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    Do things that you are scared of, to overcome the fear

    People are scared of so many things. We often hear people having one or the other phobia like phobia of heights, phobia of water, stage fear etc. What I feel is, doing things that we are scared of will gradually give us courage. If a person has a fear for heights and or driving on a height then by travelling to location that is at height and driving there will remove his fear. If a person fears for water and he joins swimming and learns it then he will no more have fear of water.
    Doing things we are scared off will remove that fear in us.
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    This is a general advice given by all to overcome fear. But it may not be always effective. As for example, I have been very scared of snakes, because I have seen two death cases due to snake-bite. So, in this case, to overcome the fear of snakes, should I play with snakes, or should I be very careful?
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    Being scared of snake or harmful creature is quite natural but being scared of other things unnecessarily is not required. Talking in public is not harmful but still people will be scared and to overcome that we should keep talking.
    Infact my elders even advised no animal will harm us unless we do something to it. Same with the snakes too as I have seen many snakes around our house since we stayed in a quarters that had many trees and plants. And also we know that animals can be dangerous so we will be away from it.

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    What I feel that human beings are vulnerable to scare phobia without a reason. For example by boy is scared of dogs. I told him several times that dogs are not our enemies. They do bark if they see a stranger first and then they get habituated with the regulars. By the way barking dogs wont bite but my boy is having scare phobia. For me nothing is scaring because I have gone through all the heights and lows of the life. But I do agree with the author that due to scare phobia on some thing, our out put or the progress would certainly go down and we should come over that sooner or later.
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