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    Trained faculty, Extensive play ground, Equipped labs. Why news schools wont have them ?

    When you go to any city or town, you will find mushrooming of new schools at every strategic places without basic facilities required to be present in a school. Even the education department school rules expressly specifies that schools are supposed to have good trained teachers, extensive play grounds and well equipped labs so that a student can have all round development. But we find most of the schools functioning from apartments converted into schools with no space for playing and the teachers are hired on tutor basis and there is no question of labs at all. How the schools are getting recognition from the government ?
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    Yes Mr. K Mohan you are right. New policy of RTE (right to education) has strict rule to maintain all the above facilities like trained teacher (B.Ed. or D.Ed), lab, play ground etc. But now schools are getting recognition due to corruption. There are a lot of corruption in India. You can imagine how They are getting recognition. Every school has online data besides this they are getting recognition.
    Pparents have to select a good school by visiting and inspecting a school before the admission of their children in any school.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Now a days education is business. All corporate schools and colleges make lot of money. They are more worried about admissions. These days parents also go by the ranks achieved by schools for getting their children admitted.
    These corporate schools make students to read and read, write and write and reproduce the same in exams. For this no trained teacher is required. No play ground is required. Lab is not at all required.

    When Government authorities visit the school they manage by showing some thing in records. Anyhow the role of corruption is always there.

    Today's student is always busy with books only. Otherwise cellphone for time pass. Rarely they have time to go to play ground. Practical exams are used for improving the percentage. Always internal and external examiners will have an understanding.

    Not only schools, many engineering colleges also don't have qualified teachers. Only for name sake they show some names and actually they will never come to school.

    This is to be changed. Government has to initiate very stringent surprise inspection and cancel the recognition of this kind of schools and colleges. Then only education standards will improve.

    always confident

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