against to promote the Gita in Education system. It should keep away from the student. The discussing is about to being religious by adopting it. Every ethnicity promotes its ideology to look into the behavior of the human being and every religion talk about almighty and its control which is illogical in most of the respect. If we want to promote the innovative and intuitive skill of our children. It is essential to keep them away from such books. This makes them dumb and restricts their reasoning quality. What I think is to make our children spiritual rather than religious. Being religious is harmful to the society but being spiritual is fruitful one.
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    #593198, According to the author because of secular reason Gita even which provide good moral values should not be consider for preaching for others. Now I will explain how your thinking will be vague in the pretext it helps to mold large number of students in learning life values. For example in a democratic country if the ruling party gets 51% of out of 100, people have to obey the decisions taken by the ruling party whether they like it or not., good or bad. But here in our educational institutions 90% of the people are Hindus only whether they study in a Christian institution or Hindu institution or a Jain institution. If the Gita is preached as Moral instruction when 90% of the people get benefited and most of the remaining also not against learning good things then what is the purpose of this opposition. By creating ourselves this type of objections we are denying our children to inculcate good life moral values by showing few number of other religion people who don't even oppose. Take another example, if a group of students say 100, out of which 5 or 6 students are other religions. Do you think minority number of students dominate over majority students? Few number of other religion students try to adjust with the others in a good way. My question is to show your credentials to secular nature why should we deny large number of our students to learn great life values from Gita? I request you to explain what benefits the other religions will get by depriving large number of students to learn from Gita according to your secular thoughts?

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    I need not tell you what is Hindu and who is a Hindu. All members speaking against the compulsory teaching/ learning of Bhagavat Gita are Hindus by religion. Anyone who follows Hinduism is a Hindu. Hindu is something that is related to Hinduism which is prevalent in India or Hindustan. The place of Hindu is called Hindusthan. But Hindusthan is no more Hindusthan, but for all religions.

    Now let us discuss deep into Mahabharata. There are characters like Indira, Surya, Varuna, Agni and Vaayu who played important roles. They are all considered as Hindu gods and are worshiped by Hindus only. No Christian or Muslim worships such Gods. These Gods or Lords are given a place in the Hindu temples only, not in churches and mosques. So Mahabharatha is purely an epic of Hindus and Hinduism. Therefore, Gita is connected primarily to Hindus. Different religion follows their own religious books, and Hindus should follow Bhagavat Gita. But we Hindus failed to read and understand Bhagavat Gita as Hindu religion is a fully liberal religion with no compulsion for religious feelings or activities.

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    According to few authors, making Gita compulsory is good to teach the values for students. I agree. They say majority is hindu and so it should not be avoided. Agreed. But my question, why should Gita be learnt only when it is made compulsory? We all know it is important book for Hindus, then why not parents teach the values of Gita to their kids from their childhood? Every Christian will read Bible even if it's not taught in school and every Muslim will read Quran without fail.
    Then why not Hindus practice the same at home instead of waiting for it to be made compulsory? Does its value increase by making it compulsory and forcing it to everyone?

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    I strongly oppose the views of one author that India is a Hindu country. India above everything is a secular country. We have people from all religion in this country. Why should we impose Gita on the people of other religions in this country. Someone said that "others should understand Gita" and "people of other countries are trying to understand Gita." What does these supposed to mean. If someone from a country is trying to learn more on Gita does that reflect the unanimous view of the country or the world. If everybody were excited about Gita, then whole world would have been Hindu and everybody would have spoken the national language of India. But that is not the case. In fact, Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. If we go by this statistics, then Mandarin should be compulsory in our classes. If we claim ourselves to be a Hindu country, then how will the Sikhs in Punjab, Muslims in Hyderabad, Christians in the Park Street, Kolkata and lots of other people of other religions feel? If they are forced to read our Hindu scriptures, then they will start disliking it, instead of liking it. We should keep every option open. Nobody should be forced to read any curriculum.
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    Hi Every one after I gone through all the authors debate points I also would like to add my points here. Before that I need to inform "Sun" that, your response to "Jeet" is not more specific. I hope the answer you have given to Jeet is based on your assumption and our consideration. Well i will add up my points in brief and run.

    Many of them support the bill and some are opposing. Fortunately I am with the people who supports it. The bill is on making Bhagavad Gita compulsory in part of curriculum. I have to ask the people,who are discussing on the term "Compulsion". Do you think that the other subjects in our curriculum are choose by us or by our parents. I feel there is no harm in making good things as compulsory. As friend Sun said, there is nothing to teach in Bhagavad Gita, it need to be learn and understand. I want to ask him, when he read Bhagavad Gita. Why I am asking this question is, If he read this holy book before he reaches his SSLC, then I could appreciate him. The holy book is having some power which other subjects do not. Knowledge only will not make us wise, the attitude required to show you as a best among others. Knowledge is necessary, but attitude is compulsory. We can not say every one will follow the good things told in Bhagavad Gita, but no one can deny that everyone should know it in their life.

    My point is, in India most of us are Hindus (I can say not Muslims or Christians), Why we should not make the all Holy books (not only Bhagavad Gita) of Hindus as compulsory in curriculum. For Muslims, going to Mosque, reading Quran and doing prayer daily 5 times are their duties. This duties are started from their childhood as compulsion and making it as their daily habits. Christians have to visit church on every Sundays and read at-least one sentence in bible daily starts by compulsion and became habits for Christians. The same way why we also can not make reading Bhagavad Gita as compulsory and making it us our habit.

    As we are talking about our freedom to choose, the children do not know what to choose, we have to guide them. When you are Rome be a Roman.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    @ Joyshree. Hats-off to you madam lending our space to others to occupy. We are no here here to show any partiality. Could you please explain us(Or Me at least), which is the base for Hindus. Can you please google and send me the link so I can also know better. As far as I know we are not here to compel others to read Bhagavad Gita. As this is the country for Hindus (which you are opposing), we need to show some important to our Holy book. If Muslims are not ready to read Bhagavad Gita, they have their own Minority schools and I think, the schools are available at all locations in India. For Christian, there are plenty of schools in this country. Also I hope the government bill will be applicable and followed only by the Government schools in India and not by Private schools. What do you think. I am sorry if I am little harsh.

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    Who will decide which epic has a greater value. Muslims might say Quran has the greatest value, we might say Gita, Sikhs might say Granth Sahib. But how does it matter? Why are quarreling on the importance of epics in our life. We created the epics. The epics didn't create us. So why waste time in establishing the superiority of them. Epics have an impact in our life. I agree to it, no questions asked. But so does the subject of moral science. In fact, many of topics discussed in most epics are also important chapters of moral sciences and Esop's Fables. Both of them are taught in lower classes to the children. Why keep an extra topic in the curriculum? Somebody said Gita teaches "Karmayoga" and "Principle of lives". Are such thing not covered in Quran or Granth Sahib too? Then why not teach them also? Are they not a part of moral sciences or Esop's Fables? Again the same question, why keep 2 subjects for teaching the same thing. The procedure of teaching might be different by the objective is almost same.
    I think what should have been made compulsory is teaching Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the mother of languages. It is an integral part of Gita or Upnishads. So government should have made Sanskrit compulsory in the curriculum. Let's see how many agree to this fact.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    Members are requested to stick to the point of discussion instead of diverting to connected areas which are not within the purview of the main topic.
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    I join hands with Joyshree who touched the core point. The original script of Bhagavat Gita is Sanskrit. Did our government included Sanskrit as a compulsory subject ?

    Sankara Rama, Can you explain what Gita preaches which is not preached by the Bible or Quran or any other religious books? It is not good to read a book that we don't understand. Our parents teach us the same what is being said in Gita. Be good; do good; don't fear; be courageous; don't be greedy to possess; We haven't brought anything; we are not going to carry anything after death; etc. etc.etc.

