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    Indian voters changed a lot. They want parties to perform or perish

    The way UP voters given the vast and mass verdict in favor of BJP sets an example as to how the voters can turn table and give formidable space to the parties which are likely to perform and punish those who play caste cards and dole out promises only on the eve of elections. Indian voters have turned out to be more mature, thanks to the awareness and inclusive participation in social media and thus like before no parties can fool and take granted even the village voters. He is more educated and asking for more and not mere promises.
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    In my opinion simply it is over exaggeration of media for the emphatic win of BJP in UP. Anti -incumbancy is one factor which worked towards BJP and the personal charisma of Mr. Modi to some extent. Simply one cannot say that BJP is so honest regarding religious and caste politics. BJp has gone through all these calculations at the back ground and on this they are projecting themselves to be very fare. If it is true, why they did'nt get out right wins in Punjab, Manipur and Goa.

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    In Manipur and Goa they may be short of majority but still they are going to form the government and the Congress is sulking.
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    True. Indian voter changed a lot. He want governments to perform. Another point noticed is voters never gone by castes. Even Muslims voted for BJP. It is really a good sign. Once the voter start thinking beyond caste, India will really go ahead. They voted for development. Goa and Manipur also BJP is forming the governments. But in Punjab it is because of the alliance BJP lost.

    The victory in UP is tremendous and a very good efforts of Shah paid the dividends. Our PM's charisma is always there. Parties quarreling among themselves. Son and father opposing each other for power. All these things have given a negative impression about other parties. However anti -incumbency factor is always there.

    Now BJP will have more chances to increase its tally in Rajya sabha.

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    Yes. And if BJP does not perform in any state, then they can expect not winning. I think that is what will keep many parties functioning now. Performance based politics was downgraded by congress with their bias towards nepotism, caste politics etc. But now the BJP is here there are more chances of people voting if the candidate performs. I don't see congress changing for next 5 years. And if they don't change some other party will end up over riding them. I guess they will be forced to improve.

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    I think it is Mr Modi's intelligence,which helps Indian voters being more active and smart.The addhar,demonetization,smart city,clean India campaigns are helping people to be active.Now they are giving their active participations in the national importance issues.Before this people did n't take interest in these.They planned to cast votes on the basis of castes and creeds.Now they are understanding their rights and duties.
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