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    We will miss a very efficient Defence Minister

    Now the Assembly election of five states have been over. Goa has had a hung Assembly. Two smaller parties have clearly stated that they will join hands with BJP only if Mr. Manohar Parrikar becomes the Chief Minister. So, Mr. Parrikar has tendered his resignation as Union Defence Minister and gone back to his home state.

    Mr. Parrikar has proved to be a very efficient, no-nonsense Defence Minister. During his tenure of two and a half years, many defence deals have been finalised very quickly. DRDO has been rejuvenated. Many new indigenous Defence projects have been initiated. In my opinion, he has been one of the best Defence Ministers of India since independence.

    No doubt, Ministry of Defence at South Block will miss Mr. Manohar Parrikar.
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    Surely, we will miss Mr. Parrikar. Mr Modi should hold the additional responsibility as Union Defence Minister for the betterment of our country. No one can best suit for this post except Mr. Modi.
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    Yes within a short time Manohar Parikar has earned name and fame for his deft handling of some issues inside the Defence Ministry and he is regarded as the performing Minister in the Modi cabinet, But party is supreme and when the party needs good hands to control the same from sinking and when the opportunity knocks by chance, then the government has to take drastic decision. By shifting Pariker to Goa again as CM , PM Modi has reigned in one more state in the kitty of his additions and nevertheless the new incumbent can always take the cues and ideas from Parikar in major issues.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Parrikar has taken the oath as the Chief Minister of Goa. The political leaders and common people are very happy. Even the Congress leaders are admitting that Mr. Parrikar is a clean and efficient administrator.
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    Yeah, he is a very good or simple person who believe in doing their work as a honest politician. He still flies economy class, does not waste tax payers money for his comfort. Mr. parikkar living in panaji and his totally focus in developing panaji as a modern city in first term. He took up task of providing good facilities, improve road, safety and various other measures on war footing and changes were very easily recognizable.

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    Parrikar is now Goa CM and his place is occupied by Arun Jaitley as Defence Minister with additional charge. BJP is now lacking good leaders for this vacant post and disturbing Arun Jailtely with twin responsibility would slow down his performance for Finance Ministry.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true we will miss a performing Defense Minister. Many positive steps were taken during his tenure as Defense Minister. Of course under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Modi.
    Mr. Parikar is a disciplined worker of the party. For him party and country are bigger than his personal image. He will do a good job as CM of Goa. All the best to him.

    It is now the turn of our PM to find out a suitable replacement for Mr. Parikar in central Government. I feel PM himself is a very good choice. Mr. Jailtey is a good option but both important portfolios to an individual may effect the efficiency of the individual.

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