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    Would you accept expensive gifts from your friends

    Gifting friends is normal and is common during their birthdays, wedding etc. We gift something that is useful to them. Sometimes, if a person is too close, we choose to gift something expensive but without burdening ourselves. Sometimes you might prefer to give expensive gold chain to your friend or you might receive gold or anything as expensive as gold as a gift. Gifts cannot be measured in terms of money. Would you accept such expensive gifts as gold?
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    Whether giving or accepting expensive gifts to friends is the matter of pride and prestige and for that we have our own select ideas and it depends person to person. For close friends, our choosing of gift would be different and that cannot be measured with money. One of my friend who wants to purchase a gift for the daughter of his another close friend, has taken my help and we both went for shopping for the best gift. He has chosen one Teddy Bear, a costly greeting card with great message and a Cadbury dairy milk silk chocolate gift pack. I asked why he wants to present three things to that girl, for that he replied that for some friends the gifts and money cannot be valued and noting wrong to gift two or more items. So from this we can understand that it all depends on who gifts to us and what we want to gift to others on based on weighing our own scale. Moreover good gifts must be attended with return gifts too as the courtesy.
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    There is nothing wrong in accepting expensive gifts as long as the gift is really gift but not a bribe to get the things done in their favor. In work place accepting costly gifts from clients and customers is not good. Diary or calendar for new year or small gifts as a token are Ok.
    But not costly gifts.

    Gift is to express your happiness and wishing the other person for their well being. We should not count the value of a gift on its value.

    Earlier days we are receiving physical greeting card for new year and other occasions. Now a days they are replaced by e greeting cards.

    Another criteria in accepting or giving costly gifts is reciprocation. If somebody gives us a costly gift, when there is an occasion we may have to give him almost the same value gifts. I have observed this more in marriages. They make a list of gifts received and the details. Next time when they have to give a gift to that particular person it should be of almost same level.

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    I would not buy real gold items for friends unless it is to gift as a wedding gift, and then, too, it would not be a chain or jewellery item but a small gold coin of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesha or Goddess Saraswati as these are considered to be auspicious. I would also prefer buying these in silver rather than gold, espcially if I have a certain budget in mind and the gold price is too high for that.

    I would also consider some other type of expensive gift such as a very high quality travel bag or handbag or even a book (again if within my budget) for a friend only if it is a best friend. Also, this would be only if the occasion warrants it, such as a really wonderful celebration, like a silver wedding anniversary or a 50th birthday.

    However, I would not be willing to accept myself any expensive gifts from any friend as I would be very uncomfortable doing so. I would try my best to persuade the friend to take it back without hurting her feelings and at the same time make it clear that any such gifts even in future are just not acceptable to me. It is different from accepting an expensive gift from a sibling or a much loved aunt, which would be accepted for its familial love & affectionate gesture, but in the case of a friend, no way!

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    I will always choose a gift that would last long and will be long remembered forever. I don't go for gold or silver gifts as they are costly and likely to vanish in times of need and emergency. I prefer stainless steel items which is known as 'Ever Silver' within my budget which will last long forever to remember me and my family. I hesitate to accept any gold or silver costly gifts as they would expect me to return the same as and when an occasion arises.
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    To be frank, I have not received much gifts in my life. I had shown my unwillingness to accept gifts without any valid reason or occasion. Such occasions were rare also. After attaining age of say fifteen or sixteen, I have not celebrated my birthdays. People who know me knew my attitude of not interested accepting any gift usually.

    Whatever small number of gifts I had received and accepted till this day were from very close relatives on some very relevant occasions and they were all not costly also. The only gold gift we received in our home was a small gold chain(baby chain) for my son's first birthday from a close relative. All other gifts were utility items usable at home for day to day life. I have also received small amounts of money on a few occasions, which put together in all till date may not exceed the single digit in thousands.

    When I give gift also, I see and assess the need and style of the receiver. Accordingly I gift small amounts of money or utility items which could be packed as gift packet.
    For close relatives I had gifted home appliances , utility items, gold coins etc relevant to the occasion and their realistic need.

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    Expensive gifts can be accepted as long as the gift is really gift but not a bribe and there is not bad intention behind the giving gift to get the things done in their favor. In work place accepting costly gifts from clients and customers is not allowed by conduct and discipline rules.
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    Though I am yet to receive any expensive gift till date, I don't think I will refuse a gift just because it is expensive if it is from a person who share a close relationship with me and if the gift is presented unconditionally. I believe that a gift should be useful to the recipient; of what use would a refrigerator be to a person who does not have electric connection at home? Gifts should reflect the mind of the person giving as well as the person receiving the same.
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    Also, at times, I ask the recipients of the gifts as to what they prefer and what they don't have, and what they expect from me. Such things always pleases the recipients and they get satisfied. This is what to be done while presenting gift to someone, especially to those who are very close to us.
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    I will. They gifted it to me after all. Returning it wouldn't look good. But I'll make sure I repay them through my actions. I'll start being nicer to them.
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