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Write detailed, informative articles which speak about the medicinal values of a plant, vitamin, health product, etc and win cash awards! Closing date: 25th March 2017.
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    Articles contest: submit articles on "Medicinal values of _________"

    Yo! Here's an articles contest just for ISCians! The topic is Medicinal value(s) of _____. You can write on anything at all, such as plants, a vitamin, an organic product, a particular type of ingredient, a health product, etc.

    Simply submit as many articles as you wish on this topic, with the words "Medicinal value(s) of _____" clearly mentioned in the title of the article with additional words as appropriate without being too lengthy. Each article should be submitted only in the articles section in the appropriate category. Once you submit an article, put the URL of the article in a response in this thread. List all your articles in one response only. You need not wait for approval of the article, but the URL should not be of an article which is in draft mode. If the URL of the article is not submitted here by the closing date, then it will not be considered for the contest prize.

    It is a good idea to interlink your article to other internal pages of ISC, including not just to another article, but also to an Ask Expert page or a forum thread or even a course or institute. Naturally, the links should be relevant to your article.

    All articles dated 13th March onward are eligible to be submitted for this contest. The three best articles in terms of quality and which also generate good traffic will each be awarded Rs.100/- cash credits in addition to the cash credits received for the article.

    Note: Your article should be a minimum of 450 words and must adhere to all articles submission guidelines. Take care not to submit copied text or images.

    Last date to submit articles: 25th March 2017.

    What are you waiting for? Start tapping those keys on your keyboard!

    [Any queries about this contest? Ask in a response in this thread]
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    There appears to be a discrepancy. Closing date says 31st March, while the last date of submission is mentioned as 25st March. Which of the two dates is correct?
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    Thanks Juana for pointing out the error in the top text. It has been rectified now.
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    I am writing about the medicinal values of the following -
    1. Ginger
    2. Omega 3 fatty acids
    3. Petroleum jelly
    4. Garlic
    5. Tea
    6. Bicarbonate of soda
    7. Vinegar
    8. Cranberries
    9. Aloe Vera
    10. Honey
    11. Lemon
    12. Yogurt
    13. Mustard

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    My entries are:
    Medicinal Values of Mint Leaves
    Medicinal Values of Chili Pepper
    The Medicinal Values of Lemon
    The Medicinal Values of Broccoli

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    Hello here's my entries
    1.Medicinal values of Honey
    2.Medicinal values of Garlic
    3.Medicinal values of Ginger
    4.Medicinal values of Neem leaves
    5.Medicinal values of Neem fruits
    6.Medicinal values of Onions
    7.Medicinal values of garama Masala_part 1-Cloves
    8.Medicinal values of garama Masala_part 2-Pepper
    9. Medicinal values of Garama Masala_part 3-Cinnamon
    10. Medicinal values of Garama Masala_part 4-Cardamoms
    11. Medicinal Values of Cucumber
    12.Splendid medicinal values of Amalaki
    13.Comparative study of medicinal values and negative effects of sunlight
    14.Come and explore the medicinal values of almond nuts
    15.Medicinal values of milk
    16.Medicinal values of Chilies_part1_Green Chilies
    17.Medicinal values of Chilies_part2_Red Chilies

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    I am going to write on the following topics:-

    (a) Medicinal values of bitter gourd
    (b) Medicinal values of bottle gourd
    (c) Medicinal values of beans
    (d) Medicinal values of asafoetida

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    My entry:
    1. Medicinal values of turmeric
    2. Amazing medicinal values of curry leaves
    3. Surprising medicinal values of Indian gooseberry i.e amla
    4. Wonderful medicinal values of oatmeal
    5. Magical medicinal values of Saffron - the priceless spice

    Thanks & Regards

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    My entries are :
    1. Medicinal Values of Asparagus, Stewia and Ashwagandha
    2. Medicinal value of Water
    3. Medicinal Values of The Fabulous Fruit : Fig
    4. Medicinal values of tomato
    5. Do you know medicinal values of date fruit?

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    I will write about the medicinal values of the following
    1. Medicinal value of Tulsi
    2. Medicinal value of Ginger
    3. Medicinal value of Tumeric.
    4. Medicinal value of Neem

