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    Do you race against time or frame yourself inside the time ?

    Many of us are not punctual in many aspects and always needs to have some lead time to finish our given task or pending work. Even at Railway stations we find last minute passengers literally running to catch hold of some coach and then continue the journey. Why some people are unable to match with the time and wants to race against the time ? Do you have any experience of missing any event or exam for being late and the gates closed. By the way some people have the knack to get out of the situation and try to be in managing anyhow. Your comment please.
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    This is an excellent thread raised by the author. In my case, when I was a child I was never punctual about time. Maybe because I didn't know the value and importance of time and how precious time is for all of us. But, as time begin to pass, I started realizing the value of time, and from then onwards I have always been punctual about time no matter where I go. This happened because I missed some of my life's best occasions due to becoming late and not being on time. And this thing taught me a valuable lesson in life that, once the time has gone you are never going to get that time again, not even a second of it. It is a feeling like you have lost something forever, and you will never get it back. What remains back are some memories, regrets, guilt, sorry and pity for yourself for what you have done. So, I would suggest everyone utilize their time wisely since time is very precious.
    And there was a line that I had seen in my examination center which shook me for a while, and the statement was-"Time will pass, will you."

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    One should be punctual in life to be successful. One has to plan his works in such a way that he will be punctual. Many people plan the time without understanding the requirement and get delayed to actions. If you have to reach your office by 9 AM. if it requires 2 hrs for you to get ready and 1 hrs to reach your office. You should plan to get up at least by 5.45 AM so that you need not worry about the delay. But many people start very late and start worrying about delay to office. The time passed is passed . you can't get it back. There is a saying in Telugu.If you are not catching your train in time, you have last that train for your life time.

    So far I never missed anything because of my late. I always plan early and see that I will be on time for my tasks. As mentioned Mohanji some people may manage. But every time it is not possible to manage.

    So always be punctual.

    always confident

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    My personal view is don't get ahead of time. Don't be behind the time. Stay with the time and that way you can get more things done. Going ahead of time brings anxiety and stress. And staying behind the time also gives a lot of mental stress. So keeping up with the time and staying punctual is the way to go. That way you don't end up lose a lot of time and money.

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    When you wont follow the time, you are not having the right to disturb the time schedule of others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What an excellent thread this is that I am not able to further delay expressing my views.

    Time management is the essence of our life. If you can manage your time, other positive attributes will automatically join in.

    I was, as a student, very poor in time management and probably did not understand it then. It was only when I joined my first job as teacher I was totally shocked to find out that there were various things and schedules which were required to be done same day. There was no tomorrow. It was very pressing for me as I was having a hobby of reading books (general, novels, fiction, stories etc) and wanted to give more time to it rather than preparing for my lectures. The job in college required me to stop this reading habit and concentrate more for college work. This incident gave me lot of lessons for proper time management and today I can probably boast that most of my projects and works are within the stipulated time.

    It takes long time in understanding the value of time and once understood properly it is like a boon in your life.

    Knowledge is power.

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