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    Do Reading Novels Help In Improving English?

    Do you think reading of novels and other books help in improving your English language or vocabulary to some extent? Or rather in what ways does a reading of book help you out? As such there are no disadvantages, what are the advantages of reading novels or books? Please mention your views regarding it.
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    Yes certainly when you inculcate the habit of reading the novels, there are every chance of improving English in many ways as new words are introduced and new meanings are found. But normally a person goes in to the details of story line and get involved with it and not in the learning spree of English as a whole. Even when you are free and traveling, books and novels are the real friend to give you the much needed bondage. But we often forget the words learned through the novels but surely remember the stories came from it. So next time when you remember the new words and use the same elsewhere , then reading novels often recommended.
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    According to me, mere reading novels can improve the vocabulary and to gain new words. But improving any language can be done only by speaking without any hesitation. But the problem in this is the other side people as many of us are mocking or commenting if one speaks in a language wrongly. Instead they should correct smoothly and friendly to correct themselves which encourage the new speaker to speak more and more. Lack of encouraging in our people is the main hindrance to any people to learn a language or even anything. Unless otherwise speaking out one cannot improve in that language, reading many books in that languae can mere improve to write and read well in that language.

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    They are many ways to improve your language. News paper reading, Novel reading, watching good TV channels and hearing when some body is speaking. These are the ways that come to my mind. The important way of improving language is to converse in that language.But generally we have a tendency to speak in our mother tongue if the other person can understand that. As per my observation people who leave for other countries and other states pick up fast other languages than people who stayed in their native state.

    If any unknown word, know the meaning and remember that word to use in your next possible conversation. It will definitely improve your language. Try to speak with others in the language which you want to improve. Don't hesitate with a fear with you may go wrong and others may laugh. Try and understand your mistakes and improve that will definitely help you.
    So novel reading for time pass may not improve your language. But reading novels with a purpose of improving language will definitely help.

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    Yes certainly, reading books and novel help in improving English. I am an example of it. I was very poor in English before 8-10 years ago. One of my professor suggested me read English Newspaper, books and novel. I started reading books and newspaper and saw the magic. I also advise students to read Newspaper and books to improve their English.
    I personality development courses they also suggest different novels to improve English and personality development.
    I belongs to Rampura a small town of M.P and at that time no English newspaper available here. So I called 100km from Rampura a district place Mandsaur for the Indian times newspaper. And after that I was force to read two days old paper at that time. Now scenario has changed . You can get every newspaper in print form or on your mobile, tab or computer. So always make a habit to read newspaper and books.

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    Reading novels is a hobby and many people may not be aware that this hobby unknowingly sharpens your english gradually and gradually and one day not only your vocabulary increases but you start conversing in english.

    Believe me it happened with me when I was a student. Just to tell you that I had never been admitted to any english school or college but I have learned adequate english only from these novels, fictions and other books.

    When I was a student I was fond of all sorts of story books and that might had given me the the initial dose of english. Later I started reading all sort of books and probably that was the booster I got for learning english.

    I have no doubt that you learn lot of language Syntex, structure and grammar from these books unknowingly or knowingly. The mind absorbs the new words, new sentences and new idioms and phrases and with repetition they start to reside in the permanent part of our memory and emerge out when needed. A person who has read immensely can also reproduce many of those things in his language easily compared to a person who has not read much.

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    Yes, reading a novel improve our way of speaking and writing english. It build idioms, vacabulary, syntax and point of view if we read completely focussed on story you read. Any of the english book is helpful to improve our should read fiction novels. The monk who sold his ferrari it is not only improve our english but also halps to live in descipline life. Also involve english newspaper, magzines and reading an articles is helpful in improving your english.

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    Certainly reading novels helps us improve our English. But to talk fluently in English one must regularly talk English so that he can have control over the language. Also not only novels, any English newspaper, magazines, story books will help improve our English.

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