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    Here are my entries -

    1. Medicinal value of yoghurt
    2. Medicinal value of garlic
    3. Understanding the nutritional and medicinal value of honey
    4. Medicinal values of the plantain stem
    5. Medicinal values of wood apple aka bael/bel fruit
    6. Amazing medicinal values of kokum aka Garcinia cambogia
    7. Powerful medicinal values of water chestnut
    8. Zinc supplements have many medicinal values
    9. Do mushrooms have any health benefits and medicinal value
    10. Is potassium good? Does it have any medicinal value?
    11. The medicinal values of chia seeds one of the healthiest foods in the world
    12. Soya beans are packed with nutrition and medicinal value
    13. Tea the humble cuppa packed with medicinal values
    14. Wondrous vitamin E and its medicinal values
    15. Watermelon: Information on health benefits, nutritional quotient and medicinal values
    16. Discover the medicinal values of mustard seeds
    17. Smart uses and medicinal value of petroleum jelly
    18. Health benefits and medicinal values of liquorice (mulethi)
    19. Drumstick leaves/moringa leaves/sahjan leaves have many medicinal values
    20. Little known medicinal values of aloe vera
    21. 9 amazing medicinal values of coconut
    22. Did you know that bicarbonate of soda has medicinal values?
    23. Avocados offer innumerable medicinal value
    24. Gulkand and its myraid medicinal values
    25. Fennel more than a mouth freshner - it's packed with medicinal value

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    Hi Vandana Mam,
    Is there any restriction for sending same ingredients that is covered by anybody? Is the articles are eligible for cash credits for as usual resource articles?

  • #593192
    Members can submit articles on the topics already submitted by the other members as this is not mentioned in the contest guidelines. The submitted articles for the contest do get the cash credits.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #593194
    Do the articles have the have the term 'value' in the title. Can other suitable words that mean the same be used in the title?
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    Vandana has mentioned that the submitted articles should have the words 'Medicinal value(s)'. So, title should contain the keywords.

    Thanks & Regards

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    My submission:-

    (a) Amazing medicinal value of bitter gourd ('karela')
    (b) Medicinal values of bottle gourd or 'lauki'
    (c) Seven amazing medicinal values of lady's finger ('bhindi')
    (d) Amazing medicinal values of asafoetida ('hing')
    (e) Medicinal values of guava and guava leaves
    (f) Amazing medicinal values of brinjal (egg plant)
    (g) Do you know the medicinal values of potato?
    (h) Nine medicinal values of egg
    (i) Know the medicinal values of green beans
    (j) Medicinal values of blackberry
    (k) Amazing medicinal values of pineapple
    (l) Do you know about the amazing medicinal values of fish?

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  • #593202
    I am giving below the links to my articles in this contest:
    1.Medicinal values and health benefits of Jaggery

  • #593213
    My entries

    1. Medicinal value of Tulasi
    2. Medicinal values of Neem
    3. What are the Medicinal values of Ajwain
    4. Best medicinal values of dates

  • #593240
    Clarifying what Kalyani stated:
    1. Yes, if another member has already submitted on the same thing, you can too. However, I personally feel that if already two articles on the same have been submitted, yours as the third one may not get picked up by search engines. So ideally select ones not covered and which two members have clearly stated they will be writing on. Of course, every article will be considered individually in terms of quality but some products do have the same medicinal values so it is possible that if yours, being a later article, is not of a better quality than the earlier ones, your article may get fewer points and cash credits.

    2. Yes, the three words 'Medicinal value of' or 'Medicinal values of' must appear in the title. It has been selected by the Webmasters for SEO and hence must be included in the title.

    It is not necessary though that the title should begin with those words. You can smartly incorporate other keywords for SEO,

    Here are a few examples:
    What are the medicinal values of______
    How the medicinal values of _______ have health benefits
    Top 5 medicinal values of _________
    Why the medicinal value of ____________ is good for health
    Amazing medicinal values of____________
    Best medicinal values of__________
    Know why___________has wonderful medicinal values

    Apply your mind and put smart titles for SEO!

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    Respected Madam,
    Can I participate in the contest ? My article section is blocked.

    Seema Mittal

  • #593285

    Last month you had been instructed to be active in the forum so that you could improve your English skills. No such activity has been seen on your part so how can the Webmasters gauge your English skills to restore your posting permission for the articles section? Unfortunately, without access to posting in the articles section you will not be able to participate in this contest.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

  • #593289
    I repeat my request to everyone - don't just keep submitting articles & adding to your list without first checking this thread to see what others have selected or submitted. Do try to write different articles which have not been selected or submitted by others! There is no point in flooding our articles section with same/similar content.
    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    Thank You Vandana Mam and Kalyani Mam,
    for all the clarifications which cleared my doubt. Feeling encouraged to post such types of articles. Once again want to thank for such a wonderful contest. I am a new member of ISC, but in few days I am just fond of it. I spend couple of hours here and I enjoyed participating in every sections of this site.

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    Here are my entries for the contest:
    Medicinal Values of Papaya :

  • #593309
    Ms. Anousa M: Your attachment is not opening. Please check and rectify.
    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

  • #593336
    I am going to write on
    1) Medicinal values of Amlaki
    2)Medicinal values of penicillin
    3)Medicinal values of Ginger
    4)Medicinal values of Haritaki

  • #593337
    My entry

    1. Top 10 medicinal values and health benefits of black pepper
    2. Top 8 amazing medicinal values of green tea

  • #593338
    Here is my entry.
    1. Surprising medicinal values of starchy vegetables
    2. Why the medicinal value of seafood is good for health?

