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    Fast Life, Fast Thinking, Fast decisions, what next?

    Are you tired of a fast life and this cut-throat competition of every day? Or are comfortable with this speed of life? Find out what others have to say.

    Today's life has become very fast. Everything has to be done now. There is a cut throat competition in every field. Fast life needs fast decisions. Fast decisions has to be made by fast thinking. But is our brain ready for so much fast thinking and so much data processing? If yes, then please throw away the computers, as we are enough.
    I think we are taking up a lot of work in life, more than we can smoothly process. This is leading to an even faster life and a greater competition. Earlier we didn't have this much competition as our life was a lot slower. Some might prefer today's life than yesterday's. But, weren't we more comfortable then? Weren't we more at peace then? Agreed, we didn't have a lot in our plates at that time, but we did spend quality time with our family, didn't we? Now we don't even have time for our family. Is this a healthy thing?
    My question to ISCians is what next? With so much speed are we even moving onto faster deaths?
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    Yes. Because of the fastness, tension and stress is increasing in individuals and that is leading to health problems. Why this has come in our life? Earler days are not like this.If you have to send an information, you have to write a letter or give a telegram. But now with in seconds you can reach anywhere in the world. Technology has developed so much. As the population is increasing competition is increasing. A person who thinks fast only can grab the chance. Earlier days people used to say, it is better to stand and drink water in stead of running for drinking milk. But today situation is changes. if you stand and won't run you may not even have water to drink.

    The life style now can't be compared with earlier lives. Now a days so many comforts in life. When somebody is enjoying why not we? this thinking is leading to speed.
    In this pursuit people are loosing human touch. No time for family. Always busy.It is also not advisable. There should be a balance in life. We should spare some time for family relations and we should also try to work hard for a better life for you and your children

    always confident

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    I think with fast life and fast decisions, next thing comes is regret. For example, fast life fast marriage, leads to regret later. Fast decisions often means bad career which you can't switch from later. Small things such as this adds up and later end up in regret. In US there is a large class of such people which end up in regret for what they do fast. On the other hand people who take time to do things end up making far better choices and have less regrets. Though the projection is that do things fast, quickly move over failure is being projected. In real life, not everyone can do so with that speed.

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    Fast Life, Fast Thinking, Fast decisions, what next?
    Fast execution (by self or by others) Fast is always fatal. Regret is the result
    Slow and steady win the race is a proven proverb. Success is the result.

    At times, Fast life, fast thinking, fast decisions sent us to count the bars in a jail. The very recent happening in Tamilnadu is a good example.

    No life without Sun

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    Fast in anything is good in one way but without steady and proper thinking the fast is just waste. As I read in one book an author Jagnachary wrote that doing a thing in fast is equal to running as horse without bridle.

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    Really a thought provoking thread by the author and very good responses we have here as well. When the other one is moving with the wind speed and we want to reach the destination by foot, will it help? We have to change with the time and accelerate our drive to reach the destination. As I used the word drive - it is meant that one should be careful, drive steadily and be safe!

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    Very nice thread from the author. After Fast Life, Fast Thinking, Fast decisions. there could be fast auctioning , fast bowing, fast claiming, fast drowning, fast expecting, fast forwarding, fast gulping, fast helping, fast ignoring, fast jailing, fast kneading, fast lamenting, fast murmuring, fast negating, fast oppressing, fast pressurizing, fast quitting, fast resting, fast stopping, fast tapping, fast ushering, fast vending, fast watching and fast zeroing. The words were expressed in alphabetical way and the members can add their own way of thinking in my lines and give their own reactions.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Life and all related aspects has become fast because we are no longer patient; we don't want to wait. We prefer to travel by our own vehicle because we don't want to wait for a public transport; we prefer fast food because we feel that the cooking time taken otherwise is eating into our time; we try to contact a person on mobile but can't wait to try for more than two times and end up sending an SMS; we don't have time to write the words in full but choose to use short forms and so on. It is just another result of the technological developments. We have become used to getting everything on our fingertips and this easy method has slowly started creeping into our daily habits. Fast life and fast food will no doubt bring us faster death also!
    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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