    These are told in an elaborated way like Partha asks and Krishna says. This can be clearly read and understood without having a teacher or preacher. There are missions which are spreading the messages of Gita. Someone listens, someone ignores. But no one thinks but forgets. There are Gita intepreted in each and every Indian language. While our people can buy magazines and newspapers to improve their knowledge, why not they purchase a copy of Gita and read it at home? Why make it compulsory. It would be a wastage of man power(Teachers time) in the educational institutions. Of course, it would provide employment to jobless teachers.

    No life without Sun

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    Dear sun and joyshree, hope you are trying to deviate the topic.

    Sun, for argument sake, it is nice to hear that the parents teaches their children what Bhagavad Gita is saying. In this crazy world people are running for money and do not have time to spend with their children. How you can expect them to teach their kids. Do you think that parents of these days have time to ask their kids other than "How is your studies?", "How much percentage you score in last quarter?" etc. etc. If you accept that they do have time I will accept what you said. If you don't accept that they have time I am not with you.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

  • #593241
    @Joya, From your arguments and thinking, for the sake of few every one has to lose or sacrifice whatever good values they are supposed to learn. In other words plenty of delicious food is there every one has to starve because of few according to your arguments what I understood. The language text books issued by all State government s of India include stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavata etc. Of Hindu scriptures. For some of the classes even parts of these scriptures were used as non-details. Short bio-graphies of Hindu religious propenets like Swami-Vivekanada, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Gautama Buddha, S. Radha Krishnan etc. are there. You very rarely see any lessons taken from other religious scriptures. Very rarely we see bio-graphies of other religious personalities prescribed in our text books. Do you say our goverments are showing partiality or against other religions? It is not BJP or Congress goverments are following this pattern but every government of any party is following the same policy. So do you say India is non-Secular country or India is showing partiality towards Hindus only?

  • #593244
    Sankara Rama,
    There are parents who teach their children at home. From their tender age, they start teaching their children. No parents will tell their wards to be bad, to be greedy, to be indisplined, but to be good and very good, nott to speak lie, not to steal, not to beg etc. You may not have time to talk to your child, but many like me have time to teach our children and grand children. I am sure, the parents who are true and care the interest of their wards would definitely teach them good things on their dining table for which A Gita is not required.. My father taught me Ramayana and Mahabharatha as bed time stories. It depends how one has been brought up.

    No life without Sun

  • #593247
    I asked in my last response who are Hindu? Let me provide my own answer before I answer some responses. Hindu is the word referred to those ancient people who used to live around or near the Indus river (Indian subcontinent). Hindu is the word given by foreigners to just separate it from other religion. Before one was Hindu, what he/she has their identity? Take any Vedic book, the word "Hindu" is not mentioned anywhere. Whether it is our Vedas, Upnishads, Purans , Ramayan, Mahabharata or Gita. Neither Lord Rama nor Lord Krishna said that "they are Hindu". The vedas and other ancient books written for "Sanatan Dharma" (for entire world) it was not specially written for any religion.

    Later, the Hindu people accepted the culture as those ancient books said. So, the tag comes here that the ancient books are "from Hindu religion". Had the same books accepted by other religion, these ancient Vedas or books would have related to them! Am I wrong?

    Yes, Hindu accepted Lord Krishna as their God but look at the book we are talking about. Had Lord krishna said that Bhagvad Gita is Hindu's book? Had any where in Bhagvad Gita said that accept Hindu religion or forced to convert in to Hindu?

    I am surprise on what basis our "educated members" talking against Bhagvad Gita? Had they gone through the book what is written on it? Talking on the basis of "secular" word should not be criteria to deny the good value of "Bhagvad Gite". Can these educated member describe what does the word "secular" mean?

    Those who taking their point on "secular" word must know it meaning first. Secular meaning - "not connected to any religion. And Bhagvad Gita book is the one which is neither connecting it to Hindu nor any other religion.

  • #593249
    Did Lord Jesus said that he was a Christian? No. Did Mohammed Nabi claimed himself as a Muslim or Musalman? No. We the people have created the religion. No God has created their own religion. Similar is the case with Hinduism and Hindus. When the world was created, Sindhu was not the only river in India. There were many rivers, like the Ganges, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Cauvery, Krishna , Godavari, Periyar, Tapti, Narmada, and people lived on their banks. Why only the people lived on the banks of Sindhu should become Hindu? Why not the people on the banks of Ganga as Gangus, Brahmaputra as Brahmas, Cauvery as Cauverians, ect.etc.etc.

    The word Sindhu suited with the word Hindu. Why should Sindhu become Hindu, why not Bindu, Gindu, and Pindu or Vindu? The origins of India Hindustan are the Draviodians bellonging to the south, and the Aryans of the North.
    So don't try to bring a different meaning to Hindu -r Hindustan - Hinduism.

    No life without Sun

  • #593250
    Further, the word Hindu emanated from the names Indira and Indirani who according to myth was the King and controlled all the supernatural powers like Bhoomi, Akash, Agni, air and water.

    It is Ind-ira which has been shortened as Indu or Hindu which formed a religion. Even I would say that the word 'India' came from the word 'Indira'.

    No life without Sun

  • #593251
    There is no harm in teaching our heritage and cultural things to the school children as they should also be aware about the great epics like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Vedas, Purans, Greta etc.

    In every country it is a practice to honor the cultural and religious books. So why India should be an exception.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #593253
    #593198 Joyshree - "Why should we force the non Hindus to study our ancient scripture. I think this is a strategy by the government to influence the non Hindus in the Hindu religion"
    and "You can't force a subject by making it compulsory. I think This would lead to adverse effect and create an abhorrence among common man."

    Who told you that Bhagvad Gita teaches about "Hindu" religion? Any good thing has to make it compulsory if not then their are many student who does not like "English" or "Math" does it mean we should take it out English and Math subject from our curriculum? In fact it can bring just opposite affect. Who knows if it make a world of differences in our society.

    #593203 Prasanna, Bhagvad Gita is not related to only Hindu. It is our political and less knowledge about "Bhagvad Gita" that forcing it as a religion book.

    #593206 Sun, I have already described it that why Bhagvad Gita is not only for Hindu but for entire world. It is totally different if the other members are blindly talking wrong about this valuable book. I am not responsible for other talks. No Hindu God said that they are "Hindu" or related to Hindu. There are other religion people too who believes in Bhagvad Gita. It is just a matter of how you are taking in it.

    #593228 Joyshree - "Who will decide which epic has a greater value. Muslims might say Quran has the greatest value, we might say Gita, Sikhs might say Granth Sahib. But how does it matter? Why are quarreling on the importance of epics in our life. We created the epics. The epics didn't create us. "

    If people sit down and decide which book has "Greater Value" the other religion books will no where reach to our Vedas, Purans Or any Ancient books. I am not talking it blindly but the fact is these books were written thousands of years back when there were no religion nor any particular religious holy book. I respect other religion but don't we give our elder "greater value" in our home? So, the same way Bhagvad Gita is written thousand years ego so it is obvious it has the greater value.

    #593234 Sun - Can you explain what Gita preaches which is not preached by the Bible or Quran or any other religious books?

    Exactly my question! Whatever written in Bhagvad Gita thousands years ago, is written the almost same in other religious Holy book later. The only difference between Bhagvad Gita and other holy book is, Bhagvad Gita not talking about "Hindu" but other holy book talks about their region.

    #593209 Sushma, Then why not Hindus practice the same at home instead of waiting for it to be made compulsory? Does its value increase by making it compulsory and forcing it to everyone?

    Then why should we taught Science, English, Hindi, Tamil, Math? Why not we teach everything to our children by own? The thing is if we don't compulsory valuable subject like Math, English, Science, do you think student will happily learn this subject? The same way Bhagvad Gita not teaching or forcing anyone to covert Hindu, it is talking about all basics values what is wrong if it is making it compulsory?

    Those members who are talking against Bhagvad Gita should raise their level of thinking before commenting on Bhagvad Gita as Hindu's book. If they can't find differences in other holy book and Bhagvad Gita, there is nothing to discuss here. Only being secular does not mean Bhagvad Gita is religious book.

