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    Are women better investors than men? Really?

    Just now I have finished reading a report which states that women all over the world are better investors than men. The news-report states that women have more disciplined approach than men for investing. They are cool-headed, don't get too much disturbed by the short-term volatility. They have more patience than men and they can differentiate real and useful information from useless information much better than men. The report concludes that because of these quaities, the investment of women gives much better return than the investment of men in the long run.

    I am duly impressed by the report. I am astonished that women have so many inherent qualities which are essential for investing (as mentioned by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett). However, there is only one small doubt in my mind. Unfortunately, these facts are not corroborated by the investment decisions of my good old better-half!
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    Instead of better investors, I rank them them better savers than men. They have the unique quality of bargaining for every thing and that extra amount is saved for better use in future. At any given time a women would be having some money or the other with her which is not stolen but earned out of bargaining and better purchasing techniques which helped the family to save some money. The women would participate in some local chits and raise bulk money to purchase something for the house much to the astonishment of the husband and this kind of quality is very amazing and applauded.
    K Mohan
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    I too accept the words by Mr. Mohan. Also I need to add some more. Apart from the Investment and savings, they also spent wisely. Yes, we use to think we are saving money by not buying the item which is necessary and will spend them on un-necessary things. But women will buy things which is necessary and avoids which is not. I hope it is all the gender difference. If women gets proper guidance and support from their men, they can come-up with wonderful colors in life. We also should accept still most of the ladies are liking to be a house-keeper and that is enough for their life. That is also good only. If they leave their house-keeping job who will take care of that part. Of-course the gents cannot be a good house-keeper. Kudos Ladies and Women.

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    Yes. Women entrepreneurs are more successful. They think logically and take correct decisions. They have more patience. They are more selective. They want return of every rupee they spend. They never encourage wastage. these qualities make them good entrepreneurs

    The way in which they maintain their kitchen and house is really appreciable. If a man has to keep up the house you will find many Bermuda triangles. This happens in every house.

    always confident

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    Yes, women are good decision makers while investing. They spend money wisely. They estimate what is useful at the long run while spending money.

    I have seen a live example, that is my lovable mom. From my childhood I have seen my mom advicing dad how much to spend for what. Her estimation was always right and she used to give the priority on what to spend first and how much to spend on it. Though she is not educated, she always was a good decition maker than my father. They are really great investors and money savers.

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    Alas! Has no Member seen the last two lines of my thread? Or, are the Members deliberately avoiding these two lines?
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    Having observed my mother, grandmother, aunties and many women homemakers since childhood, I can say that women are better 'savers'. As the investment avenues were less in earlier days, the maximum they could invest their savings is by purchasing a little gold by way of a pair of ear stud, a ring, a small chain for their girl child or at the most a bangle. This gold items used to come to their help in times of need as they could pledge or sell them for money. If tat can be reckoned as investment then I can agree that women are not just better savers, but investors also.

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