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    Suddenly my point and cash credit got deducted ?

    I don't know why, but yesterday when I saw my current balance, it was 406 Rupees and when I refresh it today I saw that it got deducted and showing Rupees 404 and 7 points too got deducted. I think it is technical problem, please see to it editors.
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    It happens when initially approved post got rejected later for various reasons one among them is duplication of job post.

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    Sir, please can you explain me, who first approve the job posts and who later sees that the job post is original or duplicate. Actually I am quite here for sometime but I don't know who all checks the job posts, just for knowledge, I want to know.
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    Babu saroj,
    It is a team work, we have a team of editors for all sections, whoever see the post first in new submission will attend it immediately, being a manual edit sometimes few job posts also miss our search process so it will be approved in case the post adheres the posting guidelines.

    In most of the cases we get alerts from earlier post authors about the approval of duplicate post, we check the post made later with the earlier post if found it is a duplicate post we remove the duplicate post, hence there can be a reduction in points and cash credits.

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