  • #593254
    Teach them Bhavatgita, but don't make it a compulsory subject to get passed. Make it an optional subject and have the Bible and Quran included in the curriculam. In Tamilnadu, Hindi was introduced without any pass marks. Many learned Hindi without a pass or fail in the subject.
    No life without Sun

  • #593256
    I agree with sun, no parents will teach their children to be greedy, to lie, to be bad. Everyone wants to their child to be disciplined and be good and for this they teach their kids in that way only. For that Bhagvad Gita is not required. One author has told parents run behind money and no time to spend with their children. How much ever busy parents are, they will spare sometime with their children and teach them. No parents will leave their children on their own i search of money without teaching good values to them. Suppose the Bhagvad Gita was not made compulsory, then you mean to say every child of working parents will be spoilt? Does good values come only by Bhagvad Gita? Even a small story with a good moral will give good values to children.

  • #593257
    Respected Sun, you are correct. The compulsory word means it needs to be added as one class in the time table. Although we have a rule in government there should not be any failures till 8 th standard. So it is purely about adding as a part of curriculum. The option what you are talking about is not advisable. Why because the minority institution will be affected by this. The school can have their option to select either Gita, Quran or Bible. The parents need to select the school accordingly. What do you day?

    About the parents teaching their students. You told your father taught you the epic stories as a bed time stories and you too spending time with your kids. Nice well and good, but you cannot expect every body to be like you or your father. We cannot think everything from our point of you. Schools are the best place to be get taught about these things.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

  • #593259
    Sushma ji. It doesn't mean that the kids who don't read Gita will go intha path of evil. It is purely on knowing the good things. If I try to give some more examples it will look like taking the current topic to different route. So I can say only one thing if you are against this topic regarding making Gita as a part of curriculum, you are at the point refusing to accept that as our holy book. We are accepting Gita as our holy book and need to be taught by proper guru as a part of studies from childhood. Freedom will not always leads to success unless you are restricted with certain rules which is to be followed. The children will get it from schools only.

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

  • #593261
    #593254, Sun, We are not discussing here that Bible or Quran make it compulsory but Bhagvad Gita, so please be with the discussion. If you need discussion on other Holy book, please create other GD. Why Bhagvad Gita should be compulsory, I have given my point. And those who feel I am wrong can discuss it with me with my points given for this support. Simply saying again and again as Bhagvad Gita is Hindu book and talking diplomatically will not do any good to this discussion.

    If any book have its value it should bring out it open and not just to hide because other religion people get hurt. On first place why anybody will get hurt?

    #593256 Sushma, "Does good values come only by Bhagvad Gita?" Of course yes, Can you prove it wrong? What not in Bhagvad Gita? Can you please explain?

    We are not discussing with moral story book but "Bhagvad Gita". Talking good thing about Bhagvat Gita is not wrong and I find no reason why any other religion will get hurt?

    In fact people are scared to talk about good value of Bhagvad Gita because other religion will get hurt?

  • #593262
    Sankara Rama,
    What I mean is - Each and every school should have all the three major holy books Gita, Bible and Quran and made optional. The students may prefer to study what they wish to study. A Hindu might choose Bible or Quran, A Christian might choose to study Bhagvat Gita, and a Muslim might select Bible reading.

    The Primary duty of the parent is to nurture and guide their children on the right path for which Gita is not an essential part. Let the children watch the good films where Bhagavat Gita been taught as an entertainment to the viewers. If such visuals can change the mind of the viewers, we need not teach the subject in schools.

    No life without Sun

  • #593264
    Mr. Jeets,
    Forget about Bhagavat Gita, Hinduism and Hindus. Can you simply explain what Bhagavat Gita is about? What it teaches? What is the essence of Bhagavat Gita that need be taught by a Teacher or Guru? Is it a hard subject that cannot be understood by self-study?

    No life without Sun

  • #593265

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

  • #593268
    No no Sun, I am not going to forget about Bhagvad Gita neither I will forget Hindu or Hinduism, I am not some section of Hindu people who take no time to try to insult Hindu or Hinduism, I am not disrespecting any religion nor I am talking against them. I am talking about the value of Bhagvad Gita here because this is the subject of discussion. I have to stick with this point.

    However, thanks for asking me few question, I liked it!
    Sun, what is written on Bhagvad Gita, I can not describe it totally, you really need to Meditate Lord Krishna for this. However in short every life's details are there in Bhagvad Gita. Starting before the birth to coming into this world, life's basic value what to do and what not to do, relationship, worship, spirituality, happiness, sadness, death and after death. "Please note" that these all are said without bringing any particular "religion".

    "Is it a hard subject that cannot be understood by self-study?"
    Then your mother tongue or mine too is not hard subject but we learn it properly at school only. Don't we?

  • #593271
    The good essence of Bhagavat Gita in a nutshell is this:

    Whatever has happened, happened well
    Whatever is happening is happening well.
    Whatever will happen will also happen well.
    Why are you repenting for whatever you have lost?
    Have you brought to lose?
    Have you produced anything that has gone waste?
    Whatever you got, you got it from here.
    Whatever you gave, you gave it from here.
    Whatever belongs to you today belonged to someone yesterday.
    It may belong to someone day after.
    This is what the world order, and the essence of my creation."

    If we can understand the above, life will be peaceful and happy forever from birth to death.

    Should we have a special teacher, class, school and curriculum to learn this? Is it not a wasteful effort to teach something that can be easily understood?

    No life without Sun

  • #593273
    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

  • #593275

    1. Sun is fire.
    2. Earth revolved to Sun.
    3. We have 9 planets in our solar system.
    4. Plant and Tree breaths like how human breath.
    5. Black hole is an object to found in the space.
    6. Jupiter is biggest planet in our solar system.
    7. Earth is the only planet we get water.
    8. Moon revolved around Earth.
    9. Water falls from cloud.
    10. Man landed on Moon in 1969.

    Should we have special teacher, class or curriculum to learn this? However, these are not wasteful if we teach our kids in a detailed subject.

    Likewise, few lines of Bhagvad Gita can not produce its original value.

  • #593276
    I don't support the bill. Why only the holy book of one religion. There are many religion in India which have their Holy books. Every person believe that his religion and holy book is the best religion and the best. If we want to make our student to understand religion then we should apply this bill for holy book of every religion. Teaching of The Quran, The Guru Granth Saheb, The Bible etc should also be a part of curriculum education.
    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #593277
    To start with few of the authors are targeting me while arguing by mentioning my name and then arguing. So let me clarify their misconceptions. I will then continue with my views. I hope that doesn't make me "deviate from the topic."
    a) Someone said this compulsion is only for government schools. But can somebody impose such a rule on government schools, just because they are the government? Any change in the curriculum of a school always comes from the governing body and syllabus committee of the school. No government can interfere in this. Everybody knows politicians want to secure their vote banks. Why politicize education?
    b) The reason I feel education is being politicized isno other religious scripture is made compulsory. Why not also give the students a choice from Quran, Granth Sahib and other religious books? Why not make a separate subject on religious scriptures? Leave the choice of the holy book to the students. Someone thought secularism is the reason to ban Gita. But let me tell you most of us who are opposing the motion are not in favor of banning Gita. How can we ban a holy book? We are against the imposition of a single additional subject, like that of a religious book on the students. The choice of Bhagavat Gita as the only holy book to be in compulsory teaching is an example of non secularism. Banning Gita is not an example of secularism. I hope I am clear. Government schools contain students from all religion. Let us give them some space too. You can argue that Quran is taught in Madrasas.But Madrasas are meant for Muslim students only. But a government school is a general school. It is not specifically a Hindu school. If government wants to make Gita compulsory, then government should also make separate Hindu schools.
    c)Speaking of spaces, someone said that I am leaving Indian space to others. I think such statements are totally absurd and also they are intentionally provocative and derogatory statements. I totally condemn such statements. I don't even know whether the author understood what he wrote. Who am I to give or take the space of our country. India is a democratic country. It belongs to all of us, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and lots more. How can we be so mean that by virtue of making certain subjects compulsory or not, we decide whether India remains our space or not. This is not educative thinking. It is regressive thinking. I think ISC and above all every ISCian should not endorse such statement. Such behavior should be strictly prohibited in an educative forum like this.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #593280
    d) I also strongly oppose the statement that people today are only running after money and looking after their children. It is very much derogatory to the parents. There are so ISC members who are parents. My question is today when most of the jobs in India is privatized, then will any private sector recruit a candidate based on how much knowledge he or she has in Bhagavat Gita? Prices of everything is soaring high, from gas bills, electricity bills, internet bills, telecommunications bills and much more are becoming out of the reach for common people. Is it wrong that today both the parents want to earn money to secure their future lives? Does that mean that they have nothing to teach their younger ones. All this duty now falls upon a particular religious scripture? This is absurd and hilarious. If this is so, then those of us who haven't read any religious scriptures are immoral people. They don't know what is the meaning of freedom or what is the importance of rules in life. Is that what some authors are trying to say? How will they prove it? What proof do they have that people who have not read any religious scripture are immoral and money hungry? This statement is baseless and immoral on its own.
    e) I really don't know what someone meant by for the sake of few everyone sacrifices? Does he want that since we Hindus are a majority in India, we rule and let the minorities sacrifice? Most of the authors here are opposing the motion. I don't know the religion of everyone, but since India is majorly Hindu country, we can think most members participating is this GD are Hindu. Then it appears that Hindus themselves don't like this policy. I don't know which "everyone" the author is talking about. Does the meaning of this "everyone" are orthodox and dogmatic people? What are they sacrificing? They are a part of big society where they can voice their opinions. Everyone listens to them, whether that opinions matter or not. How is it a sacrifice?

