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    We Indians are different from others.

    We Indians are different from others in many ways. We believe in the philosophy 'live and let live'. We believe that service of mankind is the service of God. We believe in truth and non-violence. The principles of our beliefs are different from others. We believe in forgiving. Our visions and our missions attracts many and more. Our life style is different from others. We believe one should be spiritually high. For this we sacrifice a lot. Sacrifices gives us happiness. What are your views about our beliefs? Do these beliefs give us happiness and peace of mind or not?
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    Yes. Indians are different from others. They give more importance to human values. Majority of Indians are having ethics.They are having fear of GOD. They are very tolerant and forget issues very fast. They have more of adjustment mentality. They always live under the fear of God. They will try to avoid notorious people and try to live peacefully.

    They give more importance to family. I think India is the only country who respect marriage system and live together and take care of their children and prefer united family concept. Respecting elders, helping people who are in need are their habits.

    But now a days slowly people are shifting towards western culture. It is not at all a good sign.
    Another accept which is spoiling the atmosphere here is politics. The politicians with their selfish motto try to create difference between people by bringing in caste, religion etc., and try to play with people. Another aspect is poverty. Some people are trying to be mischievous and play with innocent people. If these things are stopped, India will be a heaven to live in.

    However with some limitations definitely India is unique in many respects.

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    Yes Indians are different from others in many ways. We wont leave the house if a cat crosses our way and we shall sit for a while and then proceed. When we are talking about some good thing and suddenly if some one sneezes, that is considered as bad omen. When we are working in the kitchen and suddenly the lizard falls on our body, it is considered a bad omen. When a crow shits on our head or cloth it is considered good. We feed the remains of eating that were left over by those Maharaj who were asked to eat during Sharadh and that Kela pattha is offered only to Cows and none else. All these are believes and that makes Indians great.
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    We Indians are different from others in many ways. we do not believe in hard working. we do not want to work, wands enjoyment and dinning out. One man will earn and the whole family wands to enjoy at the cost of bread earner.we want all the privileges without working. we do not have a work culture.we want to become English by thought and by clothing.Only few are dedicated and doing their work and duties sincerely.I want to see Japaneese culture of working in india.
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    People across the world have their own beliefs, culture and tradition and they too value their beliefs and culture as much as we do. I think it is a natural phenomenon. Basic human characteristics are no doubt influenced by their culture and we find that though the approach may be different, the underlying principles are almost the same in all places. You say live and let live is our philosophy and service to mankind is considered as service to God etc, but so is it with other areas too. We believe in truth and non-violence but is there no violence in our country? So is it in other places too.

    We are, no doubt, traditionally and culturally a rich nation and take pride in saying that we are 'Indians'. But I think patriotism or love for one's Motherland is not a feeling unique to Indians alone; it is a universal feeling spreading across nations. So, while being proud and happy about our unique qualities, let us also be ready to be humble enough to accept others as they are.

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    Honestly? I don't think so. There are nearly 200 countries, each with thousands of races living in them. There are thousands of languages. How significant would we be in comparison with world? Are we truly different? Why are we humans so obsessed with alienating ourselves from others by listing out our differences? If only we saw our similarities more, world would be a better place to live.
    As for this forum, author only describes the positive side of the Indians. We are not all that tidy. India is among the most untidy countries in the world. Hope, Swacch Bharath mission will lift that curse off. Indians are pretty narrow-minded according to me. We refuse to accept change. It's good to believe in ancient ideals, but not when it is going to ruin you. We are tolerant. I'll give you that. We tolerate. Anything and everything. Crimes, vices, social evils,.. anything, we just tolerate. Our justice system is a joke. Unemployment is our employment.
    You see, our ancestors were smart.Intelligent.Foresighted. We aren't. We are just slowly ruining a beautiful country. Be an Indian that India deserves.

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