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    A drop of lemon juice would destroy the entire milk, likewise ego destroys the complete relations

    We all know that lemon taste is liked by all and it has the capacity to destroy or split the milk immediately even if one drop of lemon juice is added. Likewise if a person has ego and boast of the same with others, there are every chance of destroying good relations for ever and that wont return to normalcy. So we should shun the egoistic attitude and be normal. By displaying ego, we displaying arrogance. There is nothing better than tolerance and acceptance which are the way of life to survive and surge.
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    Very good simile from the author. Ego destroys the relationship just like lemon juicee destroys the entiree glass of milk. However, little bit ego is good for proper development and progress of human mind just like the kemon juice is good for health.
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    Yes you are correct Mohan sir, but there are few habits from the birth they have been practiced and it is bit tough to avoid them till death. I hope ego is also one, which will be shown to every one at all times. Let me say it can be reduced or controlled by proper and regular meditation. "Changes" is the one which do not change in this world. Finally in our life relationship is more important than any other things. I hope everyone will feel sorry for the mistakes they have done after they lost the right opportunity to correct them. Habits can not be change at certain points, but we can also learn one good habit from now on to ask for apologies for the mistakes who ever done. I hope that will good solution to maintain the relationship. I have practiced it and yes it works. But I have started asking "SORRY" from my kids as I feel I am the responsible person for the habits my kids have learn.

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    I look at it differently, the humble lemon turns milk into paneer, which can be turned into sweets (rasgulla), meals (palak paneer), snacks (paneer pakora). The milk is not wasted; it is turned into something better.

    The point I make here is that it is for us to make the best out of our relationships. If someone does not know that curdled milk is turned into paneer and that it can still be put to use, then the fault lies with them. It is for us to find something good even in the unbearable.

    I quote the last line mentioned in the author's post "There is nothing better than tolerance and acceptance which are the way of life to survive and surge." Should this not apply to everyone, irrespective of whether one is arrogant or has an ego?

    @ Sankara Rama Subramanian you have made an interesting point -"...asking "SORRY" from my kids..." Can you please explain how you do this, for the benefit of all of us.

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    Ego increases as we get older. Yes Ego spoils many of our relations with others yet people cannot leave without ego. For people, their ego is more important than the relationship they share with others and because of this ego problem they will also never accept their mistake. It is easy to say we should not have ego but in reality it is very difficult to follow what we say. Everyone of us will have atleast a little bit of ego in us. We should make sure we don't spoil our relationship with others.

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    A drop lemon juice doesn't spoil the milk, but changes the quality of milk. Milk is turned into curd, and then buttermilk, butter, ghee, panner and milk sweets. So I won't agree that ego is bad. Unless we have some ego, we won't prosper in our life. Have desire to have, but not to be greedy to possess.

    I would agree if you had said that a drop of poison in a pot of milk turns the whole milk into poison. That small drop of poison is the greed, not ego.

    No life without Sun

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    Confidence is required for prosperity. But over confidence is bad. Similarly self respect is important but ego is not good. Some body trying to bring you down for no fault of you is not correct. You should make your point politely that what the other person is doing wrong. This is self respect. But if you have done a mistake and some one is telling you that it is a mistake, You should accept. If you are not accepting and arguing that is ego.

    Ego will always spoil the relations.

    Yes, Milk may be turning into paneer. But we will have a purpose when we have taken milk. For example if we want to drink the milk and by mistake you add a little salt or lemon, the milk changes its form. But it is not all useful to drink. I say your purpose is not served. If you want to drink milk you have to get again a fresh one.

    Another point to note here is human relations. I agree we have to maintain good relations we will be polite and good to others. Here we need not think of ego. Be good to people and do good. But it should be for deserving cases only.

    always confident

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