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #593282
    #593276, Hakimuddin, I support this bill not because I am Hindu, I support this because Bhagvat Gita don't talk about any religion which some people are making a wrong assumption. Every religion is great on their own. However, the book should be in curriculum which do not talk about Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh. And Bhagvat Gita do not take any religion side.

    #593277 Joyshree, When you are in such hot discussion, you have to get targeted. Be stick with the discussion or left it out if you think someone is targeting you.

    Yes secularism is the main point which why the original value of Bhagvat Gita not coming out. If someone talk openly about it, you say it "mean"? In what sense bringing the truth about Bhagvat Gita is "mean"? I don't find it regressive! I am just keeping my point if anyone is willing to discuss with my point or want to prove it wrong, I will welcome it. But for God shake, don't say that this is regressive and try to shut the true fact.

    You are taking this discussion personally. Please avoid it.

  • #593283
    Is our government ready to introduce a curriculum called religion in the schools and teach various religions in this world , their holy books, their faith, their activities etc? I think that is the right way to do. Our government should not try to promote one religion in particular, in a secular country like India. We Indians live like one family forgetting our religion. Let us not give way to hatred feeling by introducing a separate curriculum to teach or preach Gita.
    Let Gita be taught in temples on Sundays and holidays. Let the senior priest (Poojari) of the temple conduct this course, but never in schools where we teach and preach secularism.

    No life without Sun

  • #593286
    No one is giving any hatred feeling. No one is talking bad about any religion. We are discussing about Bhagvat Gita making it compulsory in education. Why it should not make it compulsory and why it should is what we are discussing. If talking little will become a "threat" in our democratic nation than we should end this discussion here itself.

    The member who are against of Bhagvat Gita making it compulsory because they think this is Hindu holy book. Yes, it is Hindu holy book but don't talk about Hindu or any particular religion.

    Bhagvat Gita not forcing anyone to convert into other religion. But here people who are discussing against have the "point" which is never mentioned in Bhagvat Gita.

    I have made my point clear, talking every details which I knew. I don't think again and again I should shout about the same point.

  • #593287
    @Shankara Rama Subramanian. Just because one is against making Gita part of curriculum doesn't mean we are opposing it. We respect Gita and we follow Gita. But my question is why should it be made compulsory? Instead make it compulsory to all the Hindus and let Hindus know about it first. Why force it to other religion students? If other religion students are interested in knowing the value and good thoughts of Gita, then open heartedly teach them. What is the guarantee that everyone will start following what Gita has said just because it is compulsory? When knowing about Gita we should sit with interest and with respect and when forced to others one cannot bear the lack of interest or respect towards our holy book and thoughts.
    @ Jeete. Here the question is not about other religion getting hurt and we are not scared to speak about Gita. If other religion is interested in knowing about Gita, then with happiness we can share about it with no second thought about it. Ofcourse talkin' about Bhagvad Gita is not wrong and nobody is objecting it. But speak about it to all the Hindus first and to those who wants to know it in other religion. Gita has very good thoughts and lessons which definitely we Hindus should know about, but every religion has thoughts in their holy books too.

  • #593288
    Joyshree - Jeets is right. There is no call to mention that you are being targetted & taking it personally. Your name will naturally be mentioned when somebody is responding to your specific views, as is being done with other members. Their names too are coming up when responding to their views so there is nothing wrong in that. As for members "arguing" - this is a debate for an active GD topic after all!

    So, please, just express your views and stick to the main topic of the thread.

    Others too - don't create distributaries from the main river!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

  • #593294
    I did not mean that the authors are targeting me personally. I meant they are targeting my views. Not in one of my response did I mention that I was offended by their views. I counterattacked their views with valid reasons and as it seems that one of them got offended my counterattack and took it personally.
    Live life Kingsize!

  • #593296
    No religion propagates the message of conversion to their religion through their holy books. But the followers of few religions do it. Same is with the Gita which doesn't call for someone to have trust or belief in Gita or Hinduism or Hindus. It is just alleged to be the spoken words of the Lord Krishna and written by Vyasa the author of Mahabharata.

    The holy books are nothing but stories that has been connected together with the events with a common message to spread to the human beings. They need not be taught and learned. That should be experienced and understood.

    No life without Sun

  • #593297
    Joyshree, in my every participation in ISC GD, we all have taken name and discussed it. This is what I learn in ISC and following it. Even in our library discussion (when I was in school), We have to take name of the person and his/her views and we have to counter response. In TV shows discussion too, people take the name and discuss it. Here in this GD, we have so many response, If I have to debate on your point, I have to name you. There in nothing mean of targeting. GD means discussion of two different views. And it is done aggressively. If one party is talking against to any view the other party try to overtake with his view, this is what makes interesting in GD.

    Requesting members, not to take it personally. This is GD and not a normal forum thread.

  • #593298
    #593296, Lord Krishna or Ved Vyasa, never talked about Hindu religion nor they shouted that they are "Hindu". Whatever they have said or written is the good for our society and universe. Yes, other holy book too are written for the betterment of our society and world, but Bhagvad Gita is written in those time when there was no religion.

    #593287, Sushma, here we are talking about the compulsory of Bhagvad Gita in education. What is wrong in it? After all this book is not talking about any religion. Why on the first place Bhagvad Gita is connected to religion? This is what my point is! When this wonderful book is talking every aspect of life without touching any religion's thoughts, why it is getting targeted as religious book?

  • #593300
    The two irrelevant responses subsequent to mine have been removed. Do not blow up the issue please! Do stick to the discussion only.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

  • #593301
    You must understand that the Hindus are the followers of Lord Krishna, and Christians or Muslims or Jews or Buddhists do not follow Krishna or Siva or Vyasa or Indira. Hence, Krishna is for Hindus and Jesus for Christians and Nabi for Muslims and Buddha for Buddhists. It is Lord Ganapathy who is the first and foremost Hindu God who broke his ivory and wrote Mahabharatha for Vyasa. How can you deny that Krishna or Vyasa do not belong to a particular religion called Hindu. According to myth, Lord Krishna, an avtar of Narayana is hubby of Hindu goddess Lakshmi and BIL(Brother-in law) of Lord Shiva. Hence we can say that the first ever religion existed on this good earth is the Hindu religion with so many Gods and goddesses.

