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    Are you interested to have exams slated for one after other or with some breaks ?

    For Intermediate students there is always a advantage of having some breaks between the exams as the it would be held on alternate days and some times even get breaks due to some holidays. So for the subject of 6, the total exams would be completed roughly in 12 to 14 days. While some students wants the exams to be held and finished at one stretch from Monday to Saturday without any festival or break, many wants exams must have breaks in between so that much preparations can be done for the next exam. What is your take here ?
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    MR. K Mohan, you have started a nice and interesting thread. In my opinion break between the exam is a good thing so that students can prepare for the next exam. They get a chance to revise whole syllabus once again before exam. 24 hours is not enough to study whole syllabus.
    After exam some hours is needed to prepare for study of next exam. They also need some rest after exam.
    So it is essential to get break between exams.

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    It is good to have gap between exams. It will give some time to students for refreshing their knowledge. It is better to have alternative day one exam. It will give required time for the student to refresh yet it maintains the tempo of exams also.

    But in some courses it is observed that gap is very high. There are instances of 5 days gap between exam to exam. It is not advisable. The period will become very high and students will loose the concentration also.

    So, it is better to have a reasonable gap between exam and exam, not too short or too long.

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    Du ring my student days, I never liked much gap between two exams. I was always interested to get the exams over in a straight stretch. One day gap between two exam was quite enough for me then. Long gaps actually made me feel lazy and dull.
    The gap can be helpful to just brush and polish and fine tune what we studied . It does not go to help those who have not studied but wasted their academic time on other matters and entertainments.

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    Exams should have break.Break helps in preparation of next exam.The students focus on papers and they do good.
    Breaks also help them in developing concentration.Concentration is needed for study.Breaks help in completing the study.Break is essential .Students enrich their knowledge in break.

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    Having one or two day gaps between each exam is good so that students get time to study and revise. If exams are continuous at a stretch with no gaps, it will be difficult for students to revise. But having a long gap of 1 week is not required because that way students will have in mind that there is a lot of time to study and thus start wasting their time.

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