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    Difference Between Terrorists And Naxalites

    We know that the terrorists are the ultimate destroyers of the society. They have no mercy and keep killing innocent people. And the Naxalites too kill people. But what is the exact difference between them? Even I have heard that people support Naxalites as they are doing good work but the path that they have chosen is wrong, that is, by taking the law into their hands. I have heard that they also help the poor people. So why aren't the Naxals considered good people? Or is it what I have heard is a wrong information or a rumor? What is your opinion or view on this topic? Please help me clear my confusion.
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    There are much difference between Terrorists and Naxalites. While terrorists are one or group of people especially came from enemy countries to cause untold destruction much to the surprise of government. Terror organizations are funded by gullible financiers world wide and they want a performing country to suffer so that their own country would develop on par. Where as Naxals are the wrongly guided people of our own country and they live in the forest to assert their rights to common man. Naxals always punished the rich and landlords and distributed the loot to the poor and villagers. Even today there are some villages which are more sincere to Naxals and they give asylum without knowing to any law enforcing agencies. Naxals can be controlled or eliminated over the course of time, by getting over terror has become International challenge.
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    Terrorists are a problem of the whole world while naxalites are specific to our country.
    Terrorist organizations are funded by some Islamic as well as some fundamentalist countries and they create havocs throughout the globe on issues ranging from age old enmity to present day religious as well as revengeful issues. Today these terrorists are a big challenge to world Governments and only through a united effort this problem can be addressed and tackled.

    Naxalites are originated from a town called naxalbari in West Bengal. These are basically some downtrodden and labour class people who started a revolutionary fight by robbing well to do persons and distributing the kitty to the poor. It is believed that they were initially organised and encouraged by the then communist party of India (Marxist).

    As naxalites are functioning illegally it is natural that police forces will stop them in their objective. This is the reason that we hear now and then the news of killing of naxalites by police forces or killing of police personnel by naxalites.

    Naxalite encounter is still a problem in India and Government is trying hard to convince these groups to surrender and come to the mainstream.

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    A very simple difference between a Terrorist and Naxalite is:
    Terrorists are selfish killers who perform their activities under a bad head for the bad without any principle. Naxalites are broadminded killers who think well about the good and bad with some principle.

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    A common point between terrorists and naxalites is violence. Both of them, believe in violence. Both of them do killing. One may be doing for a good cause but killing is killing. No one can bring back the died person.

    However as explained earlier terrorists don't have any principles. They won't allow a country to come up. So they go on killing to the maximum possible extent. They are funded by enemy countries and some terror organisation.

    But naxals do all that for a purpose. They take from rich and distribute to poor. But it is not true 100%. There are some fake naxalites. They threaten rich, take money and enjoy their lives.

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    Terrorism is the next level of fundamentalism. Fundamentalism can be defined as the notion/belief of considering one's own ideology as supreme. Fundamentalism gives birth to terrorism. Although there is not a consensus on the definition of terrorism, we can define terrorism as to establish one's own ideology wihin a geographical area by selective use of terror and with the shrewd use of media. Terrorism can be of many types, viz., ethenic, religious, ideological, etc..
    Naxalism is nothing but ideological terrorism. Naxalism has come from the name of a remote place named Naxalbari in the northern part of West Bengal. In Naxalbari, the followers of Charu Majumdar killed a police inspector and started their ideological warfare against the state. Naxalites want to establish a Maoist state in India with the help of selective violence and taking the help of sympathetic media.
    I have read other responses. The responses are not correct. Naxalites are terrorists-but they are not religious terrorists, they are ideological terrorists.

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