    No life without Sun

  • #593304
    Continuing my response, I would like to submit the following:

    Educationists say that it is desirable for every student to know preliminary arithmetic, English, mother language, History of the country and Geography of the country. So, in the primary and secondary level of schooling, it has been mandatory for every student to study these subjects. Similarly, many educationalists think that moral values must be inculcated to the students at primary and secondary level at an impressionable age. So, many educationists prefer teaching moral values in lower classes of school. The Bhagvat Gita teaches us the concept of Karma Yoga. It teaches us to work for the sake of mankind without waiting for any result. I feel that there is nothing in the Bhagvat Gita which will clash with the basic tenets of any religion. So, I support compulsory study of the Bhagvat Gita at school level as moral values.

    The problem or controversy arises because many people associate the Gita with Hinduism. However, in actuality, the Gita can be studied without associating it with any religion. I have personal knowledge that in many Ivy League institutions of the USA, management students are taught the Bhagvat Gita as a management subject. So, I feel that the Bhagvat Gita must be made mandatory in schools for Indian students. Indian students must not be deprived of the jewels of their own country due to misinterpretation of moral education and confusion relating to moral ethos and religious education.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

  • #593306
    Let there be any good value in Bhagavat Gita or any other holy books available in this world. The three good and important things in life to follow is - 1. Don't lie 2. Don't steal. 3. Don't beg. Not to read or trust any holy books, may it be Bible or Quran or Bhagavat Gita. I would say that it is a time pass and time waste activity to read, forget and not follow.
    Keep aside all the holy books. They are simple story books. The religious leaders have given importance to the books. As and when time is available to you, just turn the pages of so called holy books(if you have), read and rest. We can invite good sleep by reading the holy books connected with religions.

    No life without Sun

  • #593311
    #593249, Sun, I have missed your this response. Here is the response for your this particular post.
    Members those who are other religion can exactly answer you whether in their respected holy book the word "christian", "Musalman" or "Islam" appeared or not. But I am very sure that Bhagvad Gita has not mentioned the word "Hindu" anywhere.

    To your answer, why and how Hindu were named, you need to go through our ancient history. That is nothing so difficult.

    #593301, Yes, the Hindus are follower of Lord Krishna but we are talking about Bhagvad Gita which does not talk about any particular religion. It talked about the entire world (how many time I need to repeat it again and again)? The discussion is whether it should compulsory or not in education system. And I have given my clear points as why it should be made compulsory. People should think above than the religion and politics when such discussion happen. Simply sticking to the word "secular" and "democratic" will not take any discussion anywhere.

  • #593312
    I do not think the holy book Bible or Quran has the mention of Christian/Christianity or Islam / Muslim. But has the mention about Lord Jesus Christ. Same is the case with Bhagavat Gita which has Krishna in it but not the word Hindu or Hinduism.

    Members, who have gone through the Holy Bible and Quran may come up to justify my statement.

    No life without Sun

  • #593319
    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

  • #593324
    With reference to the response by the ME at #593300, some changes have been made to the decision after discussion within the team. Members are once again requested to try and prove their point instead of getting into individual duels. Do not take issues too personally. Let us have a knowledgeable and educative discussion without any assumptions or presumptions.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

  • #593325
    #593277 & #593280,
    Central and State educational governing bodies after carrying a lot of research will recommend what type of topics to be included in the syllabus at each level of students study. It include topics related National and State culture, National heritage, topics related to religious heritage, prominent social personalities etc. Basing on these recommendations only topics will be prepared by educational governing bodies. In my previous response I mentioned in government published text books we can find topics related Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavata etc. can be found out in language books which are meant to improve moral values in the students. Why governments are giving more preference to these topics than the other religions? It is easy to impart good values to large masses from the same culture and even others also interestingly learning. So there is no politicizing of education system in India.
    Because to protect your secular credentials you are saying no religious books to be used for moral value teaching. Then what is the value of these books to the people if we don't use it for the building of future generations of India with moral ethics. Government itself favoring inclusion of topics from Hindu scripture s because of the majority of students in the educational institutions are Hindus. One more thing you are saying is, there is no necessity to read religious scriptures to acquire moral values. Times have changed. Moral values followed by by our past generations and present generations has no comparison. Humanity, honesty, sincerity, ethical and moral values standards have worsened in the present generation people. Human relationships have worsened with modern trends and culture. Due to this, to save our future generation people from all these egos, scholars, educationists and elite people of our elder generation like our President and PM are also saying inculcating moral values from childhood stage itself is very very essential for improving the standards of human values is the cause for the great thinking of introducing Gita for Moral education. So the purpose of teaching Gita is to make them acquaint life values but not for getting jobs. Acquiring life values themselves will help them to attain higher positions in their lives. On one hand you are saying banning Gita is not secularism and on the other hand you are condemning they are nothing to do with moral values. At present also Moral Instruction classes are running in schools once a while in a week . Schools also are conducting examination even for Moral instruction subject. but this marks were not taken for total score. So using Gita as a text book instead of using a general text book definitely enhances the value of Moral teaching. Nowadays Institution Heads and parents are repeatedly requesting teachers to teach at least five minutes in their period some good moral values everyday to the students to make their future lives prosperous will indicate its importance. So no one will oppose if a wonderful tool like Gita is taken for moral preaching.

  • #593334
    As some members are expressing that the Sanskrit scripture of the Slokas will be made learned by the students. But it is not possible for all teachers to have in-depth knowledge regarding these slokas. The moral and life values of Gita will be composed in explanatory textual form and will be arranged in the form of lessons. These wonderful values will be explained by Teachers in their own way once a while in a week which helps to mold the life of our children. If such good things are imparted why to link this with religions and secularism?

  • #593342
    Bhagavat Gita written by the sage Vyasa Maharshi quoted a beautiful Sanskrit Stanza I want to write here so everyone will know the greatness of Gita.

    "Yadhi hasthi thada nyatara| Yane hasthi na thatava Kachith||"

    many people don't understand Sanskrit sloka which I wrote here I want to translate in English. Whatever there is in Gita that is there in the world and whatever the things that do not exist in the world that will not be there in Gita.

    But it is from the viewpoint of Vyasa Maharshi. Now the discussion is all about Is "Should compulsory teaching of the Bhagavad Gita be a part of the curriculum?" Why I quoted the Sanskrit Stanza-of Vyasa Maharshi is everybody has their own views and beliefs but to make it compulsory or imposing this on others is not at all good for democracy or secularism and it is against of fundamental rights of our constitution.

    There are several questions should be raised about Gita.

    1)What is the Original book or Version of Gita we should follow or teach in our curriculum because different Hindu preachers will have so many discrepancies in telling Gita story to their followers or students or devotees?

    2)Many People will tell that Gita will bring peace and India is a Peace Nation I want to say one thing Gita is not for peace it will tell us to do war when needed.So where is peace mantra gone.... as Mahatma Gandhi told that if somebody slaps on one cheek you have to show another...... because of that peace mantra we got Independence why won't we follow that....

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #593344
    In France or some country as their own invented powerful Missile, On body of the missile they wrote a Sanskrit Sloka quoted from Bhagavat Gita because the Missile who invented that as Inspired by Gita but the same powerful missile will kill brutally many innocent people and if we tell or show this as greatness of Gita that is not at all needed for us.

    As Gita is nothing but provoking wars when needed but never said to settle the issue with a dialogue or debate. So if Gita is taught to the younger generation then their minds will always provoke of doing wars this is not good for the nation....

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #593346
    I reiterate that unlike the scriptures of other religions, the Gita is not a religious scripture. It tells us the preferred philosphy of life. If the directions mentioned in the Gita are followed by any people who are not Hindus, there is no possibility that such people would become Hindus by following these principles. As Mr. Bhushan has rightly pointed out, the Gita's shloka has been inscribed in a French missile. This does not mean that the scientists and enginerrs associated with that particular project have become Hindus. The inscription only indicates that they follow the principle of the particular shlokas.

