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    In those days money was meager but peace and respect was full. But now it is vice versa.

    Our forefathers and grand fathers and even our father use to earn less but their living as best and earned lots of respect in the family and also in the society. Now the earnings of every qualified person is in lakhs, but they are not getting the same peace and respect which our ancestors used to get. What may be the reason for this transition of life . Are we weighing only money as the medium of peace and respect and not caring the ability and attitude of the person ? Members can append their views on this subject.
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    Yes. In earlier days importance was given to ethics and social values. The requirement of money was less. Contentment was very high. People used to respect values. A person with high values was respected more. Respect is not from the level of living but from level of values.

    My grand father was a school teacher. He used to teach in schools only. He used to spend extra time in school for teaching students. But never taken money from students for this. He was practicing Ayurvedic Medical treatment. He used to give medicines free of cost to poor and needy. He suffered a lot financially but never give up these values. He is no more. But even today the citizens of that village respect him a lot. Whenever I get a chance I will try to visit that place. The respect I get from them and the appreciation and respect they show towards my grand father are heart touching. Those are the days.

    But now the things are changed. Everyone wants status. In the pursuit of their ambitions they run for their earnings. No human relations. Nobody bothers about the neighbor. It is more self centered than society centered world. This is making the difference.

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