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    While writing resume, is that necessary to share all details or reveal at the time of interview ?

    Making resume and detailing it in presentable way is the hall mark and very few have the knack of submitting a perfect resume to the addressee and there by those who read the same would certainly get interest in it and call the candidate for personal Interview. Is that necessary to append all the details or give some basic details and then reveal everything during personal interview ? Members can express their own personal experience of creating resumes and how they got attracted by companies and called for immediate interviews ?
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    I agree here that writing a perfect resume to attract prospective employer is a challenge in current day job market. What to put and what not to put in a resume is a key area where an applicant needs to look at while preparing his/her resume. While we may want to put all the details in a resume so that employer gets to know what all things we have worked on in our careers but this may not sound a good idea as one more important aspect we need to consider is length of the resume and make sure that it does not look very lengthy to the employer so that he loses interest in reading it. Resume should not look like a novel at all. As per me ideal length of any resume even for the people with 15 plus year of experience should be at no cost more than 4 pages. Lesser experience people can try to wind it up in 2 or 3 pages. In matter of resumes I would say its quality that really speaks rather than quantity so we should focus on creating short but appealing resume rather than long and boring one. Having said this definitely we cannot put all minor details in our resume so we need to pick out the major details we want to put in our resume and leave smaller ones out which can be explained during interview if asked for. Most important part is to understand that different employers will have different requirements in terms of skill sets and roles and responsibilities so they will only be interested in that part of the resume which speaks of skills they require rather than all the skills you are possessing. They would only want to read in your resume what they want. So it makes sense to mention and highlight those skills in resume at the top which employer is foremost looking at. This information can be gathered from job description which company has for all their open positions. Apart from mentioning the required skills and details it is also advisable to mention them in upper half of the first page of the resume as it has been researched that hiring manager seldom reads complete resume. So to attract the attention of hiring manager you need to have well defined Summary section at top of the CV which speaks in brief about your skills roles and responsibilities and companies worked for. Finer details can follow in later part of the resume. Nowadays most of the candidates are floating their resumes in jobs site like naukri and monster so it makes perfect sense to have two versions of the resume, one which is floated in the job site and other which is sent to the employers separately based on the Job description advertised. Resume in job sites can be more generic and cover all details as we do not know which employer is going to view them and it should sound relevant to most of them. For resumes which we are sending separately to employers based on their advertised job description we should try to match it to the job description which company has set for the position as closely as possible .It does not mean that we should mention skills which we are not aware of but yes things which we have worked on and which are also mentioned in JD should be well highlighted in resume. So in this way we may need to tweak resume slightly based on different openings we are applying for. Having a single resume for all is not a good idea.

    To sum up for resume to have potential to get interview calls it should be short and sweet and importantly highlight all the relevant skills required for the job in the front page of the resume. Using Professional Summary section with bullet points at the start of the resume is a good approach.

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    I cannot say I'm good in preparing the resume or curriculum vitae. But I can share my knowledge in preparing it.

    It is important to show all the things what we know in brief that gives the company a rough ideas about the candidate. That itself good enough to create interest on us. Mostly the resume should be like short and sweet. The essay type resume may have 50-50 chance of getting rejected. Points should be clear and targeted about what you know. We should not try to confuse by putting more irrelevant things.

    Hope things are more to prepare a resume but according to me these are key points to be followed by fresher's and trained persons.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    A well presented resume will have a better chance of getting short listed. Every resume should have a summary on the top with our qualifications, professional experience and achievements.

    The sentences should be short and simple in language. Importance should be given to professional achievements rather than personal details.

    Now a days it is noted that the fresh graduates are getting their bio data made by some agency and submit for jobs. This is my personal experience. When I called some people for interview and ask them the questions relating to the information they presented in their bio data they were not able answer correctly. A candidate written in his skills " Team Work". The question asked was to explain about team work. He is not able answer anything. When I show him his bio data , his reply was he got it written by somebody else. This kind of bio data is fatal.

    Another point to be noted is not to make a common resume for all jobs. It should be tailor made for the particular job. Relevant points are to be highlighted to that particular job and unrelated points are to be avoided. If important points are missed in the resume, chances of getting shortlisted will reduce.

    A very detailed resume is not advisable. All points should be mentioned in short and description should be avoided.

    always confident

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