    We are making a grave mistake by comparing Hinduism with the Abrahamic religions. It must be clear in our mind that the Bhagvad Gita is not a religious scripture like the religious scriptures of the Abrahamic religions.

    There must be some sort of coercion if we want something good. As a young child is forced to study Arithmactic, English, his/her mother language, History, Geography at the initial stage before developing preference for a particular subject, similarly reading Bhagavad Gita for moral guidance must be made compulsory at primary and secondary level in India. If students, after studying the great treasure of this great country, wants to study it more, they would be welcome. Even otherwise, they will be guided by the wisdom of this great book throughout their life.

    And we must not differentiate in selecting students to study the Gita. Every Indian student, irrespective of his/her religious belief, must have a share of this great treasure of the country.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

  • #593359
    #593324, Saji, this is Group Discussion, members those who are participating has to counter response. If there are any point from a particular member, that has to be counter it with his/her name. There is nothing we are doing individual duels but keeping our points. We are not doing the world war but discussing it democratic way.

    #593342 Bhushan, The actual quote is - "dharmey ca artey ca kaamey ca mokshey ca bharatarshabha
    yadihaasti tadanyatra yanneyhaasti na tat kkachit"

    Meaning- everything related to the four Purusharthas of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, that is found in the epic can also be found elsewhere. But what is not here (in Mahabharata) is nowhere else.

    The above mentioned quote is from the epic Mahabharata and not from Bhagvad Gita.

    There is no threat to our secularism or democratic even if Gita included in our curriculum. Gita is not teaching about Hindu or Hinduism, it is teaching about entire mankind. Its not taking about any particular Dharma (religion).

    2 questions raised by Bhgavad Gita, I would like to answer it.

    1. Bhagvad Gita written by Maharishi Ved Vyas is the original one and by the way, no one try to manipulate the actual meaning of Bhagvad Gita even it is translated or written other languages.

    2. Bhagvad Gita don't teach to do war, it is totally a false assumptions but Yes, Mahabharata teaches about war and war politics.
    Only because of Mahatma Gandhi, we did not get the Independence, there are other Hero too who have fought and gave their life for whatever opinion they have but it was all about to get the independence. Not to forget the entire nation be it teenagers or old, who fought for Independence.

    #593344 Bhushan, I think you are talking about Mahabharata epic and not Gita. Gita never provoked for war neither it teaches war. It teaches everything about human life.

  • #593370
    When Lord Krishna teaches Bhagavat Gita to Arjuna in the context of Mahabharat Yudha(on the battlefield) so Jeets please make a note on that.

    Arjuna feared of facing a war with Kauravas then Lord Shri Krishna was the one provoke him to do the war for the sake to withstand and sustain Dharma.

    paritranaya sadhunam
    vinasaya ca duskrtam
    sambhavami yuge yuge

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #593372
    I would first like to say that religion is man made. these divisions Hindu, Muslim, Sikh is man made. Somebody in this GD said that Bhagavad Gita was not a Hindu religious book. Hindu chose it to be. If we go by that saying, then Hindus could have chosen a Granth Sahib or a Quran too. Similarly, today any religious scripture could have been made compulsory in place of Gita. The GD started with the basic motion that whether or not Bhagavad Gita should be made compulsory. There has been a lot of unnecessary discussion about who and what are Hindus, what is Hinduism etc. This is total deviation from the main topic. The answer to the main motion is no. if the principles given in Gita is to be taught, then the basic principles are common in any religious scripture. Like one my friend here said, no religious scripture will teach you to lie to beg or steal. So that way there could have been a common class on religious scriptures, where you ahd the option to choose which religious book you want to study.
    The argument by one that since Bhagavad Gita was written 1000s of years before other religious scriptures and hence it is superior is absurd and childish. Every book is special in its own way. We learn from every single book. If someone says Quran is more superior, then how do you disprove him? Superiority or perfection is a vague term and that too of a book is a qualitative issue.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #593375
    "Somebody in this GD said that Bhagavad Gita was not a Hindu religious book. Hindu chose it to be. If we go by that saying, then Hindus could have chosen a Granth Sahib or a Quran too."

    Unfortunately, there were no "Granth Sahib" or "Quran" then neither any particular religion. If we go according to ancient history, "Sanatan Dharma" was the oldest religion. Sanatan means "eternal" and Dharma means " "duty". Sanatan Dharm is what followed by Hindu.

    Whatever I have got the details I would like to mentioned it here. Which says- Sikhism is more than 600 years old, Islam is more than 1300 years old, Christianity is more than 2000 years old, Bhagvad Gita is more than 5000 years old. Now one can't say that I am giving unnecessary details. Whenever, we will discuss this subject, we need to go to root and while doing that there are many subject which will come in the discussion.

    "The argument by one that since Bhagavad Gita was written 1000s of years before other religious scriptures and hence it is superior is absurd and childish"
    I never said "superior" but "Greater valued" and why not. Even in ISC when you post any content, the first time which is get posted has greater valued, the very next the same content called "duplicate".
    Every holy book is great but should not we give little value to that book which is as old as human civilisation?

    Which holy book is superior no one can say because every religion is the best for that follower. However, which holy book is ancient should be discussed.

    Here if one talk the truth about Bhagvad Gita, he tagged as regressive, he tag as childish. But look what you are talking without going into deep History. NO?

  • #593377
    #593370 Bhushan, Mahabharata and Bhagvad Gita both are two different Book. We don't call Mahabharata as holy book but Gita. Here lord Krishna was not provoking him for war. This is totally wrong. In fact he was teaching him the main purpose of "Dharma Yudhha". He was not provoking him, but showing him both the way of life whether he does war or not.

    your quote is not complete it is half, the full quote is -
    paritranaya sadhunam
    vinasaya ca duskrtam
    sambhavami yuge yuge

    The meaning of above words- For the protection of the good, the destruction of the wicked, and the establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age."

  • #593378
    I don't feel that there is something wrong in including Bhagvad Gita in the curriculum in the form of compulsory subject. The main reason being that Gita speaks of no religion as such and focuses on moral values. It implies that God exists in everyone thus not compelling its readers to follow a particular religion. As mentioned in most of the above comments its a universal truth that Gita is an ocean of knowledge. Hence the point that has sparked the debate is the fact that it is related to Hinduism because it is said to be comprised of teachings of Lord Krishna and India being a secular country how could the holy book of a particular religion be forced to be read by someone. Throughout our school life we come across many subjects that are not of much interest to us but are forced to read them because that would eventually help us in long term. In the similar manner moral education is is such a subject which would help the individual in the long term. Now coming to the point that why Bhagvad Gita and not other books. First and foremost it is most essential to be noted that here Bhagvad Gita is being considered only as a book containing lessons on moral values and not a religious book. Often novels are added to English syllabus not keeping in mind who the writer is or what the genre of the book is, rather it is added based on the toughness of the words compared to the level of understanding. Though many books exist written by a number of authors only 1 is included in the curriculum which at no cost means that the others are of less value. In an exact manner Bhagvad Gita has been selected because it speaks of only the moral values which need to be embedded in every soul and to insult other religions.
    There has been no debates about the various mantras and slokas of Vedas and Upanishads that have been the part of not just the syllabus but also of the morning prayer which every child used to say before the start of the day and that too in government schools. One would get to know from a simple google search that these books too have equal importance with respect to Hindusim. But keeping religions aside these slokas have been selected due to their deep meanings. If the daily pronunciation of such slokas that too for a span of 12 long years has never hampered the feeling of secularism for the millions of students who passed out from those schools and moreover who cherish those days, how could the inclusion of a subject that teaches moral education simply referring to one such book affect secularism?

  • #593383
    After going through all the essence of discussion, I understand that our government is proposing to include Bhagavat Gita as a syllabus in government schools. This should not be done in an educational institution which is common to all religions. A government school may have students belonging to all religions. Is our Indian government schools only for Hindus? If Yes, I would agree to the proposal of including Gita as a subject. But I do not think our government run schools only for Hindus in a secular country.

