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    Wow its happening. By raising good and useful threads new members are joining this site.

    Yesterday for one of my threads, I received the first response from the new member who joined this site and appended his reply in a very good and convincing manner. While we have tried and trying our level best to induce new members to this site through our invitation in social media, what I understand now that even by raising some good topics and useful threads, on line readers would be interested to respond and thus become the member of this site. So I call upon the regular members to raise threads so that they also get new members for this site through their postings.
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    Wow. Great Mohan sir. That is why you are the king of forum section in India study channel. I admire you a lot. You are so regular and disciplined. Raising more useful and interesting threads will attract the new users to join ISC. This is new start to increase the referrals. Thank-you for showing new way to ISCans.

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    Mr. Mohan: It is quite natural. Anything which is useful, beautiful and/or creative would attract the attention of the readers. It is the thumb rule of popularity. The same is being witnessed in ISC. Isn't it?
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