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    After losing the elections, why parties blame the system instead of accepting the voters verdict ?

    It has become a habit for big parties to react immediately negatively on its defeat at the hands of voters who have totally rejected them and gave their acceptance to other party for betterment and good. The changing attitude of voters must be respected and by blaming the system and casting doubts on the conduct of polls and its outcome, the political parties are doubting the credentials of voters and in fact it is the insult to voters if the parties blame for their own debacle. Political parties must learn to face the defeat with humiliation and bow to the voters choice.
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    Very good thread! The answer to the question is that the political leaders become prisoners of their own thoughts. They go on hoodwinking the voters and think that the voters won't be able to call their bluff. When these leaders fall from the sky after the announcement of the election results, they start making all sorts of allegations.
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    In fact this time the EC must be complemented for conducting free and fair polls without any untoward incident even when seven phase of polling was there in UP.
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    For this thread, simply I can say, that is Politics. Our peoples are great in making different meaning for each and every words. Who is a politician, he is also a public then only politician. It is not him doing all these things, it is place, which makes him to do all such things. Once we are employer, we will think, why this manager doing this immoral things to us. But once we reach their position, we also will do the same thing for our employers. So I hope, every human being are almost the same, only the place where he is staying at present will make him to do such things. Same way politicians are like actors, they need to do something that the country should talk about them. No matter whether they are ruling party or opposition party. Otherwise people may forget about them at the time of next election.

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    The opposition parties are not able to bear the defeat and trying to find out some excuse somewhere. These are the people who in last elections won and the election methodology was EVM. Suddenly they are indicating that EVM method is inferior and unreliable and prone to tempering than that of the old manual ballot system.

    Everyone in the country is shocked with their statement and even the people who had good opinion about these leaders have come to know how much thick skinned these people could be. It is really a pity that instead of analysing the reasons for their defeat and preparing for future they are unnecessarily starting a ugly chapter of false allegations and fake charges.

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    It is nothing new and we are used to hearing such allegations after almost all elections. Trying to shift blame does not necessarily mean that they are not aware about the reasons for their failure or that they won't be analyzing the same. These are all part of political games. If parties were to accept the verdict of the people, we would not have witnessed what that had happened in Manipur and Goa. So, it is power that counts finally and the decision of the voters are taken for a ride. Blame game is not a new thing in Indian (world) politics and no political party is above such tactics.
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    It is a blame game. it is common in many places, not alone in elections. In India it has become a practice to blame others for their mistakes.

    I have seen this attitude in many corporate companies also. The bosses really play havoc with subordinates. If some thing good it is his merit. If some thing wrong some body else will be made scapegoat. Many live examples I know.

    Same is the case with politicians also. They always blame the systems for their defeat. They may know the reasons for their defeat and they may discuss inside the party. But they will not accept their defeat politely. They will try to fool the public. They will again approach the public for next elections.

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    It is a blame game and shows their level of downfalling. There is no sense making such statements.
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