    Government should think of including all the religious holy books in one subject called Religious books, and teach all to all students. This will be ideally accepted by all as all in one subject. If not done for all but only for Gita, there will be chaos in the country.

    Let us not give a serious thought to this irrelevant proposal by the politicians of India who favour and promote Hinduism through introduction of Gita in public government schools

    @In this thread itself, two members from two other different religions have not favoured the proposal for compulsory teaching of Gita. This is a clear signal that other religions won't accept it whole heartedly.

    No life without Sun

  • #593384
    Concluding my response, I would like to submit the following:-

    (a) I feel that some Members who have participated in this GD have not gone through the subject of the GD. The subject-matter of the GD is inclusion of the Bhagvad Gita as a moral education subject in the school curriculum. Moral education is essential for every student, irrespective of his/her religious belief.
    (b) The Gita has not preached any religion. It is a universal truth and the basic philosphy of life.
    (c) The guidance provided in the Gita deefinitely helps every person to be a better human being.
    (d) Studying the Gita is not akin to studying religious texts.
    (e) We must not mix up moral education with religious education.
    (f) We must not deprive Indian children to get the benefits of the wisdom available in our country on the false pretext of secularism.

    In view of the above, I support inclusion of the Bhagavad Gita in the school curriculum as moral education subject.

    My best wishes to all participants of this GD.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

  • #593386
    #593383 it has been stated that the politicians of India are trying to promote Hinduism through introduction of Gita in public government schools. The very thing that I am unable to relate to is why is it being considered that the introduction of 'Gita' is an aim to promote Hinduism while the inclusion of Upanishads and Vedas through so many years in such public government schools never tried to promote Hinduism.
    Further it was also mentioned that there must be a subject called Religious books and not just Gita. Quoting from the main thread 'teaching of the Bhagavad Gita as moral education subject' which means the subject is not Gita or any other such religious script rather it is 'moral education' which is referring to Gita in a similar manner as one refers to text books.
    The inclusion of such moral value subject would surely benefit the students, help them reduce stress and focus on their careers. So one can never consider such a proposal as being irrelevant. Moreover it also needs to be kept in mind that Gita is being followed not because there are more Hindus than followers of other religions but only because it speaks of moral values to much greater extent and would be easier to understand for the students than books of the same religious beliefs or other or maybe none.

  • #593388
    I don't agree on the example given by the above author about English syllabus. In fact, it is mentioned by some author, that if Mathematics, Life Science are compulsory in syllabus why not Bhagavad Gita. Now here again I have to reiterate that if we had to include in the either Sanskrit should be made compulsory like earlier or a separate additional subject on religious scriptures should be made.
    Who said Bhagavad Gita is not a religious book? Why then in every school in the History classes students are made to write the answer of Hindu religious book as Bhagavad Gita, Muslim religious book as Quran and so on? Either all the schools are wrong or their syllabus or my above author is wrong. I would request authors not to misguide readers. This forum will be read by not only Indians but also people from all over the world. Why spread an utterly wrong fact?
    Now regarding the English syllabus, Bhagavad Gita is not a syllabus. It is a single book. If it is to be included, then it can't be a subject in itself. It has to be a part of a bigger subject, which is religious or holy books. The reason Mathematics, Life Science, History, etc. are compulsory in the syllabus because they represent some form of the society that cannot be represented by any other subject. Mathematics represents the way we communicate with people through numbers, Life Sciences cover every living organism and their living organism on this Earth, Language subjects are there to make us aware of our own languages, History is there to make us aware about our past. You cannot do without any of these subjects in the syllabus by some other subject. But the facts in Bhagavad Gita is already there in History or Moral Sciences. So why duplicate the syllabus again. In fact if Bhagavad Gita is to be included in the syllabus it should either be a chapter under History or Sanskrit or Moral Sciences. A separate curriculum on Bhagavad Gita is irrelevant. Like I said before make Sanskrit compulsory, Bhagavad Gita will be automatically known to the students.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #593389
    Since it is closing date of GD today and my availability in this GD after 7 pm is uncertain. So, I would like to close this GD from my side saying few important points. There is no point talking same thing again and again. I have discussed with full details and evidance and not with emotions.

    1. I must admit that some people have wrong assumption about Bhagvad Gita because they lacking knowledge about its history. Had they read this book, they would not have jumped to any conclusion as such has been said by our knowledgeable members/editor.

    2. Bhagvad Gita is not a religious book neither it teaches about any particular religion. It talked about the whole universe, the entire humanity, and the values of our life.

    3. Bhagvad Gita was written when there were no other religions available; it talked about one God, one supreme power and not about any Hindu God.

    4. We need to stop thinking from our narrow mind that Bhagvad gita is related to Hindu.

    5. Those who are against of Bhagvad Gita, I would like to request them to go and read the History, Indian History, Indian ancient History, the origin of Purans and Vedas. Then come to such discussion which needs real evidence more than emotions. Just with "half baked knowledge" you can't decide the future and fate of Bhagvad Gita.

    6. Just talking about secularism and democracy should not be the reason to stop talking about the true fact of Bhagvad Gita.

    Thank you all for participating in such great discussion.

    I am leaving this discussion right here.

  • #593392
    One of the speakers above clearly mentioned two facts:
    1) Gita should be included in the syllabus under moral sciences
    2) If Sanskrit is made compulsory, Gita will be automatically known to students

    If the main tread was properly read one would realize that the proposal terms of including 'teachings of Gita' as 'moral education' and it can be easily understood that teachings of Gita does not mean including Gita as a subject. Thus the speaker agrees to the fact that the teachings of Gita can be included.

    Next she mentioned that Sanskrit should be made compulsory, I take this opportunity to inform people that Sanskrit is very much a compulsory subject in each and every Kendriya Vidyalaya which as one would obviously know is knwon to be one pf the premier government schools in the country. Furthermore it is important to note that earlier it compulsory from class 6th to 8th but recently it is no longer optional in class 9th and 10th either so one has to compulsorily study it.

    Its important to note that Gita at no point speaks of violence or never does it promote any particular religion. It believes in one God, so instead of hurting the religious feelings of the followers of other religions the inclusion of moral studies based on Gita would rather influence students from the tender age to respect each and every religion.

  • #593395
    My dear Friends,
    Indeed a knowledgeable discussion by the intelligent and understanding ISCians. Finally and firmly, I conclude saying that Gita though it teaches and preaches the common worldly things, it is much related to Hindus who treat it as their own holy book. Like Bible for Christians, Quran for Muslims, Bhagavat Gita is for Hindus. It can be introduced and taught in private schools run by Hindus, but certainly not in Government run schools where all religion students are present. It would divide the secular people and make them insecure by making a particular holy book as a compulsory subject. Put all the religious books together and teach them for all without any parity. This would help everyone to be master of all religious holy books.

    @ I would simply add and say that Bhagavat Gita is a holy war book than a religious book that was spelled out by Krishna while at war to encourage Partha(Arjun) who hesitated to fight with his fellow evil relatives Gouravas. (Arjuna, don't hesitate. Kill them. I am the good and also the evil, and everything in this world. I am the controller, I am the universe)

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your patient hearing and arguments/discussion.

    No life without Sun

  • #593397
    Many of the People do not know what is Bhagavat Gita. I want to just tell in Mahabharata the final episode that is war episode when Arjuna was not all confident of doing a war with Kauravas because he thinks that there will be a huge human loss even if he become victorious in the war then Lord Shri Krishna to fill the confidence and wipe out the confusion in Arjuna mind he will tell Bhagavad Gita.

    The 700 plus poems that Krishna taught Arjuna on the battlefield had been called as Bhagavad Gita.

    Actually, I am watching a cricket match when I wrote this Hashtag number(#593370) so I hastily wrote half Sanskrit line...
    Now I will write here full one

    paritranaya sadhunam
    vinasaya ca duskrtam
    sambhavami yuge yuge

    To kill the Miscreants that I will reborn millennium after millennium ........

