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    Lazy people are smarter and have high level of intelligence- Agree?

    Laziness is the mother of bad habits and people usually say success is not easy for lazy people. Is that really true? Do lazy people find it difficult to taste the sweetness of success? In general, people very commonly throw negative comments about laziness and lazy people. Many people have a thought that laziness brings failure and some consider lazy people as losers in life.

    In this thread I would like to highlight the positive statement of Bill Gates on Lazy people

    "I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it"- Bill Gates.

    As stated by Bill Gates, lazy people are always smarter and they know how to complete a task very fast. Usually lazy people find it difficult to start a task and are physically less active, but actually speaking they have high level of intelligence and they follow brilliant and alternate ways to do a task easily. Lazy people know all the shortcuts to complete a task and are also creative and talented, but very hardly display it to the outside world.

    What is your opinion on laziness and lazy people? Do you agree that lazy people are smarter and have high level of intelligence?
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    One of the greatest Bengalis, Rabinranath Tagore, has already given the final comment on this issue. I am only translating from Bengali. He said: "In this society, the best people are lazy; and the lazy people are the blessed". I, Partha Kansabanik, have been greatly inspired by this particular comment of Rabinranath, although he himself did not practise it in his life.
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    In practical sense we may have to agree that lazy people are 'smart' because they somehow get their things done by others without themselves putting much effort.
    However, in another sense, lazy people can be said as smart, because in order to avoid hard work, they try to find short cuts and faster ways to finish their tasks.

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    What I feel that by being lazy a person is not disturbed by others by virtue of his lethargic attitude and people feel that he is useless and good for nothing. That gives him the leverage and also scope for extra time to think differently away from others and his ideas turn into action and probably that is what others want to have as their task completed. So even lazy persons can do things better than from the expected and be sure persons. Therefore what Bill Gates said and What great poet Rabindranath Tagore has opined is still relevant in present contest and we are living among the most lazy fellows and still need their help.
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    Laziness is seen as a negative attribute in society. The General opinion about these people is that they will never progress in their lives but in reality this may not be true for all the lazy people.

    This may look contradictory but there are many examples and case histories where lazy ones have excelled more in their lives than that of the smart people.

    Actually one strange thing in this context is that there are some lazy persons who suddenly become very active and aggressive at the opportune moment and grab the results what the smart ones were trying for a long time. You can term these people as clever and timid also.

    So it is not always true that lazy will lose the race.

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    Normally the lazy people have a bad impression in the society. I have only one thing to say. Those peoples are the successful person in Long run and may be loser in short term because of their laziness.

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    Yes ,Lazy people perform well in long run of life.One of my cousin was too lazy ,we were fed up with his activities.He always drew attention of others.But after marriage he became too active.People ,who used to say him stupid ,now surprised to see his activities.He works hard, manages his time well and does good.He got a good chance and he is proving himself.
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    Lazy are those who are either unwilling to work or those who do not utilize their energy and make an effort to do something but that does not mean that they are not smart or are not capable of doing something. The statement by Bill Gates also indicates that a lazy person will find alternate or short cuts to complete a task because he would be more interested in idling himself after doing the work. Some people are basically lazy by character and that would even reflect in the way he speaks. It is no doubt a negative trait but given the effectiveness and speed with which he completes a given assignment, we cannot say that such people will not be successful in life, though the question that arises in this connection is as to how much would one would rely upon such a person.
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    The persons who are active always be on move and go on taking actions to complete the actions and go for next one. So they think less and work fast.
    But a lazy person always thinks how to get short his task and complete. So he will find a way to complete the work fast.

    Because of their thoughtfulness they will become smart and they will complete the tasks early.

    But I have a point here. Because of their lazy nature, even though they complete the task they may not reveal immediately to his boss thinking that he may assign another work.

    I agree that lazy people are intelligent and smart.

    always confident

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