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    The Song That Makes Your Feet Go Tapping

    People in India are very much attached to the songs than they are into the movie. Music is something that soothes your mind and gives you peace of mind and relaxation. Well, there are many songs in different languages belonging to various categories and genre. So which is the song or music you love to hear again and again and never bores you down and at the same time it makes your feet go tapping?
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    I like to hear Ai Mere Vatan Ke Logon song,which was sung by Lata Mangeshkar.In this song every thing is about our freedom struggle.When this song is played ,My eyes are filled with tear to remember the freedom fighters ,who sacrificed themselves for our happiness.Every one gets inspiration through this song.This song tells the story of freedom movement.This song inspires the children a lot.They want to know every thing about the freedom moment listening this song.I want to listen it again and again.
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    For feet tapping, we need fast songs. We may shed tears for slow songs, but won't tap our feet. One such old Tamil and Hindi songs which makes us to tap our feet are:

    Paattu Paada vaa... Paarthu Pesa Vaa... ( Tamil film Thaen Nilavu) By AM Raja for Gemini Ganeshan. (This is one of the best feet tapping Tamil song)

    Mere sapnom ki rani kab aayegi thu........... (Hindi Film Aaradhana) By Kishore kumar for Rajesh Khanna

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    For me the most impressive feet tapping song was from Tezaab and the song pictured on Madhuri Dixit- Ek do teen, char paanch che saath aat, das gyara bhara thera...This song is the fast number and one wont get bored over the lyrics and the music would certainly encourage any one to dance instantly. The song was so popular and even infants would dance from their bed. The other day when I visited 8 month old baby to inquire about well being, his mother just played this song and I could see the baby literally doing all sorts of dancing and move just from the bed in sleeping position. That was the craze.
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