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #593399
    As I read most of the author's opinion I strongly feel that bhagavad gita can be thought, but there should be a moral subject where each cast has their holy books and every week one part of each holy book can be thought to children so that children will understand of the moral importance because each holy books teach different types of morals and the future generation will be aware of it.

  • #593401
    Let me clarify that since the motion of the whether compulsory teaching of GIta be there or not, my vote is very clearly against it. It should not be made compulsory. Whether or not should or could Gita be taught at all is not the subject matter of this GD. So please do not derive any alternate conclusion from my views. I have made my stand very clear. Someone speaks that Gita doesn't speak of non violence. refer #593392-" Gita at no point speaks of non violence ". What does that supposed to mean? Then the author establishes that Gita speaks of violence. If that stands correct, then Gita should not be made a compulsory subject. Why teach violence to students?
    Now before I conclude just I want to ask that why give the wrong message that Gita is not Hindu religious book. It is taught to be so by government affiliated books in schools. In fact, the government has time and again referred to Bhagavad Gita as a Hindu religious scripture. To speak against this is either ignorance or too much knowledge. Then the author should prove that Gita is NOT Hindu religious book and then speak on this issue. Maybe the author should prove the religion of Gita if its not Hinduism. I haven't read Gita so can't speak about what it teaches. I am sure it teaches humanity. But is the GD on what Gita teaches or how good Gita teaches? I don't see the title to be so. One author also supported my view that Gita is a part of History. That is what I meant. No need to make compulsory teaching of Gita separately in the curriculum. Students already learn about it in History.
    So I will conclude that let us not fight the fact and give a wrong message that Gita is not religious or does not belong to Hindus and see how we take the goodness of Gita without imposing it or any other religious book on people. I am sure Gita does not speak about compulsion on people, but it preaches the freedom of opinions.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #593402
    Many speakers have come to a conclusion that Gita could be included if other holy books are included. Children have tender souls which tend to believe whatever they come across. Once they are introduced to a book they start believing that whatever is present in that book is true since its a part of their curriculum and the teacher would not lie to them. A child would be interested to go further deeper into the particular book that their subject follows. Many religious books except Gita have verses which speak of violence or imply than an individual should belief only in that particular religion. In case these things are not properly explained to the innocent soul they would start facing problem that what is right and what is wrong. They might even start discriminating between religions thus effecting secularism. But in case only Gita is taught, at no point such thoughts would arise since the book does not mention such things and speaks of universal spirituality. It can be said that such conflicting verses would not be included in the text books of children but with internet boom, they can easily access the entire book and go through it.
    So here we can conclude that if only Gita is introduced, the children would first embed the moral values and then once they come across the other scriptures in later phases of life, they would get better understanding of the same and thus respect them all.

  • #593403
    Referring to #593401, thanks Mam for pointing out that mistake, it was absolutely a typo and mistakenly 'non' was included. It is widely known that Gita speaks of non-violence. I have corrected that as that message would spread wrong information among individuals.

  • #593405
    I have seen all the discussion made I would conclude with my opinion saying Gita should not be made complusory in the curriculum. Reading it or no is one's choice. Though Gita does not speak about any religion or god, it is still considered a holy book for Hindus. Instead of making it complusory to all the students, make it compulsory to all the Hindus. India being hindu country I am sure not every hindu knows about what Gita speaks. So conduct classes about Gita to Hindus and let them learn it. If someone volunteers to know about Gita other then Hindus then teach them. But compelling others to read it should not be done. Or take a good moral from every holy book and teach it to every student. If teaching moral values is the main idea, moral values can be picked from all the books and taught and nobody will have an objection. Teaching moral only from Gita is not a good idea because it is not the only book that teaches moral.

  • #593408
    #593342, #593344, Gita is a book which touches all human facets of life and that has answers for every problem that humans face in this entire world. It teaches us peace, love, tranquility, how to manage your anger, decision making, how to overcome fear, how one must be dutiful to one's work, how to overcome selfishness, how to overcome desires, how to balance your mind etc. So Gita doesn't teach us peace or it tells us to do war when needed. Through gitopadesha Lord Krishna teaches Arjuna how to overcome from indecision to decision, a life skill. In his teachings Krishna has not asked Arjuna to do this or that or war. Through his teachings he asked Arjuna to apply his mind and ask to do what is best for him. So Gita through its upadesha takes us to etrnal reality. It never forces us to do anything and it guides you to take a decision which is best for you. A lot of people through out the world are using this great knowledge to brighten their lives , comparing this knowledge to their own religious knowledge, people who got inspired by divine spiritual knowledge are doing research on it. Gita was translated into 75 different languages and in English alone 300 translations are there. Gita is so popular scripture throughout the world but the place where it originated are unable to use this great discourse on apprehensions of secularism and democracy is a foolish thing. Scientists, leaders, saints, ordinary people of worldwide has realized the value of this great scripture but Indians neglecting its immense value is a sin.

  • #593413
    My appeal to all those who oppose Gita for moral teaching,
    Gita is a book of immense value, a diamond or gem of spiritual books, an eternal reality which deals with all human facets of life and which provides solutions to every problem of eternal world and most popular among large number of people of all walks life, do you throw such diamond as value less? Are you not repenting in your mind that our younger generations will definitely loose the opportunity to acquire great life values because of your weak or irrelevant thinking?

  • #593414
    #593408 Whatever I told in my earlier discussion many people do have a wrong notation that reading Gita will give peace but Bhagavat Gita tells us to do war when needed. We need to see that avoid wars and always maintain peace and love it will be good for all of us who lives in the earth Is n't it or not?. It is the summary of my hashtag numbers #593342, #593344.

    Lord Krishna will tell that what is the duty of kshatriya to establish dharma indirectly he told that to do a war to establish Dharma....

    The main duty of a warrior is never to submit to anybody. A warrior must resist any impulse to self-preservation that would make him avoid a fight.

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #593415
    Because of Bhagavat Gita, only the varnas (the Castes) have been created, explained in Hindu religion they are Categorised like Dvija(the Brahmin), Vysya(the komati), Kshatriya (King), Sudhra(untouchable people) and according to their caste, their work has been defined. So casteism is a big drawback in our modern society and so many ugly things are happening in the present society.

    So my conclusion should the compulsory teaching of the Bhagavad Gita be a part of the curriculum? My Answer is strict No.

    If optional. Yes based on student interest for that matter Bible and Quran can also be put as options in the curriculum.

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #593419
    Throughout this GD we came across the different views of many learned members based on various reasons. So as it comes to an end I would like to point out that the GD was misunderstood or misinterpreted by some because they considered Gita being introduced as a subject(as appears from title) than its teachings being the basis of moral studies(as given in thread description). Thus before giving my final verdict I would like to conclude all the points which influenced my decision:
    1)Government has decided to include the teachings of Gita in syllabus as a new subject of moral studies and not as a subject itself. Thus referring to a religious or any other book to form the contents of a subject is not an insult to other book and does not affect secularism.
    2)No one is being forced to read a religious book, they are simply reading their text book which surely would be designed keeping their age and understanding level in mind. Thus it would never select things that would inflict the feeling of discrimination among them.
    3)Since decades the slokas of upanishads(another book considered holy by Hindus) have been a part of syllabus that too compulsory subjects and also daily prayer with no one objecting against them. Thus the inclusion of another subject having similar teachings should not raise issues based on secularism.
    4)Gita is the spiritual pillar of not just the religion but of India and does not speak of violence or disrespecting other religions which makes it appropriate for students.
    5)If such moral values are embedded into the kids then their would be lesser violence and the world would become much better in upcoming times.
    6)As Gita speaks of the Supreme God who exists within each individual, one would learn to respect others and their religion thus taking secularism a step ahead.
    So I strongly believe that teachings of Gita should be added as compulsory in moral studies for the betterment of the society.

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