  • #593387
    Here are my entries:
    1.Medicinal values of Ink nut (Haritaki)- Nikki learns from her Grandmaa
    2.Amazing health benefits and medicinal values of Fenugreek (Methi) seeds and leaves
    3. Medicinal values and health benefits of Cashew apple


  • #593539
    My entry

    Amazing to know about the Medicinal Value of Salt

  • #593540
    This is a suggestion for those submitting articles on this topic, not in terms of being a contest entry, but generally as a useful tip for any article: if you are writing on something which is commonly to be found in your kitchen, garden or the local market, why not snap an image of it and incorporate it in the article? An image does enhance an article and provides a break in the monotony of reading text continuously.
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  • #593556
    #593540: Is is a suggestion or direction? Does attachment of photo improve the score? Should the photos be clicked by us only?
    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

  • #593573
    Partha, that's a suggestion and not a direction. Articles with images have better chances for higher page index in Google / other search engines. And yes, if you have the produce at home, on which you are writing the article, then you can take a pic of the product and upload the attachment. If you take it from other sites, there may be copyright issues, so better to click yourself and attach the pic to your article.
    Thanks & Regards

  • #593624
    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

  • #593710
    This is my article
    Medicinal use of Ajwain leaf

  • #593727
    I have no choice but to comment in the adverse. Pardon me if I am wrong. The articles submitted are sure to be researched or rewritten content. Unless, the authors have learned or trained in health care. Are we contesting for the best written (grammar, punctuation, locution etc.) or knowledgeable articles?

  • #593756
    Gangadharan V,

    We have no problems with adverse comments and criticisms. What is a problem (for you that is, not for us) is if you get stuck on one track and remain stubbornly adamant.

    As a new member, may I gently advice you to check out all the activities, features and guidelines of ISC before jumping to conclusions and taking pot shots at members' contributions. Of course an article needs to be researched properly before it is presented. This applies to everyone isn't it? Even medical professionals who submit content in reputed national and international journals will do so. You can see at the end of their articles a long list of books, periodicals and journals which they have sourced to gather in-depth details related to their own article. You may well say that authors here are not mentioning their references. Well, the Webmasters have not made it mandatory to do so. The essential requirement is not to copy-paste content word to word from sources, but to present content in individual, original ways.

    Further, authors here do not need to be trained in a specific field to write content of that field. I am not an English teacher. Yet, I have written an article which provides useful writing tips, including in it matter related to English (sentence formation, creating paragraphs, punctuation, etc.) I am not a banker but I have written informative articles related to availing of loans.

    Note that the articles contests organized here are aimed at getting good traffic & thereby revenue for the site. It also provides a platform for members to showcase their writing talent and earn in the process. They are not playing a game of one-upmanship (what you call contesting) to prove who is better in English skills (grammar, punctuation, etc) nor are they trying to prove they are more knowledgeable than some other author. They are, simply, submitting articles in their own individual style after gathering the necessary information on it. A majority of the authors here are long-term contributors who very well know the guidelines and rules. If at all content is found to be literally copied, then we have efficient editors to delete it. In the case of a contest like this one, based on the overall quality and the traffic it generates, articles will be selected for the contest prizes. Only in that sense they are competing with each other - a healthy competition it always is.

    I suggest that if you do not understand any section or any feature or general guidelines, enlighten yourself by enquiring via forum threads. That is, if you are truly keen on learning and contributing to this site.

    Also, you are requested to raise issues, if any, in a separate thread and not derail this thread. Do take care, too, in how you present your stand, maintaining basic forum etiquette as per Forum posting guidelines .

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    Here are my entries:-
    Medicinal Values of Nutmeg and Mace: Two Spices from Single Tropical Fruit
    Medicinal Values of Medical Marijuana

  • #593890
    This is a heads up. Anyone interested in writing on the topics I had selected and that I have not covered yet, is free to use them. Though I have drafts ready, I will not be submitting the articles for the contest. I will post them later, at leisure.
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    "Of course, every article will be considered individually in terms of quality but some products do have the same medicinal values so it is possible that if yours, being a later article, is not of a better quality than the earlier ones, your article may get fewer points and cash credits."

    I hope the opposite to be true as well, and these are not mere words. As of now, the latter seems to be true.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Concern editor to note please that my article on medicinal value got posted thrice while I have posted it once only. Please delete other two.

  • #594037

    Please give us the URL of the article you wish to retain and the URLs of the duplicates. Sometimes a member may post more than once, we delete the duplicates & then the member will say one of the duplicates had more info and hence should be retained & the first one should be deleted.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

  • #594049
    ME, you are right. However, you can delete any two since the content are all same. You can delete URL NO1 &2 and keep NO3. I have mentioned the URL below.

    1. NO1

    2. NO2

    3. No3

  • #594050

    The needful has been done & the duplicates removed.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

  • #594059
    Thank you ME.

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