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    Education System in India

    Are you happy with the current education system that is being followed in India? Do you think there should some changes made to the present education pattern being followed by the Indian government? If it is so, why do you think there should be a change in current pattern and what new structure should be made or can be done so that the education system can be improved and look much better than the previous one? Kindly share your views over it.
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    I think our education system needs further farther improvement so as to make it Industry friendly and the candidate should get the job immediately without doing extra courses or degrees. For example after graduation there is no guarantee to get a job. One has to do Masters or MBA or even PhD. Then only he is considered fully educated and not every one can have the opportunity. And those who done this extra course in foreign countries have edge over others and that is very disturbing. So educational advisors to the center must formulate the lessons and portions in consultations with the Industries so that a mini training can be taken place at the school and college level itself and the student can very well decide as to where and in which Industry or organization he is more suitable and fit.
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    No, I am not satisfied with the current education system. It need more changes. This education system is harming the future of students. No carrier opportunities after doing graduation or PG. I saw a double M.A. student who was working in the transportation of gas cylinder in a agency. its a labour work.
    Now you cant fail a student though he has not achieved minimum requirement for that particular class.
    In my opinion 5and 8 board must be conducted for the betterment of the student. Some professional courses must be started in higher secondary classes.

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    Present education system in our country is purely books oriented system.No importance is given to application or practical part of it. The student can simply read the books or guides or question answers and get away with it. Even in science degrees or engineering degrees no importance is given for practicals.Many colleges offering Intermediate M.P or Bi.P course won't have any laboratories. same is the case with degree colleges only. The teachers and external examiners utilize these papers to increase the % marks of the student. Once they come out of college they don't know anything about their job prospectus. A very sorry state of affairs. An ITI candidate is preferred over a graduate in many industries because of these reasons only.

    The courses should be job oriented. Students should get all the required skills and on machine training during their education only. This will help the student to get selected for jobs. India is having unemployment problem. At the same time industry is not getting suitable persons for their requirement.

    The education system should be changed so that the students will get proper training in addition to knowledge. The applied topics should be given more coverage.

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    Yeah, definitely indian education system must required to change the study pattern. We hear news of suside cases because of being pressure of study. Indian education system forces peoples to live a pressured filled life. It never asks them if they are satisfied with what they are learing in school. Never highlighing inner growth and development.
    There are lots of changes need in education system of india is if every school has competent teachers for acadmic, sports and hobbies just imagine how much talent can india churn out year after year.

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